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Hilltop Mall

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2200 Hilltop Mall Rd, Richmond, CA 94806 United States of America
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Die Hälfte der Läden steht leer. Diese Mall stirbt.
Naja dreckig und runter gekommen. Könnte alles mal renoviert werden.
Uraltes Einkaufzentrum
A mere shadow of the Taubman-built giant it once (many decades ago) was but what a meticulously-designed beauty it was (moreso had it been kept up better in recent years). In its last few years of high occupancy, its reportedly been marred with a reputation of surrounding area crime resulting in most first-rate stores fleeing. Hilltop fills what it can with mostly low-rent shops found in decaying malls with a handful of jewelry and sneaker stores, a few prideful local restaurants, Macy's and (unusually) Walmart.
Hilltop is a timewarped, sci-fi mothership from the 70's by today's standards -- but what a real treat it is. Complete with a mostly still working, multi-tiered fountain, an amazing spiral ramp and a beautiful sculpture that seem wildly out of time for malls in 2018 (although this one is very similar to the one at Pleasanton's Stoneridge mall).
Visited twice, once at opening and another during the week, noticed a lot of shady wanderers on the weeknight. Undoubtedly, Hilltop feels uninviting for actual shopping compared to nearby Sunvalley and other, more energetic and vital malls.
Dark storefronts are plentiful here and rising, accompanied by dimly and often completely dark and eerie corridors, quiet corners here and there.
The short-lived carousel was removed earlier this year for more seating that reflects the vision for the upcoming overhaul by new investors, LBG, who seem passionate in taking actions to 180 this long, abused mall to be completed within the next two years.
there is a new office building here super clean, organize and very good parking. Space you can park very easy and safe. the building has a reception with the biggest smile
The shops at Hilltop should be adding new retail this year with leaning towards the Asian market. 99 Ranch Market will be taking over the JC Penney store location which closed last year. I hope they also convert shop space to classrooms and meeting spaces for social, religious, and professional use.
I like this shopping mall and cannot wait for the upcoming "Transformation." Hopefully the transformation will be better than the first. This place has a lot of potential.
It's LITERALLY on the top of a hill. It's also a "dying mall." Walmart is sucking the life out of it, just like what it's doing everywhere else.

Quick Facts About Hilltop Mall

Hilltop Mall is a shopping center with both strengths and weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses that come across in the comments is the fact that approximately half of the stores in the mall are vacant. This lack of occupancy indicates a decline in the mall's popularity and could be attributed to various factors such as competition from nearby malls, a poor reputation, or a lack of maintenance and renovation.
The comments also mention that the mall is "dreckig" (dirty) and "runter gekommen" (run down), emphasizing the need for renovation. The mall is described as uraltes (ancient) and outdated, which can be seen as a weakness because it may not meet the expectations and standards of modern consumers.
However, despite these weaknesses, some positive aspects of Hilltop Mall are also highlighted in the comments. One comment describes it as a meticulously-designed beauty, emphasizing the mall's architectural appeal. The multi-tiered fountain, spiral ramp, and beautiful sculpture are mentioned as unique and visually striking features. These elements give the mall character and set it apart from other malls, providing a nostalgic feel for those who appreciate its 70's design.
The comment about the presence of shady wanderers on weeknights suggests that Hilltop Mall may not be the safest or most inviting place for shopping. This perception of a lack of safety could deter potential customers, further contributing to the decline in occupancy. The dark storefronts and dimly lit corridors also create a gloomy and eerie atmosphere, which is also mentioned as a weakness.
On a positive note, there are mentions of new investments and plans for an overhaul of the mall. The removal of the carousel to make way for more seating and the upcoming "Transformation" suggest that efforts are being made to revitalize the mall. The comments express hope for the upcoming changes and mention the potential the mall holds for improvement.
It is worth noting that the presence of a new office building with clean and organized spaces, good parking, and a friendly receptionist is seen as a strength. This indicates that not all areas of the mall are in a state of decline and that there are positive aspects to be found.
Another potential strength is the possibility of attracting new retail targeting the Asian market, with the addition of 99 Ranch Market in the former JC Penney store location. This shows potential for diversification and meeting the needs of a specific demographic, which could attract more customers and increase foot traffic.
However, it is also mentioned that Walmart, a major anchor store, may be negatively impacting the mall's performance. The comment suggests that Walmart's presence is "sucking the life out of it," as it tends to do in other locations. This could be seen as a weakness because Walmart's dominance may overshadow smaller retailers and contribute to the decline in occupancy.
In conclusion, Hilltop Mall has both strengths and weaknesses. While it has unique architectural features and potential for improvement, it currently faces challenges such as high vacancy rates, a run-down appearance, and a reputation for crime. Efforts to revitalize the mall and attract new retail may help address these weaknesses and bring about positive changes.

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