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Hazim Barber Shop

+1 763-208-3166
4110 NE Central Ave STE 205, Columbia Heights, MN 55421 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Hazim Barber Shop

with their skills. The atmosphere of the shop is always welcoming and friendly. Hazim is a true master of his craft, delivering fantastic fades and being capable of executing any hairstyle request. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to making his clients look their best.
One of the greatest strengths of Hazim Barber Shop is the high level of customer satisfaction. Many customers are willing to drive long distances just to get a haircut at the shop, which speaks volumes about the quality they provide. The positive reviews and praise for Hazim and his team reflect their exceptional skills and ability to consistently deliver great haircuts. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and the effort put into making them look sharp and stylish.
The friendly and welcoming atmosphere is another strength of Hazim Barber Shop. Numerous customers have mentioned the shop's warm environment and the way they are treated like family upon entering. This creates a positive experience for customers and keeps them coming back. The staff knows how to make their clients feel comfortable and appreciated, which adds to the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the visit.
The cleanliness and comfort of the shop are also noteworthy strengths. Customers have commented on the bright and clean appearance of the shop, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a neat and hygienic environment. This attention to cleanliness adds to the professional image of Hazim Barber Shop and instills confidence in customers.
Customer service is consistently praised as being top-notch at Hazim Barber Shop. The staff is knowledgeable, attentive, and friendly. They listen to their clients' requests and ensure that they leave with the desired haircut. This level of customer service creates a positive experience and fosters customer loyalty.
Hazim Barber Shop's prices are also seen as a strength. Customers appreciate the reasonable prices for the high-quality haircuts they receive. This makes the shop accessible to a wide range of customers and offers value for money.
Although the Hazim Barber Shop has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, there is one opportunity for improvement mentioned by a customer. They suggest implementing an online or phone appointment system to avoid long waiting times. This suggestion shows that the shop could benefit from streamlining the booking process to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction.
In conclusion, Hazim Barber Shop has numerous strengths that contribute to its reputation as one of the best in the Minneapolis area. The skilled and experienced staff, friendly atmosphere, cleanliness, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices all make for an exceptional barbershop experience. The overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and repeat business are a testament to the quality of the haircuts and the overall customer satisfaction. With the potential improvement of implementing an appointment system, Hazim Barber Shop can further enhance its service and maintain its stellar reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This barbershop is one of the best if not the best around the Minneapolis area. The shop looks wonderful and all the staff here are friendly. Hazim is a very experienced barber, he does great fades and he can most likely do any haircut you decide to get. I drive an hour and half just to come and get a haircut because of how spectacular his cuts are.
Hazim is the man that makes you love your reflection in the mirror. Your phone will be filling up with your photos looking sharp. Hazim is the best Barber I have seen so far in my life. If I can give him more than 5 stars I will.
I brought my 15 year old here for the first time! He left this place super happy and excited about his hair. He wanted a mullet ???????? and that is what he got! The best barbers are the ones that listen to their clients and give them what they ask for! I highly recommend this place!!! Very friendly, good prices and cool environment!
Great place to get a haircut, very good environment. Great customer service.
Since the first time I’ve stepped in there they treat everyone like family. Haven’t been to anywhere else since
You get what you pay for. Period. If you are looking for a nice cut you gotta go on booksy and find someone with a good reputation.
The folks are very skilled and know what they are doing. The place is bright, clean, and comfortable. Customer service is 5/5!
The only opportunity for imorovement -
Set up an online or on-phone appointment system, so customers can schedule their services in advance and avoid waiting too long.
These gentlemen do me right every time - excellent quality haircuts. They make me look like a professional soccer player

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