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Elegante Beauty Center

+1 757-673-0721
3224 Academy Ave, Portsmouth, VA 23703 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM


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My daughter and I have been coming here for years. Shakira and Angela are excellent with hair care and styling. Whenever we need a wash and set, trim, or a silk press this is the place to go. They will get you in quick and take the time to make sure that your hair is beautiful and that you are completely satisfied. Yes, they use heat, but there is no way to get natural hair straight without the use of heat. My daughters hair came out beautiful. And yes this is all of her hair, no extensions. Shakira fixed her super split ends and damage from excessive bleaching and coloring. Her hair is absolutely breathtaking, and did not break the bank because of length. Consistent and skilled in their craft.
I really love the treatment I got from Angela. She’s so sweet, caring and she loves what she does. ❤️????❤️????❤️????
This is my first time dying my hair and i really love it , they took care of my so good. I highly recommend this place . i would come back in the future . ????????????????????????
with more than 26 years of experience in permanent color relaxer blower ???? ♀️ haircut I have a professional license from the Dominican Republic then I continued studying in Virginia United States
It was my first time there. I wanted my hair to be silky press. I have coarse hair, but they use too much heat. I end up losing 3 to 4 inches of hair after I wash my hair. I will go to a professional hair salon where they can fix my mess up curls. Overall, I didn't like my experience.
Angela did such a wonderful job on my hair. I could barely comb through my hair after wearing braids for months. I was afraid to get a relaxer due to the sensitivity of my scalp at the time, but the finished product had me looking like I got a relaxer. Definitely 5stars!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the service!!! Treated well and my hair looks AMAZING! I have had such bad luck while caring for my natural hair and experienced so bad so called natural stylist, but ANGRLA KNOWS BEST!!!!!!! Come NOW!!!!!!!
They did a great job and took their time creating my style. I will be back again!

Quick Facts About Elegante Beauty Center

Elegante Beauty Center, based on the comments provided, has a number of strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
Strengths: 1. Skilled and experienced stylists: Multiple comments mention the expertise of the stylists, specifically Shakira and Angela, in hair care and styling. They are commended for their ability to handle various hair treatments such as wash and set, trim, silk press, and even fixing damaged hair. This indicates that customers can trust the stylists to deliver high-quality results.
2. Quick service and customer satisfaction: The salon is praised for its efficient service, as multiple comments mention that the stylists are able to get customers in quickly. Additionally, they take the time to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their hair. This dedication to customer satisfaction is likely to result in positive word-of-mouth and returning customers.
3. Affordable pricing: One comment mentions that despite the extensive work done on their daughter's hair, the price was reasonable. This suggests that Elegante Beauty Center offers competitive prices, which can be attractive to customers who want quality service without breaking the bank.
4. Positive experiences: Several comments explicitly express satisfaction with the service and the final result. Customers describe their hair as "breathtaking," "amazing," and "looking like they got a relaxer." These positive experiences indicate that Elegante Beauty Center is capable of handling different hair types and meeting various styling needs.
Weaknesses: 1. Heat damage: One comment expresses dissatisfaction with the excessive use of heat during a silky press, resulting in hair loss. This indicates that the salon may not prioritize hair health and may not have alternative methods for straightening hair without causing damage. This may be a concern for customers with sensitive or damaged hair.
2. Inconsistent experiences: While most comments are positive, one customer mentions not liking their experience and plans to go to a different salon to fix their hair. This suggests that the quality of service may not be consistent across all stylists or appointments. Inconsistent experiences can lead to uncertainty and hesitation among potential customers.
3. Lack of specialization: Though the stylists at Elegante Beauty Center are commended for their hair care and styling skills, there is no mention of any specialization or expertise in specific types of hair or styles. This lack of specialization may limit the salon's appeal to customers seeking specialized services or treatments.
In conclusion, Elegante Beauty Center has various strengths that include skilled and experienced stylists, quick service, customer satisfaction, and affordable pricing. However, there are some weaknesses such as heat damage, inconsistent experiences, and a lack of specialization. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses can help customers make informed decisions and improve the overall service quality of the salon.

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