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Hair Plus Beauty Outlet

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Quick Facts About Hair Plus Beauty Outlet

Hair Plus Beauty Outlet is a beauty supply store in Columbus that seems to have garnered positive reviews from its customers. Based on the comments provided, there are several strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
One of the main strengths of Hair Plus Beauty Outlet is its exceptional customer service. Multiple reviewers mention the helpful and friendly staff who are willing to go above and beyond to assist customers. The employees are described as kind, sweet, and comforting, making customers feel like they are part of a family. The store owners are also praised for their welcoming and friendly demeanor, and some customers have been shopping there for years, indicating that the store has built long-lasting relationships with its clientele.
Another strength highlighted by the reviewers is the wide selection of products offered at Hair Plus Beauty Outlet. Customers mention that the store is well-stocked and rarely do they need to go elsewhere to find what they need. The selection includes items such as wigs, hair care supplies, jewelry, hats, and cosmetics, catering to a variety of beauty needs. The store is also described as clean and organized, providing a pleasant shopping experience.
The affordable prices at Hair Plus Beauty Outlet are repeatedly mentioned as a positive aspect of the store. Customers mention finding great deals and sales, with one reviewer specifically mentioning purchasing two wigs for $109. The combination of affordable prices and a wide selection of products allows customers to find what they need without breaking the bank.
Additionally, the expertise of the staff is highlighted by several customers. There is mention of a staff member named Amareonna, who is described as a knowledgeable makeup artist. She is praised for her assistance in finding the right products and her kindness towards customers. The expertise of the staff adds value to the overall shopping experience, as they can provide helpful recommendations and advice.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments about Hair Plus Beauty Outlet, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be identified. Firstly, it would have been helpful to have more specific information about the location, such as the range of brands and products they carry. Additionally, although the comments mention the selection of wigs being cute and diverse, there is no information on the quality of these wigs or any potential drawbacks. Lastly, since all the comments are positive, it would have been beneficial to have a more balanced perspective by including any negative experiences or criticisms from customers.
In conclusion, Hair Plus Beauty Outlet appears to be a popular beauty supply store in Columbus, praised for its exceptional customer service, wide range of products, affordability, and knowledgeable staff. The store benefits from loyal customers who appreciate the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and have built long-lasting relationships with the owners. However, more specific information regarding the products and potential weaknesses would provide a more comprehensive analysis of the store's strengths and weaknesses.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This store has been my favorite place in Columbus since I got here! The ladies are so incredibly nice and sweet, they are so helpful with helping me find exactly what I need. They treat us like family, and I can’t imagine going to another beauty supply. Plus the wigs are super cute! I’ve received so many compliments on them!
This store is GOOOODD!! Y'all I'm not joking I just got two wigs for $109 from their great sale going on. The people working here are very kind and helpful, this lady helped me found my wigs!! Ladies at the front desk is very comforting and fun as well. The selection was huge and the prices were great :)))
I absolutely love this beauty supply store! It is the only place I get my hair AND hair care supplies because the customer service is amazing and everyone that works there are very pleasant and kind. This is hands down the best place for all things beauty and hair.
I have been going here since I was younger when my mother and I moved to the area. The shop owners practically watched me grow up and are always friendly when they see us. They are always stocked with what I need and rarely do I need to go anywhere else. I love them dearly and will continue to go here as long as possible.
Ms. Lee is always so welcoming to all of her guests. I have been shopping at Hair Plus Beauty Outlet for years! I am certain that you will find what you are looking!
I absolutely love this store! They have such wonderful customer service. The store is always clean and organized, as well as having such a large selection of hair, wigs, jewelry, hats, cosmetics... just everything you could need or want to feel beautiful. Amareonna is the sweetest young lady, and VERY knowledgeable. She, herself; is a MUA so her skills are an absolute asset to this location. I walked in with an older woman (met her in the parking lot) & she told me she was color blind but looking for a drawstring ponytails. Her & I walked to the area of the ponytails, and within seconds Amareonna approached us in such a friendly manner. I expressed to her that this Queen was to be serviced first, I could wait. I also shared that she was color blind & may need help with color matching. Amareonna took this Queen, walked with her slowly (customer had a cane for assistance) & treated her like any of us would want our Mother/Grandmother treated. After she helped her, she then came to me, with the biggest smile. I mentioned to her what I was looking for, and she got me together. I got my 2 half wigs, wig conditioner (she picked out a great one that smells divine!), some jewelry & she was gracious enough to suggest some treatment for my natural hair to get it stronger. The proprietors are typically on-site, and so kind as well. I've been coming here for years, and have always been greeted promptly, assisted in anyway I needed & shown respect.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair store!! It has every thing I need at an affordable price & and the ppl there are amazinggg. I highly recommend them without a doubt ! ????????
This review is long overdue and I normally don’t write reviews but I just wanted to say that Ms Lee is the sweetest person ever I liked how she helped me with picking the right wigs out and also help cut the lace for me out of all the hair and beauty stores I go to this one is by far the best I’ve ever been to and it’s very close to where I live so it’s super convenient.

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