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Final Touch Barbershop

+1 937-802-5629
4560 Salem Ave, Dayton, OH 45416 United States of America
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Only plaçe to get the best hair treatment and very çlean and çomfortable environment with trustworthy hair çare speçialists and positive vibes…. ????% worth it!!!!
Amazing haircuts at an affordable rate.. Quan is an amazing barber with talent .. he is leading the industry with friendly service and high quality haircuts . Keep up the good work! I would highly recommend Quan and Final Touch Barbershop.
It was a struggle at first with my 5 year old that is autistic... but now we're good Quan gets my son together!
Note: Very good with children with autism!!!
Brittany cuts both my boys hair and she does a fantastic job! She gets them in and out quickly with fresh cuts on one of the busiest days for a barber, Saturdays!
Definitely one of the more laid back shops I've been to! Barbers are all friendly kid friendly as well! Me and my son is there faithfully every two weeks!
My experience is great everytime I go with my boys great barber's
I go to Britni, and she's dope, my son has a shunt which is very visible and she eases through cuts like it's nothing. Qwan is pretty slick wit it too
Quan is probably the best barber in Dayton personality wise and with his cuts I will always go to final touch for my cut

Quick Facts About Final Touch Barbershop

The Final Touch Barbershop receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from its customers. The comments highlight several strengths of the barbershop.
One of the key strengths is the high quality of hair treatments provided at the Final Touch Barbershop. Customers praise the barbers for their talents and skills in providing amazing haircuts. The comment also mentions that Quan, one of the barbers at Final Touch, is leading the industry with his friendly service and high-quality haircuts. This indicates that the barbershop places a strong emphasis on providing top-notch services to its customers.
Another strength of the barbershop is the clean and comfortable environment it offers. Customers appreciate the cleanliness of the shop, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. This is important as it contributes to a positive overall experience for customers.
The Final Touch Barbershop is also commended for its ability to cater to different needs. One comment specifically mentions that the barbers at the shop are great with children with autism. This is a significant strength as it demonstrates the barbershop's inclusivity and ability to provide a comfortable and understanding environment for individuals with special needs. Another comment mentions that the barber, Brittany, is skilled at quickly getting kids in and out of the shop with fresh cuts. This further highlights the barbershop's ability to efficiently serve customers, even on busy days.
The Final Touch Barbershop is also praised for its customer service and friendly atmosphere. The comment mentions positive vibes and trustworthy hair care specialists. This indicates that the barbershop prioritizes creating a welcoming and friendly environment for its customers, contributing to a positive overall experience.
In terms of weaknesses, none are clearly mentioned in the provided comments. However, it is important to note that the comments are limited in number and may not provide a comprehensive view of the barbershop's strengths and weaknesses. To gain a more thorough understanding, it would be beneficial to gather feedback from a larger and more diverse sample of customers.
In conclusion, the Final Touch Barbershop appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. These include the provision of high-quality hair treatments, a clean and comfortable environment, expertise in handling children with autism, efficient service, and a friendly atmosphere. While no weaknesses are explicitly mentioned in the comments, further feedback from a larger customer base would be required to fully assess the barbershop's strengths and weaknesses.


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