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Quick Facts About Lena's Nails

Lena's Nails place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that Lena's Nails is the best in the area. They appreciate the fact that the salon takes its time and provides thorough services. The salon also listens to what customers want, ensuring they achieve the desired results. Additionally, Lena's Nails offers fair prices, making it a cost-effective option for customers. Another strength is the fact that Lena's Nails is a smaller salon, which creates an understated and potentially more intimate atmosphere. The new owner is also praised for their great service and attentiveness, indicating a positive change in management.
The comment about Lena's Nails being a great place for sensitive individuals is another strength. The salon is said to be gentle and accommodating to customers' needs, such as being sensitive to touch. This shows that Lena's Nails values customer comfort and takes the necessary steps to make everyone feel welcome.
Positive remarks about the salon's ability to accommodate customers during busy times, such as holidays, are also a strength. This indicates that Lena's Nails is organized and flexible, providing convenient appointments for customers even during peak periods. The quality of the nail services is also highly regarded, with customers expressing satisfaction with their nails and feet after visiting Lena's Nails.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one customer had a negative experience with a rude and standoffish staff member. This indicates a potential issue with customer service and suggests that communication between staff and customers needs improvement. The rough use of a nail drill on a customer also raises concerns about the staff's attention to customer comfort and safety. Additionally, the negative reaction to the customers speaking Spanish suggests a lack of cultural sensitivity or inclusivity within the salon.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the feeling of being rushed and not being offered all the options during their visit to Lena's Nails. This suggests a potential issue with time management and a lack of thoroughness in service. The fact that only two people were working at the time also raises concerns about the salon's ability to handle a larger volume of customers efficiently.
While the overall cleanliness of Lena's Nails is praised, there is no specific mention of COVID-19 safety measures. This could be a potential weakness, as customers might expect the salon to follow strict health protocols during the pandemic.
In conclusion, Lena's Nails has several strengths, including providing high-quality services, fair prices, and a smaller, more intimate atmosphere. The salon also values customer comfort and offers flexibility in scheduling appointments. However, there are areas of improvement, such as customer service, communication, cultural sensitivity, time management, and ensuring adherence to COVID-19 safety measures. By addressing these weaknesses, Lena's Nails could further enhance its reputation as a top nail salon in the area.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

After moving here and trying several salons, Lena’s is the best. It’s understated and in a smaller suite, but they do the best job and you really get what you pay for with fair prices. I’ve been to some of the much bigger salons in the area and was just not impressed. They take their time, are thorough, and listen to what you want. Thankful I found a good nail salon!
Great place to go. My mom loves that they listen to what she wants. They are very gentle when I told them I was sensitive to being touched. The new owner is great!!!!
So my friend and I went to this salon today. She had a pedicure, and I had my nails done.well the lady that was there was very rude and standoffish like we were just burdens. The guy did great on my nails but he was very rough with the drill even when I told him to ease up and when we spoke Spanish they seemed mad.. plus we are both plus size and made to feel like we were on display. When I went to pay she snatched my card out of my hand, will never come back they need to learn how to talk to people
Nice folks, got me in on a holiday weekend and I loved my nails ????????
A great place to get yours nails done. Lena’s has new owners they are very nice they did a great job on my feet and.nails.I will recommend them to anyone. I will be going back
Used to be so good. But this time was hurried and they acted like they couldn't get rid of us fast enough. Didn't offer all the options. Only two people working. Sad. Was my favorite place. New management?
The best around! Very clean environment and pedicures last a long time! Massage chairs are a bonus. Well worth your time! I won’t go anywhere else in Chattanooga for a pedicure.
I began going to Lena nails a few months ago after leaving another salon I had gone to for several years, which was my only experience was salons. Anna is wonderful! I called before my first visit because I have an allergy to a particular product that most salons use. Anna offered to purchase a replacement product before my first visit. Anytime I go in Anna immediately knows my unique needs and is very attentive. This is a family business, which I am always happy to support. The facility is nicely decorated neat and clean, and without a blaring television in the background. Certainly there are televisions, but the volume is kept low or on mute with captions on, which I appreciate, as this creates a relaxing environment, and leaves an opportunity for customers to talk among themselves and with staff without shouting. Unlike my old salon, Lena's never feels chaotic, and for that reason feels welcoming. I highly recommend Lena's, and particularly Anna!

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