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Couture Beauty Bar

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102 W 25th St 1st floor, Baltimore, MD 21218 United States of America
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Scammer!! I was scammed out of my money! My appointment was canceled multiple times due to for on scheduling conflicts on her end. She was very rude and acting like it is not a big deal. After telling people about my horror story with Couture Beauty Bar/ Couture hair other people have had bad experiences with her too. I paid for the service in full.
Paid $250 deposit for my hair that I never received and she blocked me after several attempts to get my hair or my money back. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS WOMAN!!!!!!
For Black Friday I ordered a "bob wig". I thought it was a good price ($100) and I was going to make my first wig. Almost 2 weeks passed and I finally received my email that my package was shipped. For two days he kept me informed where my package was going and stopped at the Baltimore post office from there I did not know more about my order, I wrote to the owner everywhere, I sent her a screenshot of the information and she saw my messages and it ignored. I felt robbed I just wanted my money back. I do not recommend this place.
OMG , where do I start .... this lady is a true scammer , she scammed me out of $500 she will see you calling and messaging her and she won't reply she get mad when you air her out for scamming please don't buy from her or get hair from this lady she is a true scammer and I hope her shop gets close soon cause everyone knows she is a scammer In the city ! Do not support
I was so excited to order from couture beauty bar because although the customer service may not be the best the hair is nice. After having a terrible experience with this company about 2 years ago in regards to the lack of customer service and having to argue with the owner about receiving my order I thought about giving couture a second chance since the quality of the hair was decent. However, upon checking out I was referred to send my payment via CASH APP! I am appalled that this is the way she is still doing business. She is probably doing this because customers are known to complain about her not shipping orders out in a timely manner or at all. I think it is important to note that it is almost impossible to receive a refund via cashapp. I am so disappointed after waiting 2 years to try to give couture another chance. I refuse to pay via cash app because I was probably going to get scammed again! Please be careful when shopping with this company. It really is a hit or miss .
I can’t rave enough about couture beauty bar! I traveled from Pennsylvania for my appointment and it was well worth the trip. She was so sweet and professional. I got the Brazilian extra wavy hair. It had been years since I’ve worn a weave but I wanted to switch it up. I was very impressed with the quality and how it’s held up over the last year of use. I always get compliments and most people don’t even realize it’s not mine. I refuse to purchase hair from anyone else now that I found couture. Quality over quantity!
I had an engagement shoot scheduled and my makeup artist canceled last minute due to personal reasons! I ran into Couture and asked her if she had anyone who can do my makeup last minute... she called Nay and Nay just blew me away!! She was there within minutes and in the meantime Couture helped me with my baby hair lol the photos came out amaaaazing - this place was a blessing in disguise!! 100% recommend and will be back for sure!
Love the quality of this hair for the most part. Their customer service is another thing. The very first time I got a blonde wig and had her dye it. We discussed colors and whatnot through the phone so I assumed that’s how she did business when it came to dye jobs. Booked an appointment at 10am, I understand it was Friday but I didn’t leave the beauty bar until 4pm.
Second time I was a walk in and paying an apprentice $50 extra to do my hair and she didn’t do it right even though couture told her not to glue the back of my neck she did anyways and had to pick glue from my neck for two days.
Third time I went wasn’t bad as I recall I just got weave maintenance but I also bought a wig from them on Black Friday the event was really cool and I even bought another wig on cyber Monday. After she installed the wig I was going to do a review I always planned to Bc I still have all the wigs.
Now I should’ve made the appointment AFTER I got the hair but that has nothing to do with the fact that I messaged her for a straight week and didn’t get a response even though she was posting online. I was confused because that’s how we communicated things last time then she had the nerve to message me in all caps AFTER I tag her in a post about the honest review. I read your shipping policy, still when I message you a question or something after purchasing your hair and requesting your services you should at least answer. I don’t follow you so I don’t see every single post and story. I Ubered from the county and waited in the freezing cold Black Friday morning to purchase your hair and now I don’t think I can ever return to couture beauty bar

Quick Facts About Couture Beauty Bar

Strengths: 1. Quality hair: One customer praises the quality of the hair from Couture Beauty Bar, stating that it has held up well even after a year of use and receives compliments. 2. Professionalism: A customer who traveled from Pennsylvania for an appointment compliments the owner for being sweet and professional during their visit. 3. Last-minute assistance: Another customer shares a positive experience with Couture Beauty Bar, where they were able to find a makeup artist last minute for an engagement shoot and were satisfied with the results. 4. Positive event experience: A customer mentions participating in a Black Friday event at Couture Beauty Bar and purchasing multiple wigs, indicating that the shop offers attractive deals and events.
Weaknesses: 1. Scamming allegations: Several customers accuse Couture Beauty Bar of scamming them out of their money. They claim they either did not receive the service or product they paid for and were blocked or ignored when attempting to contact the owner. 2. Poor customer service: One customer complains about the lack of customer service, having to argue with the owner about receiving their order, and waiting for a long time at the beauty bar for a dye job. 3. Cash App payment: Another customer expresses disappointment with the business's request to pay via Cash App, suggesting that it may be a way for the owner to avoid shipping orders in a timely manner or providing refunds. 4. Lack of responsiveness: A customer mentions attempting to contact Couture Beauty Bar with questions but received no response from the owner, even though they were active on social media. This lack of communication caused frustration and made the customer question their ability to return to the beauty bar in the future.
In summary, Couture Beauty Bar receives mixed feedback from customers. On one hand, it is praised for its quality hair, professionalism, and ability to provide last-minute assistance. However, the business is criticized for alleged scamming incidents, poor customer service, the use of Cash App for payments, and a lack of responsiveness to customer inquiries. These weaknesses may significantly impact the overall customer experience and reputation of Couture Beauty Bar.


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