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T-Bones Steakhouse and Grill

+1 334-408-2001
3745 US-80 C, Phenix City, AL 36870 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Terrible place, cold steak and cold fries. I ordered a New York Strip an was served some kind of cheap sirloin steak that was cooked until dry. Not a good place to eat, stay away.
Our waitress was great and our service was fast. We were seated immediately and our appetizers were brought out fast. Fried pickles are nice and crunchy and come in a very large serving size. The mozzarella is also great- standard expected dish. Who doesn't like breaded cheese? Took quite a while for our meals to actually come out- we were long done with our app before the food came our, but our waitress was great and kept checking in on us despite the delay of the kitchen. 3 party table, got chicken wings, fries, and two steak plates with sides. The chicken wings smelled great and the waitress brought us fresh fries because the kitchen sent out some that were rather unfortunate looking. The steaks were perfectly cooked and flavorful and the sides were standard expected steakhouse fare of decent quality. The resturant was clean, modern, well maintained in appearance, and quiet (we went on a Tuesday night).
Had to wait once we were seated for a long time for even someone to get us drinks but we didn't care. Was with family and catching up. Food was amazing and the lunch prices were the best I've seen in a very long time. Service was amazing and the boys devoured the food. In fact one kid ate two and a half of the Mac and cheese burgers. They were huge! Desserts looked scrumptious but didn't have room to even try one. Maybe next time
Food here is always good. Staff is amazing as well.
Went in for the first time last night, and every single employee was kind, amazing, and welcoming. Our server, Deanna, was on it 100%. Very knowledgeable of the menu, friendly, and fast! My nieces were with us dressed in Halloween costumes, and the female manager with blonde hair came by the table to let us know about their Trunk and Treat going on. Amazing staff here, I’ll definitely be back here!
EXCELLENT food. Great steaks cooked just right. If you are up to it get the big porterhouse. Don't be skeered. You csn do it. The service is fantastic. Don't let the name fool you either. They have awesome wings as well. I have never been able to try the deserts as i am too full. The look amazing though. Get there early as it is popular.
Great food and service tonight for dinner. Shay was our server. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She checked on us frequently. Everything was perfect. I have never had a bad experience here. We dined in and order a meal to take out.
I went to T Bones tonight and I am the hardest person to wait on. But my server Q was out standing. He was very attentive. Never had to ask for anything. He made our dinner time very pleasant. I will definitely be going back because of his awesome service and personality. The food was great as well

Quick Facts About T-Bones Steakhouse and Grill

T-Bones Steakhouse and Grill is a restaurant with its fair share of strengths and weaknesses, as evidenced by the comments provided. Let's dive deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of this establishment.
Starting with the strengths, a recurring theme from the comments is the quality of the service. Many patrons praised the waitstaff for their attentiveness, friendliness, and knowledge of the menu. These positive interactions enhance the overall dining experience and contribute to customer satisfaction. Comments such as "our waitress was great" and "every single employee was kind, amazing, and welcoming" indicate that the staff excels in providing excellent service.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the quality of the food. Many applauded the taste and cooking of the steaks, highlighting the perfectly cooked and flavorful meat. The comments "great steaks cooked just right" and "food here is always good" reflect the consistently high quality of the dishes. Additionally, the appetizers received positive feedback, with mentions of "fried pickles" and "breaded cheese" being enjoyable options.
Additionally, the ambience and cleanliness of T-Bones Steakhouse and Grill were appreciated by customers. The comment that the restaurant was "clean, modern, well maintained in appearance, and quiet" suggests that the establishment pays attention to creating a pleasant atmosphere for its patrons. This attention to cleanliness and ambiance further contributes to an enjoyable dining experience.
Moving on to the weaknesses, a customer mentioned that they were served a different cut of steak than what they ordered and that it was cooked until dry. This inconsistency in the quality of the steaks suggests that there might be an issue with the kitchen staff or quality control. This negative experience can greatly impact the overall perception of the restaurant and deter potential customers.
Another area of weakness is the length of time it took for some customers to receive their meals. One comment mentioned that it took a while for the food to come out, even after they had finished their appetizers. Although the waitress kept checking in on them and provided updates, such delays can be frustrating for customers, particularly if they are dining with hungry children or have time constraints.
Additionally, there was a comment about waiting a long time for someone to bring drinks after being seated. While it was mentioned that the customer didn't mind the wait, it might indicate issues with the efficiency of the waitstaff or the initial greeting and service upon seating.
It is also worth noting that there were no specific comments about the desserts, indicating that either the dessert options were not remarkable enough to be mentioned or customers were too full to try them. This lack of feedback suggests that the dessert offerings may not be a standout feature of the restaurant.
In conclusion, T-Bones Steakhouse and Grill has several strengths that contribute to a positive dining experience, including excellent service, high-quality steaks, and a clean and pleasant ambience. However, there are also areas of weakness, such as inconsistencies in steak quality, delays in serving meals, and potential room for improvement in terms of initial drink service and dessert offerings. These weaknesses are important for the restaurant to address in order to maintain customer satisfaction and attract new patrons.

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