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Q Nails & Spa

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886 Foxcroft Ave Suite 103, Martinsburg, WV 25401 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

So I did not get the name of the nail tech, I think her name was Ivy! I came in with a very specific design and she gave me exactly what I wanted. She was super patient with me and all my request. LOOK HOW CUTE THESE TURNED OUT!!! Literally did an amazing job and gave me my dream set. If I was not from out of town I would’ve definitely came back. Thank you so much!!!!
Tim has been doing my nails for over a year now and he never disappoints! Always makes time for his clients and is able to do my nails exactly how I ask each and every time. He is by far the best nail tech in the area. Long nails, short nails, designs HE CAN DO IT ALL
Normally don’t post reviews. First time visiting Q nails for dip powder mani. Atmosphere was very calming, had a little wait for a walk in on a Friday but that did not bother me one bit.. The manager (Steven) did my nails. From start to finish he was an extremely pleasant man! Super nice and welcoming. Will be coming back for sure! If you have not checked them out yet, do so! Thank you :)
Ava and Amy are great! Amy does the best pedicure! I’ve been to other nail salons and feel rushed when getting a pedicure yet she takes her time with care! I never feel as if I’m just another number/client who the nail tech is rushing through to get to the next customer. Ava is always pleasantly smiling and willing to execute any design I show her via a photo. The experience is always pleasant. Ask for these two if you want a great pedicure and well manicured nails! I bit pricey yet I’d rather pay for quality service
I absolutely love going here, in fact I don't go anywhere else. I take myself and daughters to get our nails done ????. We have never walked out disappointed.
Michael gives the BEST pedicures!! Attention to detail and incredible massage. Worth the extra money for additional massage time. I have him massage my shoulders as well and dang ????????‍♀️ ! Always receptive when I ask for more or less pressure. Will does my nails and is a true artist! He only does long nails + design. If you fall in that category, he is 100% your guy!
Got my nails done Saturday Aug 10th and here it is Thursday Aug 15th and my nails are already falling off. Normally have no issues when Steven does my nails but whenever someone else touches them they never last over a week.
Went in to get both my hands and feet done and the environment was so beautiful and clean. Everyone there was super friendly and took really good care of me. They gave me exactly what I asked for. I would highly recommend coming to this nail salon if you want good quality nails and over the top best service!

Quick Facts About Q Nails & Spa

Q Nails & Spa Place has received mostly positive comments from customers, highlighting their strengths in providing excellent nail services and attentive customer care. However, there are also a few negative comments regarding the longevity of the nail treatments.
One of the strengths of Q Nails & Spa Place is their skilled nail technicians who can deliver the exact designs and styles requested by customers. Both Ivy and Tim have been praised for their ability to understand and execute customers' preferences. This demonstrates their expertise and attention to detail, ensuring that clients are satisfied with the end result. Additionally, customers appreciate that the technicians take the time to listen to their requests and are patient throughout the process. This personalized approach contributes to the positive experience at the salon.
The atmosphere of the salon also receives positive feedback. Customers appreciate the calming environment and the friendly and welcoming staff. Steven, the manager, is particularly praised for his pleasant demeanor and professionalism. This creates a positive first impression for customers and makes them feel comfortable and valued. The clean and beautiful environment adds to the overall experience, making customers feel relaxed and pampered during their visit.
Another strength of Q Nails & Spa Place is their ability to provide quality pedicures. Amy and Ava are specifically mentioned for their excellent service. Amy is commended for taking her time and providing a thorough and careful pedicure, ensuring that customers do not feel rushed. The personalized attention and care contribute to a pleasant experience for customers. Ava, on the other hand, is recognized for her willingness to execute any design shown to her. Her pleasant demeanor and ability to fulfill customers' design requests contribute to the overall positive experience at the salon.
Some customers also appreciate the additional services provided at Q Nails & Spa Place. Michael is mentioned for giving the best pedicures and providing an incredible massage. His attention to detail and the ability to adjust pressure according to customer preference enhances the overall experience. Will is highlighted for his artistry in long nails and designs, making him a preferred nail technician for customers looking for more elaborate nail treatments.
Although Q Nails & Spa Place has many strengths, there are a few weaknesses that arise from negative comments. One recurring issue is the durability of the nail treatments. Some customers have experienced their nails falling off within a week, particularly when a different technician performs the service. This raises concerns about the consistency in the quality of the nail treatments provided by different technicians at the salon. Customers expect their nails to last longer, especially when paying for the service.
In conclusion, Q Nails & Spa Place has several strengths that contribute to a positive customer experience. Skilled and attentive nail technicians, a welcoming atmosphere, and quality pedicures are among the strengths highlighted in the comments. However, the salon also faces weaknesses in terms of consistency in the durability of the nail treatments. Improving the longevity of the nails should be a priority for Q Nails & Spa Place to ensure customer satisfaction.

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