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Diamond Nail

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2262 US-23, McDonough, GA 30253 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Diamond Nail has been the best nail shop I’ve been visiting within Metro-Atlanta since I’ve moved back to GA. No one has the SNS different color options like Diamond Nails, and I searched real hard, even tried other shops before coming to Diamond Nails. Tina has been my favorite nail tech and she does an awesome job. I’m always amazed at how well she arch my nails. I only have to go in every 3 weeks to get my nails redone. The pedicures also are done great. I rarely get them but when i get them they do an awesome job. I highly recommend Diamond Nail and Tina as a nail tech.
I love Diamond Nails. Nikki is great and listens to my needs. I highly recommend them for your nail needs. Anna, Ann, Vivian, and Allie give great pedicures.
Been coming here on and off since I moved to Georgia 8 years ago. The owner has ALWAYS been accommodating even if I have issues. Additionally, the prices are fair and the nail techs (especially Mina, Alex, & Cindy) are very experienced and know what they’re doing. They give you exactly what you ask for and fix it if there’s a problem. Love them ❤️
My daughter and I loved our nails they were very friendly and my daughter had a great time now she is asking when we getting pedicures lol I love it here and have had many reviews from friends neighbors and coworkers to come here and they are great. Going back for my fill in today!
I sadly drive all the way from kennesaw to McDonough to see Tina for my nails. I've been to jenni as well n she is great too. The quality is unmatched and the price is as well and if you have an appointment you're in and out in the hour.
Horrible experience.once my nails were complete I realized there was a huge gap between the acrylic and my cuticle, I was told this is how they do it all the time ???? Ruined my nails and when I acknowledged it woman told me to not look too close , I made her cut them off! Never again!
I came here for the first time and I had a great experience, my nail technician Nikki was awesome did a great job. I will definitely come back here again.
I’ve been going for years! Cindy is amazing!! She always gives me exactly what I want. All the ladies are very friendly.

Quick Facts About Diamond Nail

Diamond Nail is a nail salon located in Metro-Atlanta that has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Diamond Nail, let's analyze the comments provided.
One customer states that Diamond Nail is the best nail shop they have visited in Metro-Atlanta. They appreciate the wide range of SNS different color options available, which they claim to have searched extensively for before finding Diamond Nails. This suggests a strength of Diamond Nail in terms of their product offering and variety. Additionally, this customer specifically praises Tina, one of the nail techs, for doing an excellent job with their nails and being able to maintain them for longer periods of time. This indicates that the salon may have skilled and experienced technicians, which is another potential strength.
Another customer expresses their love for Diamond Nails, specifically mentioning Nikki as their preferred nail technician. This individual highly recommends Diamond Nails for their nail needs, indicating that the salon delivers satisfactory results. The mention of other technicians, including Anna, Ann, Vivian, and Allie, who provide great pedicures, suggests that the salon may have a team of skilled professionals who can cater to various customer preferences and needs. This can be considered a strength of Diamond Nails.
A loyal customer mentions that they have been visiting Diamond Nails for eight years, emphasizing the exceptional customer service provided by the owner and the fair pricing. They also highlight the expertise of specific nail technicians, Mina, Alex, and Cindy, and praise their ability to deliver what the customer asks for and to rectify any issues that may arise. This customer's positive experience suggests that Diamond Nails excels in customer service and technician expertise, both of which can be seen as strengths.
One customer shares a positive first-time experience at Diamond Nails, highlighting their nail technician, Nikki, for doing a great job. This positive feedback signifies that Diamond Nails has the ability to satisfy new customers and leave them with a positive impression. This can be seen as a strength in attracting and retaining new clientele.
However, there are also negative comments that need to be taken into account. One customer had a horrible experience where they found a significant gap between the acrylic and their cuticles. They were dissatisfied with the response they received from the staff and ultimately had to have their nails removed. This negative experience reflects a weakness in the salon's attention to detail and the ability to rectify problems.
Overall, based on these comments, Diamond Nail's strengths include a wide range of color options, skilled technicians such as Tina, Nikki, Mina, Alex, and Cindy, great customer service, fair pricing, and the ability to satisfy new customers. However, there is a potential weakness in their attention to detail, as evident in the negative experience mentioned. It's important for Diamond Nail to address this weakness in order to maintain a positive reputation and strive for continuous improvement.

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