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Country Club Plaza

+1 770-805-1000
18496 NW 67th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33015 United States of America
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Clean office with friendly staff. The vet explained treatment and took his time examining our pup.
As long as that Taco Bell isn't replaced, they'll always get a 5-star rating from me. However, the plaza also boasts a Subway, Dunkin', Denny's, Rico Pan bakery, and a China Buffet If drive thru Tex Mex isn't your bag. Feeling too full, stop by the Planet Fitness on your way out. There's also a Dollar General, day care, and Karate dojo. Quite literally there's a little bit of everything at this plaza
Not much here but youll find some food spots, a metro store and a spa, parking is super tight and usually full of traffic.
Stop by searching for something to ear. Notice Ciboney Restaurant and ordered my favorite sandwich; Media Noche. I swear it was the best one ever! Gotta take my husband for dinner there soon. I checked out the menu whilst I waited for my sandwich and I know he'd love to eat there. Customer service was great as well.
Muy buen y tranquilo parque para niños y adultos
Plaza itself has good options, parking lot is a pain. Always packed.
I enjoy going to that plaza. No rush at all and it's never over crowded????
Muy pocos locales y la grúa pasa cada rato y si te ven 1 hora estacionado te llevan el carro cuidado !!!

Quick Facts About Country Club Plaza

The Country Club Plaza is a popular location with a variety of establishments, but it also has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's analyze the comments to get a better understanding of what makes the plaza stand out and what areas could use improvement.
One of the recurring strengths mentioned by several commenters is the cleanliness of the plaza and the friendly staff. A clean office environment with a friendly staff can create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for visitors. It is important for a place like the Country Club Plaza, which attracts a diverse range of customers, to maintain a clean and pleasant space.
The veterinary clinic also received praise for the quality of service provided. The fact that the vet took the time to explain the treatment and thoroughly examined a customer's pet shows dedication and care towards the well-being of the animals. This indicates that the plaza has professionals who prioritize their customers and demonstrate expertise in their respective fields.
One commenter specifically mentioned the variety of dining options available at the plaza. From Taco Bell to Subway, Dunkin', Denny's, Rico Pan bakery, and China Buffet, there seems to be something for everyone's taste buds. This wide selection of food establishments contributes to the strength of the plaza, as it can attract people with different preferences and dietary requirements. It provides convenience for customers who may have cravings for a specific type of cuisine.
The presence of other amenities, such as Planet Fitness, a Dollar General store, a day care, and a karate dojo, adds to the appeal of the plaza. These establishments provide additional conveniences and services for visitors, making it a one-stop destination for various needs. This diversity of offerings contributes positively to the overall experience of the plaza.
The Ciboney Restaurant stood out for its excellent food and customer service. The commenter specifically mentioned the delicious Media Noche sandwich and expressed a desire to return for dinner with their husband. Positive dining experiences and good customer service can act as strong selling points, attracting more customers to the plaza and encouraging them to explore other offerings.
The plaza also seems to be a family-friendly space, as one commenter mentioned it being a "very good and peaceful park for children and adults." This suggests that the plaza has recreational spaces or amenities that cater to families and individuals looking for a peaceful environment.
However, there are also mentions of weaknesses in the comments. The most common complaint is the parking situation, with several commenters stating that it is "tight" and "always packed." A crowded parking lot can be frustrating for visitors and might deter potential customers from visiting the plaza. This issue should be addressed to ensure a more positive experience for everyone.
Another comment mentions that there are not many stores in the area, and the presence of a tow truck frequently passing by could add to the dissatisfaction. Limited store options can lead to a lack of variety and may not fully satisfy the needs of potential customers. Additionally, the fear of having their cars towed after just an hour of parking could deter people from spending more time at the plaza.
Overall, the Country Club Plaza has several strengths, including a clean and friendly environment, a variety of dining options, and additional amenities to cater to different needs. However, there are also weaknesses, such as a crowded and limited parking situation, and a somewhat limited variety of stores. By addressing the weaknesses, the plaza can further enhance its strengths and provide an even better experience for its visitors.

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