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Crossroads Barber Shop

+1 703-330-8885
10689 Sudley Manor Dr #103, Manassas, VA 20109 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Crossroads Barber Shop

Crossroads Barber Shop has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One strength of Crossroads Barber Shop is their friendly and professional atmosphere. Multiple customers mention that the staff is courteous, friendly, and caring towards their clients. This creates a positive and welcoming environment for customers to enjoy. The barbers are also commended for their professionalism and excellent customer service skills.
Another strength mentioned is the price of the haircuts. Despite inflation, the prices at Crossroads Barber Shop are considered fair by customers. This is seen as a positive aspect, especially when compared to major brand locations. The affordability factor makes it an attractive choice for customers on a budget.
Consistency in providing excellent haircuts is another strength mentioned by customers. Many of the reviews highlight that the barbers at Crossroads Barber Shop consistently deliver great results. This reliability in quality ensures that customers feel confident and satisfied with their haircuts. Multiple customers mention that the barbers give clean fades, which is an impressive skill.
One weakness of Crossroads Barber Shop is the lack of communication and attention to detail by some barbers. One customer mentioned that their requested haircut was not properly executed. They asked for a specific length on the sides, but the barber used a different length without informing them. This lack of communication led to an unsatisfactory haircut. Another customer mentioned that the barber did not follow their instructions and cut off more hair than requested. These instances indicate a lack of attention to detail and attentiveness by some of the barbers.
Another weakness is the inconsistency in skill level among the barbers. While some customers have had great experiences with multiple barbers, others have had negative experiences with certain barbers. One customer mentioned that they had a positive experience with an elder man who did an excellent job with their haircut. However, another customer had a negative experience with a particular male barber who did not listen to their instructions and left them unsatisfied. This inconsistency in skill and service can be a drawback for customers who prefer a consistent experience.
Lastly, one customer mentioned that the barbers at Crossroads Barber Shop primarily use razors for cutting hair, rather than shears. Some people may prefer shears for certain techniques and styles, so the limited use of shears may be viewed as a weakness for those specific customers.
In conclusion, Crossroads Barber Shop has strengths in its friendly atmosphere, fair prices, and consistency in delivering excellent haircuts. However, weaknesses lie in the lack of communication and attention to detail by some barbers, inconsistency in skill level among the barbers, and limited use of shears. Despite these weaknesses, the overall impression of the Barber Shop seems to be positive, with many customers enjoying their experience and recommending it to others.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

All I asked for was a trim up top and about a 3 on the sides making sure things are all evened out and blended with the top.
I Will say I’ve gone there many many times growing up here in manassas. And this time was my last. I told the barber that I wanted a 3 on the side. They proceeded to use a 1 and didn’t tell me. I have glasses so I was very much blind without them. They also didn’t blend the top to the bottom so it’s just a complete cutoff which is not at all what I wanted. They didn’t use shears at all used a razor for it all and now I have to live with a very very messed up haircut that I paid 20$ for. This was and is the worst haircut I have ever had and I feel like calling out of work just because of how bad they did me.
Pictures below are what I showed the person I wanted it like. Then what I got. I think you can tell I didn’t get exactly what I wanted.
I love getting my hair cut here. The staff is quiet, but courteous and friendly. I don't always strike up a conversation with the staff, but when I do, it's a good experience. They always do a great job with my hair, and I've been going here for well over a couple years. Definitely worth the price for the haircut
Knowing that it's a local business with a great atmosphere makes it worthwhile for me. They're really caring and professional with their clients, and I highly recommend coming here instead of the major brand locations. Even with inflation hurting everyone. Their prices are still fair to this today. The elder man has done the best with cutting and shaping up my sides while keeping my long hair perfectly intact.
The ladies here are very friendly and understands instructions. But the male just do not care. I had him twice and told him to take off just a tiny bit from sides and trimas I had a wedding to go and a few interviews. He smiled and chopped all my hair off as if I had almost no hair.......both times. At my age, hair does not grow fast enough and 2 months later I am still bald headed
I am not coming here nor will my grandson again.
Super friendly and professional Barber shop.
I've been going here a few months and have consistently excellent results.
I've had multiple different barbers cut my hair here and all of them did a good job.
They give the cleanest fade I have ever seen in my life.
They absolutely ruined my haircut I only asked to cut the back of my hair and I only wanted them not to cut the front and then they cut all of my hair. We only asked for the back and the side cut and they cut that and then everything else.
Spentb25 dollars here and got the bottom shaved and a cut and i wont say there the worst because the cut was fine and the bottom was lined but there's all kinds of long strands and where the shaved meets the hair is all long and lopsided. I didnt noticed until i got home but i wouldnt go if your a man or need anything more than a normal hair cut
Very nice, clean barbershop. Friendly and courteous. They also have cards that they stamp. After 10 cuts, enjoy free cut on them. Great customer appreciation.

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