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Longview Nails

+1 360-501-6461
3163 Ocean Beach Hwy, Longview, WA 98632 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This place was AMAZING. I came in and got a pedicure. They make you feel very welcome and right at home. The owners really know what they are doing to the point where I almost dozed off. The massage chairs are a great touch to add. Definitely stop by and give them a try. You will be glad you did.
Tony always does an amazing job! He is attentive and funny, with a request for a different kind of nail art he didn’t hesitate. Prices and service are the best around, and I’ve tried others!!
Literally the worst nails I’ve had done in years !!!!nail polish all over my finger and glue everywhere underneath them and they got it on my skin !!!!!!Got a fill and costed $50 for matte black definitely not going back !!!
They did an amazing job on my nails I love them they look exactly like the picture I showed I’m in love
This is our new favorite place! The owners are awesome and take great care of the customer! Prices are better than most. And they love dogs!
Got a beautiful set and had a beautiful buddy to keep us company! Amazing place! So nice! Will be coming back again!
First time here asked the lady to fix my nails that a previous salon had screwed up. Was not disappointed! After searching for the last few years I have finally found someone that can give me smooth and even nails. She even stopped before moving onto each step to ask if I was satisfied so far rather than waiting until the end to compare and ask.
Got my nails done here a couple times, really nice people work here. Tom did the white and pink set and Kathy did this navy almond shaped fill in less than an hour. Thank you for what you do.

Quick Facts About Longview Nails

1. Excellent customer service: Many customers praised the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of Longview Nails place. The owners are highly skilled and make customers feel right at home. The staff is attentive and ensures that customers are satisfied throughout the process. This level of customer service helps to build trust and loyalty among customers.
2. Skilled technicians: Several customers mentioned that the technicians at Longview Nails place are highly skilled and know what they are doing. They are able to deliver a high-quality service and meet customer expectations. The technicians are able to recreate nail art exactly as shown in pictures and provide smooth and even nails. This level of expertise establishes a reputation for quality and ensures customer satisfaction.
3. Competitive prices: Longview Nails place offers prices that are better than most salons in the area. While not explicitly mentioned in the comments, the fact that customers appreciate the prices suggests that they are reasonable and provide value for the service received. Competitive pricing enables the salon to attract a wider range of customers and encourages repeat business.
4. Additional amenities: Longview Nails place provides massage chairs for customers, which adds to the overall experience. This additional touch enhances customer comfort and relaxation during the appointment. The salon's willingness to go above and beyond by offering massage chairs demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.
5. Dog-friendly environment: Longview Nails place allows dogs, making it a favorite among customers who own pets. This feature sets the salon apart from others and attracts pet owners who appreciate being able to bring their furry companions along. Being a pet-friendly establishment can create a unique selling point and increase customer loyalty among pet owners.
1. Inconsistency in service quality: One comment mentioned that the customer had the worst nails done in years, with nail polish and glue all over their fingers and skin. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of service provided by the technicians at Longview Nails place. Inconsistencies in service can lead to negative customer experiences and can tarnish the salon's reputation if not addressed promptly.
2. High cost for certain services: One customer mentioned that they paid $50 for a matte black fill, which they felt was not worth the price. This comment suggests that some services may be priced higher than expected, which can deter potential customers from visiting the salon. It is important for the salon to ensure that their pricing is competitive and aligned with the value customers receive.
Overall, Longview Nails place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation among customers. The salon's excellent customer service, skilled technicians, competitive prices, additional amenities, and pet-friendly environment are all factors that attract and retain customers. However, the salon should address the weaknesses mentioned, such as inconsistencies in service quality and high pricing for certain services. By addressing these weaknesses, Longview Nails place can further improve customer satisfaction and maintain its position as a preferred nail salon in the area.

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