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Faribo West Mall

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200 Western Ave NW, Faribault, MN 55021 United States of America
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This place has a very hard time keeping shoes on their shelves. I don’t know if they have that many customers or if they just can’t get the shoes in. But I did end up finding a pair of boots I wanted so I’m happy. My mom, however, could not find any shoes that she wanted so it was very hard. At least there was a selection here besides just those ugly UGG boots!
I was there for dinner at Asian Buffet, it was good. Then went to walk the mall. Everything was closed except the Supermercado and taco shop. So I cannot really assess the mall.
The parking lot has many pot holes, and people seem to be confused about where the parking lot ends and the road begins. People constantly try to pull out like you're supposed to stop in the middle of the street.
Nice little mall. Has nice stores in it but mostly businesses versus shopping.
The food had a good flavor and there was a nice variety. Unfortunately they had trouble keeping it all as warm/hot as it should have been. I've had trouble finding a Chinese buffet ever since covid, so it was nice that they had the option. Too bad a fair amount of it had been sitting awhile. I'd recommend going right when they start serving lunch or dinner.
Really gone down hills over the past 5 years. Sadly there isn't any other option in faribault which is why they are still in business.
I Really enjoyed the new shop named Eclectic. Lots of talented/creative people making great items.
Sad to see stores leave this local mall. But there is a lot of re- purposing going on with the spaces

Quick Facts About Faribo West Mall

Faribo West Mall, located in Faribault, has its share of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. This analysis will explore these aspects in detail, offering a comprehensive understanding of the mall's strengths and areas for improvement.
Starting with the strengths, one comment highlights the presence of a variety of stores in the mall. While it is mentioned that there are mostly businesses rather than shopping options, having a variety of stores can still attract customers with diverse interests. This suggests that the mall caters to the needs of different individuals, potentially increasing foot traffic and sales.
Additionally, the introduction of a new shop named Eclectic is mentioned positively in one of the comments. The shop is described as having talented and creative individuals who produce great items. This indicates that the mall is successfully attracting unique and innovative businesses, adding to its overall appeal. A shop like Eclectic can draw in customers seeking one-of-a-kind products, enhancing the mall's shopping experience.
Furthermore, the presence of Asian Buffet, a restaurant located in the mall, is highlighted as a positive aspect. It is mentioned that the food had good flavor and a nice variety. Despite some issues with temperature control, the availability of a buffet in the mall is seen as a desirable option, especially considering the difficulty of finding Chinese buffets since the COVID-19 pandemic. This suggests that the mall has successfully provided a convenient and desirable dining option for customers.
However, the weaknesses of Faribo West Mall cannot be overlooked. One area of concern is the lack of shoes available in the stores. A comment indicates that it is challenging to find the desired footwear, potentially leading to frustration for customers. This may deter potential shoppers from visiting the mall, impacting its overall sales and reputation.
The mention of stores closing in the mall is also a concerning weakness. While one comment notes that there is a lot of re-purposing going on with the spaces, the departure of stores indicates a decline in business. This can create a negative image for the mall, as an increasing number of closed or vacant stores may signal a lack of profitability or attractiveness to potential tenants.
The condition of the parking lot is another area of weakness pointed out in a comment. The presence of potholes and confusion regarding delineation between the parking lot and the road can impact the overall experience of visiting the mall. Potential customers may find it unappealing or inconvenient to navigate the parking lot, leading to reduced foot traffic and sales.
Another weakness is the limited operational hours of the mall. A comment indicates that most of the mall's businesses were closed, with only the Supermercado and taco shop being open. Limited hours can hinder the convenience and accessibility of the mall to customers, potentially driving them to seek alternatives in other locations.
In summary, Faribo West Mall possesses certain strengths, such as a variety of stores, the presence of unique businesses like Eclectic, and a restaurant offering a desirable dining option. However, the weaknesses of the mall, including difficulty finding shoes, store closures, an ill-maintained parking lot, and limited operational hours, pose challenges that may affect customer satisfaction and overall business performance. These weaknesses must be addressed to improve the mall's appeal and attract more customers.

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