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Locs & Lineups LLC

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2575 White Haven Dr ste 109, Marietta, GA 30064 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Loved the clean environment and how they sprayed and wiped the chairs before the next customer's use. Thanx to Shay.. awesome job on my starter locs. Let the journey begin.
Miss Lavern is super chill and nice. Definitely knows how to hook a head up!! The rest of the people in there are dope as well. Sha (@hairstylistsha) really did the damn thing on my daughters (4yrs old) hair! Me AND my mom will be going back for our appropriate appointments. Highly recommend!!
Wish I could have a better review. Never have I wrote a bad review about a company even when I felt there was bad customer service. I wanted to know when the store close because I happen to pass by but the lady inside kept turning her back towards me and paid me no mine. I felt the need to write a review when she told me to shot away with hand gestures. Will make sure none of my people come here.
Had a great time. Walked in on a Saturday and was squeezed in for an excellent hair cut by Tony. I got along great with him as we related from being from the tri state area by way of NY and NJ. Great environment and ambience. I had a bald cut and beard shape up. Thanks again you all.
I love Shay! She's a great stylist and she's quick. She doesn't do a lot of talking and wasting time. She's also a nice person! She always makes my daughter's locs look amazing! Me, my husband and daughter get our retwist done by her. We love her!
I HIGHLY recommend Shá. She is ALWAYS on time, professional and flexible. If I am going to be late I contact her to let her know before my scheduled appointment because that is how I operate. If I have any questions in regards to having healthy hair and growth she is ALWAYS willing to share information that has never once let me down. Her skills are stunning!! I hope that she has a prosperous career going forward. She’s the best and has AMAZING energy. ????????
Sha is sooooo awesome. I highly recommend this wonderful establishment. My hair was so unmanageable with my three different curl patterns and Sha did not make this tender headed woman cry one time. Sha should do a tutorial for ALL black mommas and mothers of bi-racial children. Trust me when I tell you, I am beyond pleased and grateful to have finally found someone who loves their career and respect their craft as the people at Locs & Lineup.
If you want to get locked Shaye is your person. She's great, personable, helpful maintenance tips, on time! Got me in first at 8am and hooked me up nice...

Quick Facts About Locs & Lineups LLC

Locs & Lineups LLC seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the most common strengths mentioned is the clean environment of the salon. Customers appreciate that the staff takes the time to spray and wipe down the chairs before each use, which contributes to a hygienic and pleasant experience. This attention to cleanliness creates a more professional and comfortable atmosphere for customers.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the expertise and skill of the stylists. Multiple individuals commend specific stylists, such as Shay and Shá, for their exceptional work. Customers appreciate the quality of the services provided, such as starter locs, haircuts, and retwists. The positive feedback regarding the stylists' abilities indicates that Locs & Lineups LLC has a team of talented professionals who can meet a variety of haircare needs.
Additionally, the friendly and personable nature of the staff receives praise in the comments. Customers mention that stylists like Miss Lavern and Sha are not only skillful but also create a welcoming and enjoyable environment. This friendly atmosphere contributes to a positive experience for customers and can lead to increased loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.
Flexibility and professionalism are also mentioned as strengths of Locs & Lineups LLC. Customers appreciate that the stylists are accommodating and willing to work with their schedules. Additionally, the professionalism of the staff, such as Shá, is highlighted as a positive aspect. Clients value the punctuality and communication demonstrated by the stylists, making them feel respected and valued as customers.
Moreover, the comments suggest that Locs & Lineups LLC has a diverse clientele. People of different ages, including a 4-year-old child, and hair types seem to be well-served by the salon. This diversity indicates that the stylists are experienced and capable of catering to various needs, allowing the salon to attract a wider customer base.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there is one negative comment to consider. The customer expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service received from one of the staff members. This negative experience is seen as a weakness of the salon, as it reflects poor communication and possibly a lack of professionalism. It is important for the salon to address such issues and ensure that all staff members provide excellent customer service consistently.
In conclusion, Locs & Lineups LLC demonstrates several strengths based on the comments provided. These strengths include a clean environment, skilled stylists, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, flexibility, and professionalism. The salon appears to have a diverse clientele and can meet a variety of haircare needs. However, it is essential for the salon to address any weaknesses, such as poor customer service, to maintain a positive reputation and continue attracting and retaining customers.

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