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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

It’s an OK bargain food store. It did have some organic and GF items. But I found too much of it was way way out of date. Like a few cookie/snack bars had 2021 expiration/sell by dates. This is OCT 22. That’s quite a stretch to be selling that far out of date. Maybe sell up until or a few weeks or month past date but then it should be donated to food pantries or kitchens not sold in a store. I mean seriously a year and half or more past date? And some items were busted and taped closed, come on just toss it! We wanted these GF brownies snacks but every package was coming apart at the seams and almost looked like something had chewed on the package on one of them. So yeah we passed. Not that desperate. I appreciate a deal as much as anyone but this is a little ridiculous.
There were definitely more deals on other things than what we personally would ever need or use. But not as good as I would expect with having exp dates so far out and lots of stuff so bashed it’s probably crumbs inside.
I wouldn’t drive too far out of your way to come here just for the deals. We did get some items and hopefully they turn out ok. Again just really check the dates and the seams of packages. So many the glue and things don’t hold and who knows how many hot trucks and warehouses these have passed through now.
Love the thrill of shopping for the great bargains here. I only suggest that you check for dates on certain things if that kind of thing really bothers you. Most canned food will last 5 yrs past best by date.
Save a bunch of money here and they have cool hardware etc. Week of the month expect delays. There are a lot of recently added product. You will need to check dates on some items. With the volume running through this place some things are close to expire but you can get fresh produce and unusual items with far off Expiration dates. Frugal shoppers Delight. I would add photos but google has changed something and my store pics did not get suggested. So a variety of some of our buys are pictured.
I took my dog and people working there made my dog nervous at the door and he had an accident on the floor the manager immediately reprimanded me. I didnt even know what he was talking about until I looked down on the floor. He kept saying over and over this is inexcusable in a loud tone. I told him that Ace Hardware let's you bring animals inside the store. He said, 'We're not Ace Hardware!' in a hateful voice. And Ace Hardware has a whole lot cleaner building than Bargains. I think he owes me an apology. He failed to give me the benefit of doubt. The employees of the store didnt realize that he was highly attached to me and tried to hold his leash for me so I could go in and get what I needed. He quickly realized that wasnt going to work. But it upset my dog and made him nervous and that's what caused him to have an accident.
I'm so happy to find this place I could cry. I am experiencing somewhat of a financial crisis at the moment, and I was able to fill my entire cart up with high quality, in date food for only $70. Jane, Henry, and Keith were all so sweet to me as well. Can't wait to go back and see what else I can find when it's time to grocery shop again.
A lot of good prices on groceries. Just have to watch the dates. Most of what I found was not expired, though. Really worth the time checking out.
I NEVER leave bad reviews. I have been coming here since I was a kid. The prices are great but a majority of the employees are RUDE. Id rather go to Walmart and use self checkout at this point.
Today a elderly couple put back a buggy they didn’t like and a worker there asked them very RUDELY was something wrong with it and rolled his eyes.
Less than a year ago I offered to pay for somebody’s groceries because they didn’t have enough money and I was basically told by the cashier to mind my own business. Really disappointing to have mean workers meanwhile playing Christian music!
Best place around to buy groceries for most any mouth you need to feed. From chickens to cows and everything between. And of course, the family too. Great prices and friendly service.

Quick Facts About Bargain Food Store

The Bargain Food Store, as indicated by the comments above, has both strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, the store offers a variety of deals and bargains on groceries, allowing customers to save a significant amount of money. Many customers appreciate the thrill of shopping for great bargains at the store. Additionally, the store carries a variety of products, including organic and gluten-free items, which cater to different dietary needs and preferences.
However, there are several weaknesses that potential customers should consider before visiting the Bargain Food Store. One of the major complaints is the issue of expired products. Some customers have encountered items with expiration or sell-by dates that are well past the acceptable period. This raises concerns about the store's quality control and the safety of consuming expired food. Customers suggest that if products are beyond their expiration dates, they should be donated to food pantries or kitchens instead of being sold to consumers.
Another weakness mentioned is the poor condition of some products. Customers have reported packages that are damaged, taped closed, or even chewed on. This raises concerns about the integrity and freshness of the items inside. Additionally, the seams of packages often fail, leading to items potentially spilling or being damaged during transportation. Customers advise being cautious and thoroughly checking the products before purchase, as the store's high volume of products may result in mishandling and frequent transfers between warehouses and trucks.
One customer had a negative experience with the store's management and employees when they brought their dog inside. The manager reprimanded the customer loudly for their dog having an accident on the floor. The customer felt that the manager's response was inappropriate and suggested that they should have been given the benefit of the doubt. The incident caused distress to the customer's dog and led to their dissatisfaction with the store's treatment of animals.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the rude behavior of some employees. Several customers have mentioned encountering rude employees who lack customer service skills. Some have even expressed that they would prefer to shop at Walmart and use self-checkout instead. This negative attitude from the staff contradicts the friendly service that other customers have experienced.
Despite these weaknesses, the Bargain Food Store has loyal customers who praise the store for providing good prices on groceries. Many customers have been shopping at the store for years and appreciate the variety of products available. Additionally, some customers have shared positive experiences regarding the helpfulness and kindness of specific employees.
In summary, the Bargain Food Store has strengths in terms of offering deals, a variety of products, and potential savings for customers. However, there are weaknesses to consider, such as the issue of expired products, poor packaging condition, and potential rudeness from some employees. Customers should exercise caution when shopping at the store and thoroughly inspecting products before purchase. Overall, the store provides an opportunity for frugal shoppers to find bargains, but improvements are needed in various areas to enhance the overall shopping experience.

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