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Lee's Nail Design

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7512 Rosecrans Ave, Paramount, CA 90723 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Diane is great she does my nails with the dip procedure and they look completely natural, like my own nails.
No lifting and the prices are competitive.
You cannot go wrong with her no matter what you want.
such a good team ! Love the nails very good costumer service
They have remodeled the salon with new furniture and good equipment for nail care. I feel very satisfied when I come here. Diane and her team are very professional in the execution of pedicure/ medicure designs.
Like the service. Great job on my nails.
The nail work & art is good. Lee specializes in very flashy long nail art. Not ideal if you work in corporate or a professional environment. But, if your a party girl or in entertainment it's perfect. The shop needs cleaning and a little upgrading. Other than that I would go back
This was my first time here and I enjoyed everything about it. My nail tech took his time on my pedicure and full set came out so great they take there time with each customer so you have to be patient but it's worth the wait.. thanks ????
Nice persons and great job they did my daughters nails and great price ????????????????????
After I got a full set, it looked like they all needed to be redone. The polish on all ruined, they were extremely limited on colored nail polish, and the older gentleman that did my nails was filing so hard my nail bed was burning. Good pricing though.

Quick Facts About Lee's Nail Design

Lee's Nail Design place has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, Diane, one of the nail technicians, is highly praised for her skills in the dip procedure. Customers appreciate that their nails look completely natural, resembling their own nails. This indicates that Diane is proficient in achieving a seamless and realistic result. Additionally, customers mention that there is no lifting of the nails, which can be a common issue with nail enhancements. This suggests that the nail technicians at Lee's Nail Design place pay attention to detail and ensure that the nails are properly secured.
Competitive pricing is another strength of Lee's Nail Design place. Customers specifically note that the prices are reasonable, indicating that the salon offers good value for money. This is important as affordability is often a deciding factor for customers when choosing a salon. Furthermore, the salon is commended for its customer service. The customers appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, which contributes to their positive experience. Good customer service is crucial for maintaining a loyal customer base and attracting new clients.
The recent remodeling of the salon is also seen as a strength. Customers mention that the salon now has new furniture and good equipment for nail care. This signifies that Lee's Nail Design place is committed to providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for its customers. A well-maintained salon with updated equipment can enhance the overall experience for customers and contribute to their satisfaction.
The professionalism of the nail technicians is another strength highlighted in the comments. Customers mention that Diane and her team are professional in their execution of pedicure and manicure designs. This suggests that the technicians are skilled and knowledgeable in their craft, ensuring that customers receive high-quality nail services. Professionalism is essential in building trust and credibility with customers.
On the other hand, Lee's Nail Design place has some weaknesses that should be addressed. One customer mentions that the shop needs cleaning and a little upgrading. Maintaining cleanliness and providing a well-maintained environment is crucial for any salon, as it directly affects the customer's perception of the establishment. Therefore, it is important for Lee's Nail Design place to address this concern and ensure that their salon is clean and visually appealing.
Another weakness mentioned is the limited selection of colored nail polish. Having a diverse range of nail polish options is important as it allows customers to express their individuality and choose a color that suits their preferences. By expanding their nail polish collection, Lee's Nail Design place can cater to a wider range of customer preferences and enhance the overall experience.
One customer had a negative experience with their nails. They reported that after getting a full set, the polish appeared ruined and needed to be redone. Additionally, they mentioned that the older gentleman who did their nails filed too hard, causing discomfort. Though pricing was regarded as good, the quality of the service in this particular instance was subpar. Addressing issues like these and ensuring consistent quality across all services is important to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.
To mitigate these weaknesses, Lee's Nail Design place should focus on improving cleanliness and upgrading the overall appearance of the salon. Regular cleaning schedules, modern and comfortable furniture, and visually appealing décor can create a better overall ambiance. Additionally, they should expand their selection of colored nail polish to cater to a wider range of customer preferences. Lastly, it is essential to provide proper training and supervision to all nail technicians to ensure consistent quality and prevent any discomfort or damage to customers.
In conclusion, Lee's Nail Design place exhibits strengths such as skilled technicians, competitive pricing, good customer service, and recent upgrades to the salon. However, the weaknesses of limited nail polish selection, cleanliness concerns, and inconsistent service quality should be addressed to enhance the overall experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

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