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Very disappointed with the way my nails turned out. The customer service is good but work was not. I had an old nail set when I came in and instead of using a drill to take them off, they were pulled on them till they came off and damaged my natural nails + they were hurting all night long. In total I paid $45 for something I don’t even like. They were lump and crooked. I would never recommend this place and never being going back.
Had a pedicure two days later one of my toes is turning black. Not sure what's going on does not hurt but concerned. I'm not sure if I will be back, did not look clean searching for items that did not look sanitized properly.????????
Hi, I went to cover nails and spa for the first time because I had two ingrown nails. Ms. Vivian helped me a lot I recommend this place it is very clean and the quality of the service is very good, they are super attentive.
This salon has a nice set up with safety steps in place. Had a mani-pedi which very nicely done and was a pleasant experience.I will definitely be back!
So I had an important event I had to attend & I wanted to get my nails done & I ended up in this salon. I go in & it seemed very nice. Everyone was very welcoming. I got my nails done by an elder woman & this was what I wanted. She started off doing a good job then I ended up with most of my fingers cut open by her nail drill & file. A few of the nails are lumpy & way to thick.I didn’t get what I wanted. The woman who did my nails kept screaming at one of the male employees in the salon to hurry up & finish with his client so he could finish the rest of my nails. The woman ended up telling me to go pay & leave. She told me she was too scared to finish & she was too old to do what i wanted. I left with my hands hurting. Doing the most simple tasks seemed painful. Washing my hands burned like crazy!! I had to put bandages on most of my fingers so it wouldn’t hurt.I left with my hands full of the acrylic. I had to scratch it off myself.
Paid $40 plus $5 tip for this horrible full set acrylic with gel color. He never filed or drilled my nails on the top to make them smooth. They looks like potato’s. Very unhappy! And my pedicure that I paid $30 and another $5 tip to be kind lasted 15 mins with literally no lotion no massage and she never asked what kind of pedicure I wanted, just started and rushed through it. Will never come back again.
I’ve been getting my nails done here for about 2 months and the male nail tech I go to does all the nail art requests I ask for. Usually a full set is $40 and my total is $15 extra for the nail art which isn’t bad at all because many individual nail techs ask for $70+. He’s very attentive to shaping and keeping the bed natural and thin. The salon overall needs to work on cleanliness and sanitation, however, the service is well and my nails always get lots of compliments!!!
Very quick and amazing service.Great experience! I love how professional those ladies are Very nice and professional!Thanks Salon!

Quick Facts About Cover Nails

Cover Nails place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. On the positive side, the salon seems to have good customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. Many customers appreciated the cleanliness of the salon and the attentiveness of the staff. The nail technicians also received compliments for their skills in nail art and shaping. Additionally, the prices for services were mentioned as being reasonable, especially for the nail art requests.
However, there are several areas where Cover Nails place falls short. One recurring complaint is the lack of attention to detail and poor quality of the nail work. Customers mentioned nails being lumpy, crooked, and too thick. This reflects a lack of skill and precision from the nail technicians. There were also instances of nails being damaged during the removal process, causing pain and discomfort to the customers. This suggests a lack of proper technique and care.
Sanitation and cleanliness were also concerns raised by some customers. They mentioned searching for items that did not appear to be properly sanitized, which raises questions about the salon's hygiene practices. This can be a major turn-off for customers, as cleanliness is an important factor in a spa or salon experience.
Another significant issue mentioned is the inconsistency in service quality. While some customers had a positive experience, others had very negative ones. One customer described being rushed through a pedicure with no lotion, massage, or customization options, which indicates a lack of attention and care for individual preferences. Another customer had a painful experience with the nail drill and file, which led to open cuts and discomfort.
Overall, it is clear from the comments that Cover Nails place has both strengths and weaknesses. The strengths include good customer service, a welcoming atmosphere, and reasonable prices. However, there are several areas of concern, such as poor nail quality, lack of attention to detail, inconsistent service, and issues with cleanliness and sanitation. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve the overall experience for customers and generate more positive reviews.

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