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Cherokee Shopping Center

1950 S Garnett Rd, Tulsa, OK 74128 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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One of East Tulsa's busiest shopping complexes. It brings the East side tag agency a thrift store dine in and carry out restaurants.
I went in to get my driver's license renewed..I asked for the 8 year license and how much it costs..she asked my age (68) then told me in Oklahoma if you are 65 or older there is no charge..She made my day
Helpful friendly staff, although they will almost never do walk ins even with an empty building. Always have to schedule something which is a blessing and a curse I suppose
Horrible area I seen people changing their clothes in the parking lot not a safe place to go I'd stay away from that area especially women that are alone I'll never go back to that place I was scared to be there I was at the tag office that's another nightmare I drove to Pryor after that to their tag office and it was worth the drive
This area of town is kinda sketchy beware of drunks and pot smokers hanging around there they don't bother nobody but one has to be mindful
Make an appointment! heads up if you do not have the time or Patience call ahead for availability. Wonderful staff with ppl that are fluent with Spanish and that A.C. is running like a champ! Grab a light sweater if you plan on just walking in.
Have used the barber shop for years. Always get a good haircut. Barbers are friendly and know what they are doing
Went to Eastside to get my ID renewed. I didn't have an appointment and they were an hour away from closing. However, I was still able to get my Oklahoma ID(not the Real ID) within 30 minutes. It was so quick and the very nice woman that takes your picture wanted to help me get a good photo so she retook my picture about 4 times. The last time I went here was Jan. 2020 and they were just as helpful, accommodating, thorough, quick and polite to me then. I would absolutely recommend this tag agency to others.

Quick Facts About Cherokee Shopping Center

Cherokee Shopping Center is a shopping complex located in East Tulsa. It is described as one of the busiest shopping complexes in the area and offers a thrift store, dine-in and carry-out restaurants, and an East side tag agency.
One of the strengths of Cherokee Shopping Center is its convenient location and variety of businesses. The fact that it is one of the busiest complexes in the area suggests that it attracts a large number of customers. This can be beneficial for the businesses operating within the shopping center, as they have access to a potentially large customer base. Additionally, having a thrift store and dine-in and carry-out restaurants provides customers with a range of options for shopping and dining.
The staff at the East side tag agency within Cherokee Shopping Center is praised for being helpful and friendly. One customer mentioned that they went in to get their driver's license renewed and the staff informed them that there was no charge for individuals aged 65 or older. This gesture made the customer's day and highlights an example of good customer service.
The barber shop in Cherokee Shopping Center is also mentioned as a positive aspect. Customers have used the barber shop for years and always receive a good haircut. The barbers are described as friendly and skilled, creating a positive experience for customers.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses associated with Cherokee Shopping Center. One customer mentioned that the staff at the East side tag agency rarely accommodate walk-ins, requiring customers to schedule appointments. While scheduling appointments may be a blessing for those who prefer to plan ahead, it can be inconvenient for those who need immediate assistance. This might deter potential customers who are looking for a more flexible service.
Another comment highlights concerns about the area surrounding Cherokee Shopping Center. The individual describes it as a horrible area, expressing feeling unsafe and scared. They observed people changing their clothes in the parking lot and mentioned that women, especially those who are alone, should stay away. This perception of the area's safety can be a significant weakness as it may discourage potential customers from visiting the shopping center.
Furthermore, another comment mentions the presence of drunks and pot smokers in the area, advising others to be mindful. While the comment states that they generally do not bother anyone, the presence of individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs can contribute to an uncomfortable atmosphere, impacting the overall shopping experience.
Additionally, one customer points out the need to make appointments at the tag agency, highlighting the importance of calling ahead for availability. This may suggest that there is a high demand for the services provided by the tag agency, which could lead to longer waiting times for customers who do not schedule appointments in advance.
In summary, Cherokee Shopping Center has strengths such as its convenient location, variety of businesses, helpful staff at the tag agency, and a reliable barber shop. However, there are weaknesses to consider, including the limited availability for walk-ins at the tag agency, concerns about the area's safety, and the presence of individuals under the influence. These factors may impact the overall customer experience and influence their decision to visit the shopping center.

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