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Friends Kenilworth

+44 1926 734487
72 Warwick Rd, Kenilworth CV8 1HH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
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  • Late-night food
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

What a find ????. Of late we have been very disappointed with the local Kenilworth chippies re the fish and batter quality, so decided tonight to try Friends. Both my cod and my husbands haddock were excellent lovely white flavourful fish and light tasty batter and both pieces of fish very generous in size. Chips were good too. Might a little bit pricier than some others but so worth it for the quality.
This is a great fish & chips shop. The food is always freshly and perfectly cooked. The staff are always welcoming and the prices are always very reasonable.. It is our favourite town chip shop.
Excellent fish and chips both the cod and haddock we ordered were delicious good quality fish lovely crispy batter and freshly cooked. Very good size pieces of fish. Definitely recommend
Although we were the only people eating in ,we were welcomed with our Foster puppy Sally who is just starting her advanced training ,we always phone before on our first visit with our dogs ,to make sure that dogs are allowed ,and tell them our foster pup is in training then there is no mix up .I must say our new pup of just two weeks with us behaved exceptionally well ,not once did she move until we were ready to go ,WEll Done SALLY you are a ???? Fish and chips was freshly cooked excellent Friends looking forward to or next visit . Spotlessly clean also .
With changes of management, it used to be slightly better than average, got really good then went downhill. At the moment, this is SUPERB! Not cheap but very, very high quality. Used to be School Lane for us but while that is still good Friends is now our default...
Very nice fish and donor with chips. A bit pricy compared to others. I ordered too much and thought I won’t be able to finish but food was so good I ate too much.
I think this may have changed hands again! Lunch was prepared fairly quickly and was very tasty. The chips were not as crispy was we like but I guess that's personal taste. Sometimes this is the only chip shop open and close so for us it is a welcome addition to the town.
Love eating here.Lovely fresh food,good price,excellent customer service.Also very clean.

Quick Facts About Friends Kenilworth

Friends Kenilworth place has received mostly positive comments from customers, highlighting several strengths of the fish and chips shop. These strengths include the quality of the fish and batter, generous portion sizes, welcoming staff, reasonable prices, and cleanliness of the establishment.
One customer mentioned that they were disappointed with other local chippies in Kenilworth in terms of the fish and batter quality, but Friends exceeded their expectations. They found the fish to be lovely, white, and flavorful, with a light and tasty batter. The portion sizes were also praised, as they were described as very generous. The comment also acknowledges that Friends may be slightly pricier than other options, but the quality justifies the higher cost.
Another customer stated that this fish and chips shop is their favorite in town. They consistently find the food to be freshly and perfectly cooked, and the staff is always welcoming. Additionally, they mention that the prices are always very reasonable. This suggests that consistency in food quality and service is one of Friends' strengths.
A separate comment echoes similar sentiments, describing the fish and chips as excellent and delicious. The fish is noted to be of good quality with a crispy batter, and both cod and haddock were enjoyed. The portion sizes were once again mentioned as being very good. This positive review further reinforces the high food quality and taste at Friends.
One customer appreciated the fact that they were allowed to bring their foster puppy into the establishment. They mention that they always call ahead to confirm that dogs are allowed and inform the staff about their puppy's training. The puppy is praised for behaving exceptionally well during the visit. This comment indicates that Friends is pet-friendly and accommodating to customers with dogs.
However, there are a couple of comments that suggest some weaknesses or areas for improvement for Friends. One customer mentions that the shop used to be better than average and had gone downhill at some point. It is unclear whether this decline was temporary or a long-term issue. Another customer mentions that the chips were not as crispy as they preferred, although they acknowledge that this is subjective.
Overall, Friends Kenilworth place appears to have several strengths, including high-quality fish and batter, generous portion sizes, welcoming staff, reasonable prices, cleanliness, and pet-friendly policies. These positive aspects contribute to the positive experiences of customers and make this fish and chips shop a favorite in the town.