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Cedar Beauty Supply

+1 610-532-2500
1020 Cedar Ave, Darby, PA 19023 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This beauty supply store and Hair world got together and told their vendor if he sold anything to Paradise hair beauty supply which is a black owned beauty supply store they would stop purchasing from the vendor. So you want to put your business in are communities take are money and push are own business out of are own community. Take your racism to your own communities and they them keep your business afloat.
Really wish the owner(s) wouldn't try to shut out the black owned hair store in the neighborhood from getting products from vendors. Its really sad and not right. There's more than enough business for everyone to be happy and make $$. He's trying to feed his family too.
Don't spend a dime here. Cedar Beauty and a few other stores, banned together and convinced the beauty supply vendors not to do business with Paradise Hair (a black owner beauty supply business). This is what structural racism looks like in 2023. Why threaten the vendor just because you have healthy competition. Smh
Cedar Beauty Supply is trying to shut down black owned beauty supply store Paradise Hair, located at 300 MacDade in Collingdale. They have contacted vendors and stopped them from supplying to Paradise Hair. Some of the vendors that are supplying them are charging much higher prices to the black owned store. It's one thing to compete, it's another to try and destroy. Please support black owned businesses.
I went to this place with my daughter to get some contact lenses for her. The store was nice and staff were friendly and helpful. Prices were reasonable, at least my daughter didn’t complain about that, though I had to pay for the stuff that she wanted! Plenty of items, but I would be more happy if it was more spacious. However, I recommend this place as my daughter agreed with me. She is an expert on this matter ????????
I love that beauty supply. They have more stuff than any other beauty supply I’ve been in. Plus the staff are very nice and always willing to help????
This is nice beauty store in yeadon. They care a lot of products different ones. It's clean, well manner and organized. Easy to find your way through the iles. They have a parking lot.
Somebody on here lied. This is not a black owned store. I decided never to support another Asian owned beauty supply because of my bad experiences with these ppl. I went into this store today and asked the cashier and ahe said "no, an Asian owns this store" that's when I said thank you and left.

Quick Facts About Cedar Beauty Supply

Strengths: 1. Wide variety of products: Cedar Beauty Supply offers a wide range of beauty products, making it a one-stop shop for customers in need of various beauty needs. The availability of different products gives them a competitive edge over other beauty supply stores in the area.
2. Friendly and helpful staff: Multiple comments mention the friendly and helpful staff at Cedar Beauty Supply. This positive customer service experience can contribute to customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
3. Reasonable prices: One customer mentioned that the prices at Cedar Beauty Supply were reasonable. This can attract price-conscious customers and make the store a preferred choice for budget shoppers.
4. Clean and organized store: The store is described as clean, well-maintained, and easy to navigate. A clean and organized store creates a pleasant shopping experience for customers and helps them find products easily.
5. Convenient parking: Cedar Beauty Supply has a parking lot, which can be a convenience for customers who prefer to shop in physical stores rather than online. The availability of parking can also attract customers and increase foot traffic to the store.
Weaknesses: 1. Allegations of discriminatory practices: There are comments accusing Cedar Beauty Supply of discriminatory practices and attempts to shut down a black-owned beauty supply store in the neighborhood. These allegations, if true, reflect negatively on the reputation of Cedar Beauty Supply and can damage its relationship with the community.
2. Potential loss of customers: The accusations of discrimination and attempts to shut down competition may result in customers boycotting Cedar Beauty Supply. If customers perceive the store as engaging in unfair business practices, they may choose to take their business elsewhere, impacting the store's revenue.
3. Limited space: One customer mentioned that the store could benefit from being more spacious. Limited space can lead to a cramped shopping experience and make it difficult for customers to browse and navigate the store comfortably.
4. Negative associations: The allegations of discriminatory practices and attempts to shut down a black-owned business create negative associations with Cedar Beauty Supply. This negative reputation can deter potential customers from choosing this store and instead opt for competitors they perceive as more ethical.
5. Uncertainty regarding ownership: One comment raises confusion about the ownership of Cedar Beauty Supply, with contradictory statements about whether it is a black-owned or Asian-owned store. This uncertainty may cause distrust among customers and community members, further damaging the store's reputation.
Overall, Cedar Beauty Supply has strengths such as a wide variety of products, friendly staff, reasonable prices, a clean store, and convenient parking. However, the accusations of discriminatory practices, limited space, negative associations, and uncertainty about ownership pose potential weaknesses that can impact the store's reputation and customer base.

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