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Big Mike's Barber Shop

+1 909-231-1144
11897 Foothill Blvd C, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Big Mike's Barber Shop

Big Mike's Barber Shop has received a mix of positive and negative comments that highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the establishment.
Starting with the strengths, one of the most common positive comments is the quality of haircuts received at Big Mike's Barber Shop. Customers have praised the skills of specific barbers like Andy and Gio, mentioning that they provide excellent cuts. The positive feedback regarding the quality of haircuts suggests that the barbers at Big Mike's Barber Shop have the experience and expertise needed to consistently deliver satisfactory results. This is a significant strength as it indicates that customers can trust the barbers to provide them with desired hairstyles.
Furthermore, the professionalism exhibited by the barbers at Big Mike's Barber Shop is also mentioned in the comments. Customers note that the barbers are professional, quick, and dedicated to their work. This professionalism contributes to a positive customer experience and creates a sense of trust between the barbers and the clients. It is an important strength as it helps establish a good reputation for the establishment and encourages customer loyalty.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the variety of services offered at Big Mike's Barber Shop. Customers mention the barbers' ability to work with different hair types, lengths, and styles. From trimming to fades, long hair to curly hair, and line ups to designs, the barbers at Big Mike's Barber Shop showcase their versatility. This variety in services allows the barbershop to cater to a diverse range of clientele, attracting customers with different hair preferences.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one of the most prominent complaints is the lack of customer service and organization. One customer mentions having a frustrating experience as a woman trying to get a haircut. They felt that the process was unfair, as they were not given priority despite being on the waiting list before a male customer who did not have an appointment and had not registered. This inconsistency in the treatment of customers, especially based on gender, is a sign of poor customer service and lack of organization within the barbershop. These weaknesses can lead to customer dissatisfaction and may impact the overall reputation of Big Mike's Barber Shop.
Another weakness brought up in the comments is the issue of price inconsistency. One customer expressed disappointment when they were charged $35 for a haircut that they believed did not meet their expectations. They also mentioned that the price had increased from their previous visit when it was $20. This inconsistency in pricing raises concerns about transparency and consistency within Big Mike's Barber Shop. It is essential for businesses to clearly communicate their pricing policies to avoid customer dissatisfaction and conflicts.
Lastly, a comment regarding staff turnover indicates a potential weakness in the management of Big Mike's Barber Shop. The comment mentions that half of the staff has walked out, implying internal issues and a potential lack of leadership. High staff turnover can negatively impact the quality of service and customer experience. It is crucial for a business to have a stable and motivated team to maintain consistent service quality and customer satisfaction.
In summary, Big Mike's Barber Shop demonstrates strengths in terms of the quality of haircuts provided, professionalism exhibited by the barbers, and the variety of services offered. However, weaknesses such as poor customer service, pricing inconsistencies, and staff turnover need to be addressed in order to improve the overall experience and reputation of the establishment. By addressing these weaknesses, Big Mike's Barber Shop can strengthen its position in the market and attract and retain more satisfied customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Just got a haircut from Andy. One of the best haircuts I’ve had. He was professional and quick. If you’re in the area come down and ask for Andy, you won’t be disappointed.
See Gio if you need a fade! The man definitely knows how to cut hair. Oh and bring cash. They take Zelle or cash, but it seems like they prefer cash.
I visit and walk around the shopping center, I saw the Barber Shop and took a challenge here being a women, I register myself in the waiting list and wait my turn since a young men was already waiting. Staff polite and nice told that my cut should be just straight, meanwhile I focused in the job of each Barber with the male clients; Then, other man came without appointment after me and he did not register himself and there was availability for next customer and suddenly the guy after me was receiving his haircut. Fairly, complaint about it: WHY THE DIFFERENCE?
Next Barber invite next walking male person. Seriously, hearing the complaint, better this last gentleman got up and gave the place for me. The struggle is with personnel, for some reason there is a Walking List and a Barber in charge of the Business where priority is for customers with appointment (and the owner who greeted and came straight to get his haircut before me). As certified professionals they develop variety in their job: trimming, fades, long hair, curly hair, line ups, taper and Designs.
Why do not challenge oneself and take initiative
like with all regular customers. Why does supervisor have to ask staff if wants to give a haircut to a female client. CUSTOMER REGARDLESS OF GENDER.
Mainly, I chose Gonzalo because of how he worked with his former young client's hair, which was longer than the other regular males; Also because he was the first barber that supervisor asked if he would give me a haircut and he agreed to do it (even though I wanted it faded and with a design). Most important, showing professionalism with this rebellious and tussle old woman no matter he was there working almost 8 continuous hours.
Been coming here since they opened and never had a bad cut.
For $35 a haircut for my son, I was expecting somewhat of a decent work. The cut was poor, the service terrible and the place very unprofessional. Needless to say that I won’t be coming back here….
Absolutely terrible the dude took a huge chunk of my hair out the front of my head and charged me 35$ when the last time I went it was 20$! Don’t come if you want to keep your hair in tact, and get a professional haircut. Have conference this week and I’m going to have to go to another shop for a bald fade.
Great haircuts seems like everyone working there has experience cutting hair
Disappointing haircut, poor customer service and overcharged for subpar skill. Won't be coming here ever again. Not a surprise half his staff has walked out on him.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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