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The Moon Under Water - JD Wetherspoon

+44 1902 422447
53-55 Lichfield St, Wolverhampton WV1 1EQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The Moon Over The Water in Wolverhampton is opposite The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. It is slight run down in areas such as the toilets. A fair size venue. Needs a bit more finesse. The prices are slightly cheaper than in Birmingham and are very good value.
You know what to expect with Wetherspoons- value for money, food, and drink.
I arrived 10.30am and it was quite quiet for Wetherspoons, but this was the first time I'd been in Wolverhampton's Mòon Under Water.
We both drank tea, which you get unlimited refills for £1.35, which is great if you plan on staying for a while, as we did having a 3.5hr meeting planned.
Food wise, we both had big breakfasts. The consistency of the Wetherspoons breakfasts is always good. My only recommendation for improvement would be to provide double the beans.
The pub was very nice, if slightly dated but added to the character. The breakfast I had in there was top quality, and the staff were quick and pleasant bringing the food out. I used the app to order, so can't comment on their at bar service.
Great prices, friendly atmosphere and warm environment. Terrific offers on ales. Food menu excellent and value for the money. Perhaps could have done with a couple more bar staff at busy times. But i shall definitely call in again.
Visited 10th December as attending the Grand Theatre. Disgusting is putting it politely. Had to remove and clean the tables we sat at ourselves. Service was very slow and clearly not enough staff to cover what was an extremely busy day as also match day. Food eventually ordered but again had to wait a while to get served. Bar area full of empty glasses covered in spilled beer.
It's an average spoons boozer, you don't have to wait long to get served but there's a lot of queue jumpers, table service is a better option here if you have the app. Polite staff
It's a 'Spoons. What can you say? Friday early evening was very busy when we arrived (and only got busier). Used the app to order everything, and the service was very fast.
Sadly I cannot share my experience as myself and 2 fellow OAP'S were refused access to the establishment at 10.30am last Saturday for breakfast as in the words of the door person "we have a policy no match ticket no entry". I did try to explain we were 3 OAP's with an average age of around 70. This seemed to cut no ice with the security guy. Who stated "you do not sound local".
I did not realise the Wetherspoons
were adopting an ageist and regional accent policy to discriminate against potential patrons?
We have been a great advocates of Wetherspoons for many years and always, when travelling google wetherspoons first.
To guarantee decent food and reasonably price drink.
Wetherspoons failed us on this day and we did not get our breakfast a very important meal
for pensioners.
We wandered around and finally found a sandwich shop.(not ideal).
After this very inadequate breakfast we adjourned to The Billy Wright public house where we were welcomed by the lovely bar person's who treated 3 OAP'S
with repect and remembered our drinks when we returned to the bar.
We were treated to superb customer service and respect thought out our visit.
Something Sadly lacking at Wetherspoons.

Quick Facts About The Moon Under Water - JD Wetherspoon

The Moon Under Water - JD Wetherspoon in Wolverhampton has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Some of the strengths include its convenient location, value for money, and consistent quality of food and drink. The unlimited tea refills for £1.35 is also seen as a great deal for customers planning to stay for a while. The pub is described as nice, albeit slightly dated, and the breakfast served is of top quality. The staff are generally quick and pleasant, with the app service receiving positive feedback. The prices are praised for being great value, and the atmosphere is described as friendly and warm. The selection of ales and the food menu are both regarded as excellent.
However, there are also several weaknesses mentioned. Some patrons note that the pub is slightly run down, particularly in areas such as the toilets. A need for more finesse is suggested, indicating a lack of attention to detail in certain aspects. The service provided at The Moon Under Water is also criticized by a few customers. One visitor mentioned having to clean the tables themselves, while another noted slow service and a lack of staff during busy times. The bar area was described as full of empty glasses covered in spilled beer, indicating a lack of cleanliness and prompt table clearing. One customer even had a negative experience of being refused entry due to not having a match ticket, despite being elderly and explaining the situation.
In terms of improvements, some suggestions include doubling the beans in the big breakfast, providing more bar staff during busy times, and ensuring better cleanliness and table service. The aspect of queue jumping is also mentioned, which could be addressed to improve the overall experience. The issue of the age and regional accent policy mentioned in one comment should also be reviewed, as it resulted in a negative experience and loss of potential customers.
Overall, The Moon Under Water - JD Wetherspoon has its strengths in terms of value for money, consistent quality, and a friendly atmosphere. However, there are areas of improvement needed, such as maintenance and cleanliness, staffing levels, and customer service. Addressing these weaknesses could enhance the overall experience for patrons visiting the establishment.

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