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3751 Southern Blvd SE B, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 United States of America
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Strongly recommend! Brought my daughter to get her nails done and she absolutely loves them! Larry is very professional, friendly, clean and talented . My daughter came in with a picture of how she wanted her nails and he made them look better then the picture she showed him. We will defiantly be returning!
Had my nails done by Larry, this is the happiest I’ve ever been with a set. They’re absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I asked for. I’m very pleased with this salon and the workers, I will be going back anytime I need a set. Thank you Larry for an amazing pair of nails. :)
I love this comfortable spa environment. Kim has been doing my nails and she’s great! She’s detailed, caring and attentive. I’m super sensitive to pedicures she’s the only tech I’ll go to from now bc she gets it ???? its easy to get into relaxation mode. my nails come out fantastic every time and my natural nails stay healthy and growing. I used to do my own gel nails but it’s just more effecient, cost friendly, and relaxing to go here ????????????????
larry did an amazing job on my nails and everyone was very friendly. he made my nails look better than the picture i will definitely be returning. beans approves too we highly recommend.
This is my second time going to First nails and the experience was 10/10 both times. Had my nails done by Larry, highly recommend him. He pays attention to detail and made my nails look exactly like the picture perhaps even better then the picture in my opinion. He also takes his time and everyone is so nice.
My friend and I didn't have appointments and walked in but called ahead of time to make sure they could take us. Staff were so nice and the tech that did my nails even explained to me why he was doing things a certain way to help increase the aesthetic pleasure. Wonderful prices, VERY clean. One of the only places in town that actually sanitizes their workstations and tools appropriately. I will 100% be back and would definitely recommend this place to all my friends. This is going to be my permanent nail place ❤️
Definitely recommend!! The service is amazing everyone is so nice. I've been a few times. Kylie did my nails this time and i recommend her. Larry also does amazing work. If you're looking to get your nails done I recommend coming here!!
Kaylee did an amazing job and took her time giving the design i asked for. Service was great and they've become my regular for acrylic nails. I absolutely love the service i get from them. Highly recommend them.

Quick Facts About First Nails

First Nails place has received overwhelmingly positive comments from customers, highlighting several strengths of the salon. The first strength is the professionalism and talent of the nail technicians. Customers mentioned that Larry and Kim did an incredible job on their nails, exceeding expectations and delivering results that were even better than the pictures they showed. This indicates that the nail technicians are skilled and experienced, capable of creating beautiful and personalized designs.
Additionally, the cleanliness and hygiene of the salon was praised by customers. Several comments mentioned that First Nails place is very clean and that the staff appropriately sanitize their workstations and tools. This is a crucial strength in the nail salon industry, as it ensures the health and safety of customers. By maintaining a clean environment, First Nails place demonstrates their commitment to providing a high standard of service.
The customer service at First Nails place is also one of their strengths. Many reviewers mentioned that the staff was friendly, accommodating, and attentive. The nail technicians took the time to explain the process and make customers feel comfortable. This level of customer care builds trust and loyalty, as demonstrated by repeat customers who have made First Nails place their regular salon.
Another strength of First Nails place is the relaxed and comfortable spa environment. Customers mentioned feeling at ease and being able to enter into a state of relaxation during their appointments. This positive ambiance enhances the overall experience and contributes to the customer's satisfaction.
In addition to these strengths, First Nails place offers affordable prices, which several customers mentioned. This makes their services accessible to a wider range of customers and increases their competitiveness in the market.
While the comments overwhelmingly highlight the strengths of First Nails place, there are some limitations that were not mentioned. One potential weakness could be the availability of appointments. One customer mentioned that they had to call ahead of time to ensure they could be accommodated as a walk-in. This suggests that First Nails place might have limited availability for last-minute appointments, which could be inconvenient for customers looking for immediate nail services.
Another potential weakness is the lack of variety or diversity in the comments. While the positive experiences shared by customers are excellent, it would be beneficial to have feedback from customers with different nail types or preferences. This would give a more comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of First Nails place and appeal to a broader audience.
Additionally, it is worth noting that the strengths mentioned in the comments are subjective and based on individual experiences. While customers have mentioned the exceptional results, cleanliness, and customer service, it may not be the same for every customer. Beauty is subjective, and what might be a strength for one person may not be for another. Therefore, it would be ideal to have a more diverse range of customer feedback to better evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of First Nails place.
In conclusion, First Nails place has several strengths, including talented and professional nail technicians, a clean and hygienic environment, friendly and attentive customer service, a relaxed spa atmosphere, and affordable prices. These strengths contribute to the positive experiences and satisfaction of customers. However, it is essential to consider limitations, such as potential availability issues for walk-ins and the lack of diversity in the comments. Overall, First Nails place appears to be a reputable salon with many positive attributes.

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