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Cornish Connection Pasty

26, Kingfisher Walk, Redditch B97 4EY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Cornish Connection Pasty

1. Great value: Many customers praised the Cornish Connection Pasty place for its affordable prices. The medium pasty meal, which includes beans, chips, and a tea or coffee, was deemed a "real bargain" at only £6.50.
2. Varied and tasty pasties: Customers enjoyed the selection and taste of the Cornish pasties offered at the café. This suggests that the café has managed to maintain the quality and diversity of its pasty options.
3. Lovely café with a nice atmosphere: Numerous comments mentioned the pleasant atmosphere at the café. Customers appreciated the ambiance and the overall experience of dining there.
4. Friendly staff: The friendliness of the staff was highlighted as a positive aspect of the café. This creates a welcoming environment and enhances the dining experience.
5. Good clean surroundings: Customers commented positively on the cleanliness of the café. This demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a hygienic and comfortable space for customers.
6. Only genuinely independent cafe in the shopping centre: The fact that the Cornish Connection Pasty place is an independent café sets it apart from other options in the shopping centre. This uniqueness can be seen as a strength, especially for customers who prefer supporting local businesses.
7. Large portions: One customer specifically mentioned the generous portion sizes at the café. This can be a significant advantage for those who are looking for value for their money.
8. Loads of choice: Another customer appreciated the wide variety of options available at the café. This suggests that the café caters to diverse tastes and preferences.
9. Good quality food: Multiple comments highlighted the quality of the food served at the Cornish Connection Pasty place. This indicates that the café prioritizes using fresh ingredients and delivering delicious meals.
10. Quick service: Customers mentioned short wait times at the café. This efficiency is a positive aspect for those who may have limited time during their visit.
1. Not "proper Cornish": One comment expressed disappointment that the café did not live up to its name in terms of providing authentic Cornish food. This suggests a lack of alignment between the name and the food offered, possibly impacting customer expectations.
2. Basic food for the price: One customer felt that the food offered was "a bit basic" considering the price. This suggests that some customers may find the value proposition lacking compared to their expectations.
3. Limited visibility of pasties: A customer complained about not being able to see a pasty to judge. This indicates a potential issue with the display or presentation of the pasties, which may affect customer decision-making.
4. Inconsistent quality: A customer mentioned a particular instance where the food received did not meet expectations. The small portion size, lack of salad, and confusion over the type of milk used in the tea are all evidence of inconsistencies in quality and service.
Overall, the Cornish Connection Pasty place appears to have several strengths, including great value, a variety of tasty pasties, a lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, and clean surroundings. However, there are also some weaknesses highlighted, such as a potential misalignment between the name and the food offered, basic food for the price, limited visibility of pasties, and inconsistencies in quality. These weaknesses can provide areas for improvement in order to enhance the overall customer experience. Nonetheless, the positive aspects mentioned by many customers indicate that the café has a strong foundation to build upon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

What a lovely cafe within the Redditch shopping centre, we discovered it when we visited the cinema a while back. Great value, friendly staff and a nice atmosphere for a cafe. The Cornish pasties are varied and tasty, a medium pasty meal with, beans, chips and and a tea or coffee is only 6.50. A real bargain. Next time we visit, I will take better photographs. Lots of great sauces too.
Had a sausage and bacon sandwich
I dunno man to be honest it's not proper cornish like I was hoping for the name has no reference to the food available
Couldn't see a pasty to judge
Other than that food was not too bad just a bit basic for the price
The only genuinely independent cafe in the shopping centre? I'll choose this place over the souless options elsewhere in the centre. Great to see they've moved to larger premises, suggests some level of success which is hard to achieve after 12 years of Tories.
Friendly staff.
Good clean surroundings.
Nice atmosphere.
Would definitely go there again.
Highly recommended. Had a brilliant lunch with my daughter, great food large portions and reasonably priced, always a bonus these days. And loads of choice.
Food not good we had chicken panni chips and salad got a few chips no salad tiny pieces of chicken and hot lettuce think this must have the salad. Had 2 teas one with soya milk when the girl brought them she didn't no which one was soya.
Good quality food, quick friendly and professional service. Nice clean environment
Very tasty food, short wait times, amazing atmosphere and kind workers - best restaurant in Redditch.

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  • Great tea selection
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  • Good for kids
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