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Sweet Tomatoes

4420 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705 United States of America
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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  • Fast service
  • Great dessert
  • Great tea selection
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  • Solo dining
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator
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  • All you can eat
  • Coffee
  • Comfort food
  • Healthy options
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  • Organic dishes
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  • Salad bar
  • Vegetarian options
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love this place. I know it seems healthy but it is semi healthy. They have everything fresh vegetables, soups, pizza, and dessert. My kids get excited everytime we go there as they can get an ice cream. I really would recommend this place, and the price is really good. Just don’t forget to subscribe to their online program so you get coupons every month.
Surprised there is no waiting at 12:30 pm on Friday afternoon August 2. Over here we can eat as healthy or as unhealthy as one wants. You can eat salad but if you load it up with tons of pasta or high calories dressing then what is the point? Also if you come here you can’t pass up on the chicken noodle soup unless you’re a vegan. Also you can’t pass up on the ice cream, but to make it great you need to add the chocolate brownie or the chocolate muffin to make it taste like the hot chocolate lava cake!
Sweet Place!
Pros: This is one of my favorite restaurants. They offer a variety of vegetarian soups, pasta, and salads. I spent my special day at this place because the food is so good. It is buffet style, but the selection is always fresh and hot.
Cons: Parking is at a premium for this location, but it is still a great choice nevertheless.
Sweet Tomatoes wasn't Busy at all. Love coming to this place with the family. The Chilly they had is always my favorite cornbread cut into 4 pieces at the bottom of the bowl then add onions and bacon then chill on top yummy. The salads are delicious due to it's the way you want it and sometimes I look at other salads and copy them that's a hit or miss.
Had a good time and the place was nice and clean. I thought it was weird that a salad buffet was $13, but there's another small little buffet area in the back with soups, bread, and fruit. Not really a lot to choose from. It's definitely a healthy place to eat. I mainly stuck with the bread and salads.
My first time at this location, was passing through Tucson. This location matched that of the others i have eaten at. Fresh healthy food. Clean establishment. My family's go to for dinner or lunch. The chef here was happy and appeared to enjoy his job.
Outstanding! 5$ for children, 12$ for adults. Great salads, great soups, all you can eat. Nutrition and ingredients promenade displayed. A favorite of mine. I like to load up on salads! Secret hack, take an extra plate with you from the start and save it for the pasta and breadstick bar! Also be sure to request honey whipped butter, and fresh baked cookies!
Salad and veggies are all fresh. Soups can be a little salty but breads and muffins are always tasty. Pasta and baked potatoes are available if you don't fill up on salad.

Quick Facts About Sweet Tomatoes

1. Variety of options: Sweet Tomatoes offers a wide range of menu items, including fresh vegetables, soups, pizza, and desserts. This allows customers to have a diverse dining experience and choose options that suit their preferences.
2. Family-friendly: The commenter mentions that their kids get excited every time they go to Sweet Tomatoes because they can get ice cream. This suggests that the restaurant is accommodating to families and offers options that appeal to children.
3. Good price: The commenter mentions that the price at Sweet Tomatoes is really good. This indicates that the restaurant offers affordable options, making it accessible to a wider range of customers.
4. Online program with coupons: The commenter suggests subscribing to Sweet Tomatoes' online program to receive coupons every month. This indicates that the restaurant offers additional incentives and discounts to customers, making it a more attractive option.
5. Fresh and hot selection: Another commenter mentions that the selection at Sweet Tomatoes is always fresh and hot. This suggests that the restaurant prioritizes the quality and freshness of their ingredients, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.
6. Clean establishment: One commenter notes that the Sweet Tomatoes location they visited was nice and clean. A clean establishment can contribute to a positive dining experience and make customers feel comfortable and confident in the restaurant's hygiene standards.
1. Parking issues: One commenter mentions that parking is at a premium for this Sweet Tomatoes location. This suggests that the restaurant may have limited parking space, which could potentially inconvenience customers and deter them from visiting.
2. Limited buffet options: Another commenter mentions that there is another small buffet area in the back with soups, bread, and fruit, but not a lot to choose from. This indicates that the restaurant's buffet options may be limited, leading to a more restricted dining experience for customers.
3. Salty soups: One commenter notes that the soups at Sweet Tomatoes can be a little salty. This suggests that the seasoning in the soups may not be well-balanced, which could affect the overall taste and enjoyment of the dish.
Overall, Sweet Tomatoes has several strengths, such as a variety of options, affordability, a family-friendly atmosphere, and a commitment to fresh ingredients. However, there are also a few weaknesses, including parking issues, limited buffet options, and potential seasoning issues with the soups. By addressing these weaknesses and consistently delivering on their strengths, Sweet Tomatoes can continue to attract and satisfy customers.

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Opening Hours

Monday 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

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