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House of Bread

253 Bradford Rd, Frizinghall, Bradford, Shipley BD18 3AB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Była to moja pierwsza wizyta w tym miejscu, a wszystko to z polecenia znajomych. Piekarnia ulokowana jest przy głównej ulicy w związku z czym nie ma problemu z jej znalezieniem. Otwieram drzwi i : bardzo miła obsługa, duży wybór ale jako pierwszy w dopada nas zapach pieczywa. Oprócz słodkości (pączki, ciasta i ciasteczka) oraz mąki (zapomniałem zapytać czy przypadkiem mąka ta nie jest wyrobem "prywatnym") mamy naprawdę spory wybór chlebka. Razowy, z żurawiną, orkiszowy, żytni... itd. Oczywiście kupiliśmy 3 na próbę. Moja ocena wypieków jest następująca: od 15 lat nie kupiłem w UK tak dobrego chleba i ta ocena powinna wystarczyć za tysiąc innych słów. Następnym razem muszę dowiedzieć się czy jest szansa dostać taki chlebek ale jeszcze ciepły. Mimo że do piekarni mam około 15-20 min drogi autem to już wiem gdzie będę kupował pieczywo. Naprawdę polecam. Kto jeszcze nie próbował niech żałuje. Dziękuję za możliwość zrobienia tak pysznych wypieków i do zobaczenia następnym razem.
Best karpanka we've ever eaten!
No exaggeration either.
Popped in on Saturday, as a friend wanted to pick up some bread and ended up buying doughnuts, karpanka and some seeded rye bread for myself lol.
Doughnuts were soft and fresh, we could taste the Nutella inside too, the custard ones were sliced and filled with lots of custard. The rye bread was fresh and was still moist inside after 3 days, I don't really eat bread, but I've nearly finished half the loaf already. Now, where do I start with the karpanka, I could not fault if I tried, everything from the pastry to the cream filling to the freshness to the taste was amazing.
The young lady who served us spoke fluent english and polish and was so polite. Parking is a slight issue, so we parked on Beamsley Road. Prices are not cheap, but are worth it for the quality of the products this bakery sells.
This has got to be one of the best bakeries in town, this place is that good! It's just a shame, its quite far from the city centre, but the 10 minute drive was worth it.
I'll definitely get my bakery products from here from now on and highly recommend this gem of a bakery.
Well done to the team at House of Bread ????
I love everything I tried in this bakery. I am glad is not next door to me as I would have put 100lbs on. Yummy. Best sourdough in the region.
A truly wonderful place.
The bread and cake equivalent of Willy Wonka's factory.
They also make good coffee
Absolutely love this Place. The Sourdough Loaves are delicious and those Nutella Doughnuts are insanely delicious the best I've had for sure. The staff are always welcoming and wonderful which all adds to the magic of this Lovely Local Bakery.
Tried this bakery for the first time and have to say that the bread is excellent, ended up taking several so can share with family. Will visit again.
Real polish bakery and everything freshly made.
What's not to like????
Lovely lady. All baked on site. Fresh produce great range. Good quality a little bit pricey ????
Very nice mother and son duo. Polite and respectful. Tried their donuts and they were perfect in terms of not as unhealthy as usual donut and can taste the quality of ingredients. Small family business deserves local support. All the best guys.

Quick Facts About House of Bread

House of Bread seems to have many strengths based on the comments provided. One of its strengths is its location. Being situated on a main street makes it easily accessible and recognizable, eliminating any difficulty in finding the bakery. Additionally, the bakery offers a wide variety of options, including cakes, cookies, and an extensive selection of bread. This assortment of products caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.
The most prominent strength highlighted in the comments is the quality of the bakery's products. Multiple customers praised the bread, with one comment stating that it was the best bread they had bought in the UK in 15 years. The freshness and delicious taste of the bread were commended, with one customer even expressing a desire to purchase warm bread in the future. The quality of the doughnuts was also lauded, with specific mention of the Nutella-filled ones and the abundance of custard in the custard-filled doughnuts. The karpanka received special attention, with one customer declaring it faultless and raving about its pastry, cream filling, freshness, and taste.
Another strength of House of Bread is its customer service. Several comments mentioned the polite and friendly staff, highlighting the ability to communicate in both English and Polish. This bilingual staff creates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for customers, allowing them to feel comfortable and understood.
The bakery's commitment to freshness and freshness maintenance is also a strength. The rye bread was noted to remain moist even after three days, indicating attention to ensuring that products retain their quality over time. This dedication to freshness adds value to the customer experience.
The positive experiences shared in the comments also indicate that the bakery has a loyal customer base. Customers expressed their enthusiasm for the bakery's products and their intention to continue purchasing from House of Bread. The bakery's ability to consistently deliver high-quality products that leave customers satisfied is central to building this loyalty.
However, there are a few potential weaknesses that could be drawn from the comments. One customer mentioned that parking is a slight issue, requiring them to park on a nearby road. This inconvenience could deter some potential customers who prioritize easy accessibility. Additionally, there were comments regarding the prices, noting that they were not cheap. While the quality of the products was regarded as worth the price, higher prices may limit the bakery's appeal to price-sensitive customers.
In conclusion, House of Bread seems to excel in several areas. Its location, wide variety of products, exceptional quality, friendly staff, and commitment to freshness contribute to its success. However, potential weaknesses lie in parking difficulties and higher prices. Overall, based on the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, House of Bread appears to be a reputable and highly recommended bakery.

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