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C Nails & Spa

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457 Dalton Avenue Plaza #L5, Pittsfield, MA 01201 United States of America
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Gotten my nails done here about 3 times, each time with a different technician. Each time I have gotten quality acrylic sets that lasted me 3+ weeks and were shaped beautifully. I appreciate the attention to detail and taking their time with your nails- even if they are busy they will not rush your service!

I was in town for a wedding and my acrylics broke, but they got me in last minute on a Saturday and fixed me up!

Good place to get nails done BUT if you want any designs beware because they have told me they do not do designs, just the basic gems like in the pictures. I asked for a heart or flower design and they could not do it so I ended up with the same nails I had for two weeks already :( Very disappointing

3 stars because they have done my nails well except for the design aspect.

cathy did an amazing job on my nails! she made sure everything was perfect and i was completely satisfied. the price was very fair and i could not be happier with the quality.

Joseph and Cathy are hard workers, keeping customers satisfied and doing great work. I have had acrylics, pedicures, my own nails cleaned up, No complaints, friendly family business doing a a fantastic job!

I am venting my frustration with C-Nails so it's a long review. The one star is based solely on they way C-Nails runs their business and handles their appointments. Cathy is very sweet and does a fantastic job. I also have friends who have their nails done by the other employees and they are very satisfied with the results. BUT...the customer service (or lack thereof) leaves a lot to be desired. Their appointment system is a joke. It pretty much goes like this: they answer the phone, you ask for an appointment on a specific date/time, they tell you its available, ask you for your name, and then tell you you're all set. Many times they don't write anything in the appointment book. Then you go to your appointment and there are seven other people there for the same date and time you booked your appointment for three weeks ago! This just happened to me on Thursday 3/3/22 then again on Saturday 3/5/22 (twice in one week), making it the fifth time over the past two years. When you make an appointment, you are taking time from your busy schedule to be there, often times rushing to make sure you are on time in order to be respectful of the nail technician's time as well. When a business continually overbooks customers often to the point you are kept waiting for your scheduled appointment for 30-45 minutes, they have no regard for your time. They are basically telling us our time is not valuable. The way they run this business is like playing a game of "Whose on First!" With that said, they are always busy because we keep coming back. The only reason I can think of is because they are really good at what the do (it's the only reason I keep coming back). Fortunately, they're not the only game in town, but unfortunately, the rest of the nail salons in the city operate pretty much the same. If they wanted to look more professional, be taken more seriously, and run a smoother business, they would hire someone to properly manage the front desk and take charge of their appointment system. I know so many people who are regular customers at C-Nails and we all feel the same way. I, like many others, will continue to play the appointment game with C-Nails because I get good results. I have been in the service industry for many years and always tip very well. However, going forward, my dissatisfaction with the way C-Nails handles their appointments came to a head last week. I am tired of the blatant manner in which they show no respect for their customers and no regard for their time, and this will reflect in the tip from now on.

I have been struggling to find a nail place that does good full sets. Thank you Kathy for being so good to me! I cant wait to come back!

I was a customer for a year and a half but I am cutting ties. Every, single, time I go in for an appointment I have to wait atleast 45 minutes for them to take me. They are always overbooked and schedule appointments too close together. The tools they use are never cleaned and I’m honestly shocked I’ve never got an infection. I’ve witnessed multiple employees fighting with customers too.


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