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Springfields Garden Centre

+44 1775 760949
Springfields Outlet Centre, Camel Gate, Spalding PE12 6EU United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

We were a group of people visiting Springfields for a few hours, good variety of shops to visit, lovely garden centre with a large restaurant within serving excellent food at very reasonable prices, you can walk around the gardens to see the different variety of colour tulips ???? was a joy to see.
What I enjoyed about this shopping centre was not the place itself but the colourful decorations focused across the outskirts of the shopping centre. I couldn't believe it, the silent park was so well organised I had to express my time(by taking photos!)
Always a nice place. Plenty to see and do. I went on the winter light walk and wow, the kids loved it. Well done guys it was stunning 5*
Has a great variety of shops. You can almost always catch something cheaper. But I love going even if I'm not shopping because of the little garden area that's great for walk!
Easy to get to. Good selection of goods. Parking very reasonable. Great access for disabled people. Clean accessible public toilets. Busy today (Saturday) with the run up to Christmas just beginning but quieter in the week. Restaurant in the higher price bracket.
Clean, open , bright environment. Good selection of shops. Though no longer outlet prices really. Good choice of food outlets, parking plentiful and toilets very clean.
A walk around the gardens and ponds is recommended too. They're kept very nice.
Decent garden Centre with a coffee shop too, a little on the expensive side as I’ve found the same items much cheaper elsewhere. Good selection of cooking books.
Always a nice little trip out for outlet shopping, with the added bonus of walking around the gardens and letting the kids loose in the adventure area. Keep an eye out for events happening too - tip up early for parking though on events days because although the car parks are large they can fill up quick.

Quick Facts About Springfields Garden Centre

Springfields Garden Centre has a number of strengths that make it an appealing destination for visitors. One of its strengths is the variety of shops available, providing a range of options for shoppers. The comment mentions that there is a great variety of shops, and it is also highlighted that visitors can often find items at cheaper prices compared to other places. This suggests that Springfields Garden Centre offers competitive prices and a diverse range of products.
Another strength of the garden centre is its large restaurant, which serves excellent food at reasonable prices. The comment mentions that the food is of high quality and states that the prices are very reasonable. This indicates that visitors can enjoy a satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank.
The gardens at Springfields Garden Centre are also highlighted as a strength. The comment mentions that visitors can walk around the gardens and see a variety of colorful tulips, which is described as a joy to see. This suggests that the gardens are well-maintained and visually appealing, providing a pleasant experience for visitors.
Accessibility is another strength of the garden centre. It is mentioned that it is easy to get to, with good access for disabled people. Additionally, the public toilets are described as clean and accessible. These factors contribute to a positive experience for all visitors, regardless of their mobility or accessibility needs.
Springfields Garden Centre also has a positive reputation for hosting events. One comment advises visitors to keep an eye out for events happening at the garden centre and mentions that early arrival is recommended for parking on event days. This suggests that the garden centre provides a variety of entertainment options for visitors and attracts a good number of attendees.
While Springfields Garden Centre has several strengths, there are also some weaknesses that should be noted. One comment mentions that the restaurant is in the higher price bracket, suggesting that it may not be affordable for all visitors. Additionally, it is mentioned that the garden centre is not necessarily an outlet with discounted prices and that similar items can be found cheaper elsewhere. This suggests that the pricing at Springfields Garden Centre may not always be competitive.
Overall, Springfields Garden Centre appears to be a popular destination due to its variety of shops, excellent food served at the restaurant, well-maintained gardens, and accessibility. However, it is important to note that the restaurant may be on the higher end of the price spectrum and that the garden centre may not always offer the best prices compared to other establishments. Nevertheless, the positive comments about the Winter Light Walk, clean environment, and entertainment options suggest that there are still many enjoyable aspects of visiting Springfields Garden Centre.

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