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3 Upper Waterloo Rd, Larne BT40 1HD United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Best pizza in Larne, by a very long shot.
I'd recommend Graham's Pizza Joint to anyone that is looking for a great takeaway pizza, good selection of other food too but you gotta get a pizza here. Chicken supreme.. yes.
They need to get a couple of decent pictures up online because I don't think the current images justify it. Also a proper running Facebook with a clearer menu would be great.
I could only image the business these guys could get if they had their own app. The location is a bit tight and even tighter when you go into collect your order but I DO NOT CARE.
If you're hungry, these are the pizzas for you. No fuss, hearty and priced so there's space for a beer as well. We had the veggie pizza d it's perhaps the best I've ever had.
Gotta say Graham the chicken supreme was the best pizza I've tasted in along time anyone thinking of what to have I defo recommend the chicken supreme beautiful thanks mate ????????
Best pizza you can get in Larne at this price. While not what you can get in Italy, it offers the best value and taste in town.
Saturday night it's website on Facebook and Google says it's open till 11pm, it's 9.32pm I've rang 7 times and nobody picks up the phone on a Saturday night, part time pizza joint
Fantastic Pizza in a town with plenty of choice when it comes to pizza.
In a town with at least 5 other places offering Pizza’s including two Italian restaurants and a Dominos Graham’s Pizza Joint is the stand out winner.
You may have a wait for a delivery at peak times but it is ALWAYS worth the wait.
Was told order be 15mins so sat in car.when i went in .it was thrown on counter.nothink said.until someone said thats yours...not great customer service here today. But pizza delicious
Love their seafood pizza and very nice staff

Quick Facts About Graham’s

Graham's Pizza Joint in Larne has received mostly positive feedback from customers, with strengths including their pizza quality and selection, good value for money, and friendly staff. However, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned, such as the lack of online presence and convenience, and occasional issues with customer service.
One of the biggest strengths highlighted by customers is the quality of Graham's pizza. It is repeatedly described as the best pizza in Larne, with one customer even claiming it is the best they have ever tasted. This suggests that the taste and flavor of the pizza is exceptional and sets Graham's apart from its competitors in town. Another strength related to the pizza is the good selection available. Customers mention various toppings, such as chicken supreme and seafood, that are enjoyed and recommend to others. This indicates that Graham's offers a diverse range of options for customers to choose from, catering to different tastes and preferences.
In terms of value for money, Graham's Pizza Joint is praised for offering affordable prices. Customers mention that the pizzas are reasonably priced, leaving room to add a beer to the order as well. This suggests that customers feel they are getting good value for their money and are satisfied with the pricing compared to other pizza places in Larne.
The staff at Graham's Pizza Joint also receive positive feedback for being friendly and welcoming. This indicates that customers appreciate the customer service provided and feel comfortable ordering from or visiting the establishment. It suggests that the staff are attentive and create a positive atmosphere for customers, contributing to their overall satisfaction with the experience.
However, there are a few weaknesses mentioned by customers that should be addressed. One common critique is the lack of online presence for Graham's Pizza Joint. Customers mention a desire for decent pictures and a clearer menu available online, as well as a proper running Facebook page. This indicates that Graham's may be missing out on potential customers who rely on online platforms for information and may be discouraged from ordering due to the lack of visuals or clear menu options.
Another weakness mentioned is the tight location and limited space for customers when collecting their orders. While this may not impact the quality of the food itself, it can create inconvenience and discomfort for customers. This could be improved by finding a larger location or optimizing the current one to offer a more spacious and comfortable environment for customers.
One customer mentions that Graham's Pizza Joint does not have its own app, which they believe could greatly increase the business. This highlights a missed opportunity for Graham's to enhance customer convenience and accessibility. Having an app would allow customers to easily place orders, view menus, and receive updates or promotions, which could potentially attract more customers and streamline the ordering process.
Another criticism is the availability and responsiveness of customer service. One customer mentions not being able to reach the restaurant by phone on a Saturday night, despite the advertised opening hours. This suggests that there may be occasional issues with staffing or communication that result in poor customer service experiences. Improving communication channels and ensuring prompt responses to customer inquiries or concerns could help address this weakness.
Overall, Graham's Pizza Joint in Larne has several strengths that set it apart from its competitors, including its pizza quality, selection, value for money, and friendly staff. However, there are areas of improvement that should be addressed, such as the lack of online presence, limited space, and occasional issues with customer service responsiveness. By addressing these weaknesses, Graham's Pizza Joint has the potential to further enhance its reputation as the best pizza place in Larne.


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