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Gentlemens Cutz West Pines

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15651 Sheridan St #800, Davie, FL 33331 United States of America
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Great place to get a haircut, plenty of barbers, family atmosphere, reasonable prices… Jeimer has been cutting my hair for over 5 years with no complaints. Definitely give them a call…
Great barbershop! I’ve been a happy customer of Gentleman Cutz for a couple years now. I’ve always gotten my hair cut by Jeimer and he’s the top barber I’ve ever had. Never has disappointed me and I always walk out of there happy with my haircut. Jeimer is definitely the best barber I’ve had!
I've been getting my hair cut with Jeimer for over 6 years now. He is an excellent barber & I trust him to do everything offered by the barbershop. He is able to accommodate for any of your needs & will gladly show you tips & tricks to maintain good hair and beard. He is very knowledgeable about his craft, friendly and treats his customers with respect.
Easily my fav barber shop I have ever been. Very talented barbers. My boy Gabriel is the best on what he does. Definitely give him a shot. He takes his time and loves what he does. He has a passion for the art and kills it every time. Be prepared to walk out fresh.
My son has been Orlandi’s client since he was 6 years old, he is very patient with little children, always punctual and very gentle. Always pleasing his little customer but also mommy :) I highly recommend him if you have a stylish little boy, he is kind and always looking to make his customers happy. Thank you Orlandi!!
Mauricio is the Lebron James of Barbers. I go in looking like a 6 and walk out a solid 10/10 every time! Everything from the conversation to the cut is superior! If you don’t get a haircut from him wyd?!?
Best barber in town. Takes his time, pays attention to every detail and knows exactly what kind of haircut you want. The best barber I ever had!!!!! The service is always on time and fast. Everyone at Gentlmen’s Cutz makes you feel at home. Everyone check out Jeimer at Gentlemen’s Cutz, you won’t be disappointed!!!!!
Joan is a great barber who really takes his time to make you look good. Great Attention to detail and gives you exactly what you want before you get out of his chair. He takes care of the whole family and makes it easy to set up appointments. Highly recommend this place and Joan.

Quick Facts About Gentlemens Cutz West Pines

Gentlemens Cutz West Pines is a barbershop that seems to have a strong reputation and a loyal customer base. The comments highlight several strengths of the establishment, including talented barbers, family atmosphere, reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. These strengths contribute to its positive reputation and customer satisfaction.
One of the main strengths of Gentlemens Cutz West Pines is the skill and expertise of the barbers. Multiple comments mention specific barbers like Jeimer, Gabriel, Orlandi, Mauricio, and Joan as being exceptional in their craft. They are described as talented, knowledgeable, and able to deliver high-quality haircuts consistently. Customers express their trust in these barbers and their satisfaction with the haircuts they receive. The comments emphasize the attention to detail and the ability of the barbers to meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer.
The family atmosphere is another strength that emerges from the comments. The barbershop is described as a welcoming place where customers feel comfortable and at home. The barbers are friendly, respectful, and patient, making it a suitable environment for both adults and children. Comments explicitly mention the patience and skill of barbers like Orlandi when dealing with children. This family-friendly atmosphere is likely to attract customers with families who are looking for a barbershop that can accommodate their needs.
Reasonable prices are also highlighted as a positive aspect of Gentlemens Cutz West Pines. Customers mention that the prices are fair for the high-quality services they receive. This affordability may be appealing to a wider range of customers and can contribute to customer loyalty.
Prompt and punctual service is emphasized in the comments. Customers appreciate that the barbers are on time and efficient, ensuring that they get their haircuts without any unnecessary delays. This reliability in terms of timeliness is likely to be appreciated by busy customers who value their time.
The comments also indicate that the barbers at Gentlemens Cutz West Pines are not only skilled in hair cutting but also knowledgeable about hair care and grooming. They are willing to share tips and tricks to help customers maintain good hair and beard health. This additional knowledge and willingness to educate customers further enhance the barbershop's reputation as a go-to place for hair care.
Although the strengths are highlighted in the comments, a weakness that cannot be ignored is the lack of diversity in the feedback. All the comments come from satisfied customers who have been using the services of the barbershop for several years. While this may indicate high customer loyalty and satisfaction, it would be beneficial to have a more diverse range of feedback, including constructive criticism and perspectives from first-time or occasional customers. This would provide a more balanced assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of Gentlemens Cutz West Pines.
In conclusion, Gentlemens Cutz West Pines appears to be a barbershop with several strengths. These include talented barbers, a family-friendly atmosphere, reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. The positive comments demonstrate high customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, a potential weakness is the lack of diverse feedback. Despite this, the strengths highlighted in the comments indicate that Gentlemens Cutz West Pines is a reputable and reliable barbershop option for individuals and families seeking quality hair care services.

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