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Boat & Horses

+44 1782 911528
2 Stubbs' Gate, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 1LU United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Boat & Horses

Boat & Horses place, based on the comments provided, seems to have a mixed reception when it comes to customer service. While some customers praise the friendly nature of the staff and the welcoming atmosphere of the pub, others have reported instances of extremely rude behavior from a particular barman. This indicates a potential weakness in the consistency of customer service at the establishment.
One commenter mentioned being ignored and then rudely addressed by the barman, which resulted in them leaving the premises. This not only reflects poorly on the individual barman but also on the establishment as a whole for allowing such behavior to occur. The fact that the same barman has been reported as rude before suggests that this may be an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed by the management.
In contrast to these negative experiences with customer service, many other patrons have had positive encounters with the staff. They comment on the friendly nature of the employees and how they create a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. Additionally, the mention of roaring fires and a pleasant community feel highlights the strengths of the pub in terms of atmosphere and ambiance.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the quality and variety of the drinks available. Many commenters specifically mention great beer and a range of cask ales, suggesting that the establishment has a strong selection of beverages. This is likely to attract customers who are looking for a good pint and a decent pub experience.
The location of Boat & Horses, just a 5-minute walk from the bus station, is also mentioned as a positive aspect. This accessibility could make it a convenient choice for locals and visitors alike, potentially attracting more customers to the pub.
One comment describes Boat & Horses as a "real blast from the past," indicating a sense of nostalgia and tradition associated with the pub. This sentiment adds to the pub's appeal, especially for customers who have a personal history with the establishment. It suggests that the pub has managed to maintain its charm and character over the years.
However, one criticism is that the outside seating area could do with some improvement for the summer months. This highlights a potential weakness in the pub's amenities and attention to detail. Investing in sprucing up the outdoor seating area could enhance the overall experience for customers and make it a more appealing option during warmer weather.
In conclusion, Boat & Horses place has strengths in terms of a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, a good range of drinks (particularly beer and cask ales), and a convenient location. However, there are weaknesses in the form of inconsistent customer service, primarily due to a particular barman's rude behavior. Additionally, the outdoor seating area could be improved to maximize its appeal during the summer months. By addressing these weaknesses, the pub has the potential to solidify its reputation as a great place to visit.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

What a great friendly pub with lots of choices, well worth a visit.
We go in here on some Fridays. Went in today. Totally ignored by the very rude barman who served others who came in after us.
Waited at least 5 minutes. My husband then spoke up . He asked rudely what he wanted. We said nothing now and we went.
EXTREMELY RUDE. Think you should know as you will lose customers. He told us we wouldn't be missed.
Horrendous customer service. We have found this particular barman rude before.
Called in for a quick pint, weekday lunch, place was buzzing. Welcoming staff, roaring fire no rip-off prices, great beer, I'll be back with friends.
Great confortable pub with a community feel, offering a good range of cask ales plus much more. 5 minutes walk from the bus station.
Decent proper pub just outside of town. Friendly staff, great pint of Staropramen.
Best pub in town lovely friendly people brillant staff nice and warm comfy place
Brilliant cosy welcoming pub. Nice in the winter. The outside seating area could do with a spruce for summer.
A real blast from the past .43 years since I first went into this pub as a long haired teenager and now I'm back in with no hair at all and it's just as I remember.

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