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DUKE'S, 1201 Dews Pond Rd, Calhoun, GA 30701 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great food, Great Prices, and Great Customer Service. We stopped by on the way back to Atlanta. Was skeptical at first cause we were starving and didn’t have time to be disappointed. And Oh boy I’m glad we did! We literally enjoyed every minute. Thank you!
Love how you can mix n match the food choices. Amazing wings, friendly service. Everyone here is so friendly, and the servers really help each other. Definitely will be back. Should out to my server Misha. Best service I've had in awhile. Will be requesting her.
The food is pretty good. Food is about an 8/10. They have the BEST fried pickles I’ve ever tasted though!!! The staff could do better honestly. All you hear is people talking about their personal life and about them almost beating people up. Service could be better. They don’t check on you much. Have to wait around until they’re done talking if they are. They’re very nice, but don’t check in much unless they’re walking by you. The alcoholic beverage I got was nice, but would be nice to have gotten the other I had ordered… but overall experience was just an ok I guess you could say.
We were very skeptical going to this sports bar because of these negative staff reviews, but since we were traveling south on I75 and had to stop to watch our U of M team beat Ohio State. We were amazingly surprised as soon as we walked in....we were greeted by the owner, Derek who sat us near the big screen TV. Our smiling waitress immediately took our drink order. The whole experience was awesome!! The food, especially the fried catfish was great!! We ended up sitting at the bar to watch the rest of the game. The bartender was so attentive...she brought us drinks even before we were done with one. All the staff were so nice and busy working. Derek talked with us for awhile and the whole experience was perfect!!! Definitely recommend going to eat and enjoy!!
Love this place! Food is always so good and fresh! Friendly staff and great prices! Love the catfish here!! If you haven’t ate here, you should, you won’t regret it!
Absolutely horrible experience. Our family came here for lunch directly following our aunt’s funeral. We were immediately shown how annoyed the waitress was with us being a larger party (7 people.) We dealt with the bad attitude hoping our food would be good… It was horrible. I couldn’t eat any of it, but still paid for the whole meal. Fried shrimp was slimy beneath the breading with an unappetizing odor, not to mention the waitress slung the plate across the table and some of the shrimp flew in the floor. She wasn’t concerned with that. The hamburger steak was just a hockey puck of dried meat with no onions or gravy, and the mashed potatoes were like soup. Never again. This experience made a very hard day even worse.
Service was slow. Server was not friendly. The food was not good with the bread being burnt on one side. French fries were not completely cooked. My daughter ordered a sandwich with no mushrooms. Came out full of mushrooms and very salty. And we were told when we went in that they would seat us even though they were not open yet. It was 5 mins before posted time. They had unlocked the door and turned on the open side before we got out of our car.
The food was very tasty, the fried shrimp I got were huge, and my fiance and I are both picky about coleslaw and we both really enjoyed it. He really enjoyed his snapper and shrimp as well. Service was good and the atmosphere was pleasant.

Quick Facts About DUKE'S

DUKE'S place, based on the comments provided, seems to have several strengths and weaknesses.
One of the major strengths of DUKE'S place is its great food. Many customers praise the quality of the food, specifically mentioning the amazing wings, fried pickles, and tasty fried shrimp. The positive comments about the food contribute to the establishment's overall reputation and attract customers. In addition, the ability to mix and match food choices is appreciated by the customers, allowing them to customize their meals according to their preferences.
Another strength of DUKE'S place is its great prices. Multiple comments mention that the prices are reasonable, making it an affordable option for customers. This affordability contributes to the value that customers perceive in the establishment and makes it an attractive choice for those on a budget.
Customer service is another area where DUKE'S place excels. Many comments highlight the friendly and helpful nature of the staff. Customers mention that the servers are attentive, friendly, and provide excellent service. The positive interactions with the staff contribute to a pleasant dining experience and encourage customers to return.
The atmosphere of DUKE'S place is also mentioned as a positive aspect in one of the comments. The pleasant atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience and helps create a welcoming environment for customers.
However, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One recurring issue is the inconsistent service. Some customers mention that the staff does not check on them frequently, requiring them to wait to get assistance. This lack of attention can lead to a less enjoyable dining experience and a sense of neglect from the staff.
In one comment, the staff's demeanor is brought into question. The customer mentions that they overheard staff indulging in personal conversations and even discussing potentially violent situations. This behavior can be off-putting for customers and may affect their perception of the establishment's professionalism.
Other weaknesses mentioned are related to the food quality and accuracy of orders. One customer's experience was marred by a meal that was unappetizing, with slimy shrimp and undercooked french fries. Another customer received a sandwich that contained mushrooms despite requesting the sandwich to be made without them. These instances indicate inconsistencies in food preparation and attention to detail, which can lead to dissatisfaction among customers.
One comment mentions how a larger party was made to feel unwelcome by the waitress, who displayed annoyance towards their group. This negative interaction can leave a lasting impression on customers and may deter them from returning or recommending the establishment to others.
In conclusion, DUKE'S place has several strengths, including great food, reasonable prices, and friendly customer service. However, there are also weaknesses, such as inconsistent service, unprofessional staff behavior, food quality issues, and negative interactions with staff. It is important for DUKE'S place to address these weaknesses in order to maintain positive customer experiences and foster repeat business.

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