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4542 Calumet Ave, Hammond, IN 46327 United States of America
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All time favorite place to go to. Henry which is the owner, always does an amazing job but you have to make an appointment with him. Joy does a great job too doing pedicures. I love how she can get so creative doing my little niblets(toes). I'm sure everyone else is lovely too just haven't went to them yet.
People where friendly unfortunately I am not happy with my nails it seems like a messy job some nails are thin other are way to thick little rime stones some are backwards. This was my first time here and I am not coming back. After noticing I went back to get them fix they look still kinda messy unfortunately. I'm super sad about this experience ???? hope who ever tries this place can have a better experience than me.
I stopped in today to get a full set for my birthday weekend and an event I have tonight. The environment and ambience of the shop is beautiful. But I should have ran for the hills when a customer came in in the middle of my services to let them know her no chips from yesterday was already chipping. I got a stiletto shape, all have different sharpness, none of them are shaped the same or the same length. The polish jobIs beyond messy, and I have dried acrylic on my skin on all of my fingers.some nails are not even fully coated. I know myself and I know my temper so I refrain from speaking up in the shop, especially in front of other patrons because I do not feel that that is appropriate either. My birthday nails are definitely ruined
I go here every 3-5 weeks for the last 2 years. My absolute favorite artist is the owner Henry ❤ He is so calming he makes a stressful day 100x better! You often will find him with a smile singing in his native tongue even tho I can't understand it his voice is beautifully soothing. He has a beautiful family, his daughter is often who greets you. His whole team is pretty awesome they work together well. I 100% recommend going here!
My husband & I have been coming to them for at least 2 years now, & they usually are great, but this time they did a horrible job on my nails. I kept telling him my nails were Crooked & he kept saying “ok ok ok I’ll fix them” never happened then they don’t tell you cash only before services. Very inconvenient.. like who still carry cash.
I truly enjoyed my time and the work done here. I do not regularly get my nails done so, each time feels pretty new. The Stagg made me feel comfortable and explained what they were doing in a manner that eased my tension. I went with my sister and they sat us together so we could chat, which was nice. The service was quick and easy and they did an awesome job. I might make this a regular stop! Plus the brow studio next door is a must!
Absolutely loved it.❤️ Quick & good price for the design i wanted. Thank you to the lady who did them because she did such a a amazing job also she kept asking if i was okay.❤️Definitely will be my go to place!
Loved the service kem and Jason are awesome!

Quick Facts About Le Nails

Strengths of Le Nails Place:
1. Skilled owner: Henry, the owner, is highly praised by multiple customers for his exceptional work. He is known for doing an amazing job and is often recommended by customers. This indicates that Le Nails Place has a skilled and experienced nail artist leading the establishment.
2. Creativity in pedicures: Joy, one of the nail technicians, is commended for her creativity while doing pedicures. Customers appreciate her ability to think outside the box and create unique designs on their toes. This shows that there are nail technicians at Le Nails Place who can offer innovative and personalized services.
3. Friendly staff: Many customers mention that the people working at Le Nails Place are friendly. This creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers, making their visit more enjoyable.
4. Calming environment: The shop is described as having a beautiful ambiance, which contributes to a calming and relaxing experience. A soothing environment can enhance customers' enjoyment and make them feel pampered.
5. Repeat customers: Several comments indicate that customers have been coming to Le Nails Place for a significant period of time, ranging from 2 years to multiple visits in the last 2 years. This illustrates that the salon has a loyal customer base, suggesting they consistently provide satisfactory services.
6. Quick service: One customer mentions that the service at Le Nails Place was quick and easy. Efficient service is valued by customers, as it saves them time and allows them to fit nail appointments into their busy schedules.
Weaknesses of Le Nails Place:
1. Inconsistent quality: One customer expresses dissatisfaction with their nails, highlighting issues like messy application, uneven lengths, and nails that were not fully coated. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of services provided at Le Nails Place, with some customers experiencing subpar outcomes.
2. Difficulty in fixing issues: Another customer mentions that they went back to get their nails fixed but were still unhappy with the result. This indicates that the salon may struggle with addressing and rectifying customer concerns, potentially leading to continued disappointment for certain individuals.
3. Communication issues: A customer complains about the nail technician not addressing their concerns about crooked nails and the inconvenience of cash-only payment. Communication breakdowns can negatively impact the overall customer experience and create frustration.
4. Lack of attention to detail: The mention of dried acrylic on the skin, nails not being fully coated, and different shapes and lengths of nails suggests a lack of attention to detail during the services. Attention to detail is essential in a nail salon to deliver precise and polished results.
5. Ruined special occasion: A customer expresses disappointment that their birthday nails were ruined due to the quality of the service. Negative experiences like this can significantly impact customers' trust and future patronage.
6. Limited payment options: One customer mentions that they were not informed about the salon only accepting cash, leading to inconvenience for individuals who do not typically carry cash. This lack of payment options can be inconvenient and may discourage potential customers who prefer alternative payment methods.
In conclusion, while Le Nails Place has strengths such as a skilled owner, creative pedicures, friendly staff, a calming environment, and repeat customers, there are also weaknesses in terms of inconsistent quality, difficulty in addressing issues, communication problems, lack of attention to detail, special occasions being ruined, and limited payment options. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to provide a consistently positive and satisfying experience for all customers.

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