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Estee Nail Salon

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182 Main St, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Estee Nail Salon

Estee Nail Salon has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned by several customers is the cleanliness of the salon. Customers appreciated that the salon was well-maintained and sanitary. The staff was diligent in wiping down seats and enforcing mask-wearing, which created a safe and hygienic environment for customers.
Another strength mentioned by some customers is the availability of appointments. They noted that the salon always had availability, making it convenient for last-minute appointments. This is a positive aspect for customers who need flexibility in their scheduling.
Additionally, the pedicure service at Estee Nail Salon received positive feedback from multiple customers. They enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and mentioned specific details such as the use of hot stones, towels, and a minty scrub on their feet and legs. Customers found the pedicure experience to be enjoyable and soothing.
However, there are also several weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One common complaint among customers was the inconsistency of service quality. Some customers mentioned that the nail technicians rushed through their services, resulting in subpar outcomes. For example, one customer mentioned that their acrylic nails were not buffed properly and ended up being too thick. This lack of attention to detail and rushed service detracted from the overall experience.
Another weakness mentioned by customers is the lack of skill and communication from certain nail technicians. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with a technician named Hana, stating that she did not seem interested in conversation and rushed through the service. This lack of engagement and poor communication can lead to a less personalized and enjoyable experience for customers.
Another recurring complaint is related to the durability of the gel manicures. Multiple customers mentioned that their gel polish chipped soon after the service, raising concerns about the quality and longevity of the manicure. Inconsistency in the longevity of gel manicures suggests a lack of attention to detail and proper application techniques.
The price was also mentioned as a weakness by some customers. One customer specifically mentioned that they paid $95 for a fill-in and one basic color, which they felt was too expensive. This high price point may deter customers who are seeking more affordable options.
In conclusion, Estee Nail Salon has strengths such as a clean and sanitary environment, availability for last-minute appointments, and a relaxing pedicure experience. However, weaknesses include inconsistent service quality, lack of skill and communication from certain technicians, durability issues with gel manicures, and high prices. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve overall customer satisfaction and retention.

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Came here bc my regular girl had something going on this week and I was missing a nail. Pedicure (gel) was good. The girl who did my pedicure was friendly and honestly it was very relaxing. Hot stone and towel and they use this minty scrub on your feet and leg.
My gel fill in wasn’t that great. The gentleman who did my nails basically took off all of the gel that was there before. My nails were pretty long and I wanted them cut and one color - white. Pretty basic. He seemed very upset every time I commented on the crooked nails he gave me. The gel is laid very thick and I like mine fairly thin. Then there was a huge strip of polish and i mentioned that and again he seemed very upset. As if I did it. Once I was done of course I was not very happy, nails all different shapes, gel up on my cuticle but at this point I paid and walked out. I’m very keen on tipping but in this case I did not. As for the price …$95 for fill in and one basic color? That’s a lot. Can’t wait to go back to my regular girl. Don’t recommend going here for fill ins especially if you’re used to quality nail shape and design. Pedicure is good here. Place is clean and they always have availability so that’s a plus. Good for a last minute appointment. But other than that not my choice for religious appointments.
First time coming in. I broke a nail on Saturday night and decided to come in for a fill in and loved the fact they’re open on Sundays, but would I come back? NO! The lady Hana who did my nails rushed to get them done. The acrylic wasn’t buffed enough and turn out way too thick. Nail Color was nice however the quality and service is pretty poor. and The Spanish workers were friendly. Hana, on the other hand, didn’t seem like she was up for any conversation. I give this place 2 stars.
I and my husband were looking a good place to get our manicure and pedicure done. Our service was rushed and as seen in the picture they did not did a good job. The very next day I could actually see all my dead skin in my nail bed. I paid $15 for don’t know what. Really disappointed with their service. Never going back.
1 week and 1/2 In and my nails are still in great condition. I usually do not have good luck with nails, with in a week they are normally lifting and coming off. Hannah did a wonderful job and all staff was very nice. Pedicure was awesome as Well!
Very happy. I think her name was izabel she was very patient with my 4 different color gel mani???? and did a great job. I was in and out even though they were super busy.. I'll be going back!
I’ve been here a few times and the service just isn’t consistent. They are typically very kind when customers walk in and I like that they are very sanitary. They wipe the seats and have dividers and require masks which is great. Unfortunately, the last time I got a gel mani done, I paid an extra for a cool metallic gel color that chipped the next day. The nail tech rushed through my gel manicure and so of course the quality of the mani just wasn’t there. I was able to get it fixed the next day but a day later another nail chipped so it’s just disappointing. My previous visits were okay. I always feel like the nail techs are rushing here so it affects the quality. My previous visits the gel mani lasted longer but they left the nails too thick or when I got my pedicure they didn’t match it correctly with my gel mani color. This is a last resort spot for me but not somewhere I would recommend going as a first choice.
My go to place. Very clean. I have been going there for at least 15 years with all different owners. Hana & Kevin have definitely done a great job with the salon.
I was looking around for a place to do my wife's nails. So I came across Estee nail salon, so when we got there place was very clean everybody was super friendly we had Angela. She was amazing she took her time did an awesome job on her feet and gave her incredible massage to. The price was reasonable to. We walked in with no problem. In the parking was no problem to. The best thing I like about Angela she took her Time and did not rush. So I would recommend Angela to anyone.

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