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Bonaventure Resort & Spa

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250 Racquet Club Rd, Weston, FL 33326 United States of America
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We were supposed to stay here last February for 5 days. Showed up the room was moldy and disgusting, the bed springs were coming out of bed, tons of things broken, smelled reallly bad, we asked if we could get another room they said we are sorry we have a soccer tournament group coming we don’t have any available rooms. We left. I am still waiting for my compensation and money back from this. If I could give this experience a zero I would!
This place was heaven when I was little. As an adult I saw a significant decline after the fiasco of the 2017 hurricane. It broke my heart to see less families and more deviant people. The facility began declining rapidly. Family areas should remain wholesome
Extremely average resort. The rooms are old, dusty, and lots of little bugs. Housekeeping doesn't clean daily and when they do, it is very basic cleaning and they also are stingy with the towels. Pool is not heated. Continental breakfast is also super basic with only a few baked goods, bread, and boxes of cereal. Food to order is also okay at best. Buildings are spread out and far from the lobby. Also elevators were out of service. Not completely awful but wouldn't go back.
There is a lot of good stuff to say about this resort, and some not so goods. First, it's in a great location, the grounds are beautiful, and our room was terrific. The food was good and the drinks were well made. I know a few members of our group had trouble with their rooms, but we did not. On the negative side, the hot tub was cold and the outside bar/restaurant closes really early. The biggest issue however was that when we arrived at 6pm, the room was not ready. It was finally ready after 7. Like I said, it was a nice room, but we didn't get to spend much time in it. Overall, I think this place could probably use more staff, but we would come back.
My family had a wonder time at the Bonaventure resort this past weekend! There were 4 families altogether and we cant get enough of talking about how nice it was. From the breakfast, to the pool and everything else at the resort provided was a great experience! Every staff members we encountered we delightful and eager to help. I would like to especially thank Sheena the manager! She went above and beyond to accommodate us to make our stay comfortable and believe me some of my family members are very picky on where they stay at :) I only wish all other resort have that type of a manager running the place. Also I want to thank Fran and Anel as well. You gentlemen’s were so accommodating. This is one of best hotel we have ever been privileged enough to stay at. Thank you Sheena and your team for make this get away weekend a trip to remember!! We will be back!!
This location is totally not worth the time. It's located in a somewhat secluded area and does not offer much being a resort in it's location. One of the elevators were not in service. The rooms have fleas. The appliances and furniture looks as it was brought from a closing Days INN. Doesn't seem there is enough staff on the location. The TV still has a booty????. The scenery is great for the eye with proper maintenance. It also has potential for fun may be if the owner hired a coordinator. This place reminds me of Westgate Resort in Orlando but just for the 75 and over club. I mean if you're going to let the place go down take the prices down with it, don't charge the guests high prices for a Lilly on the lake.
This place is a total scam! Bugs and awful service. We stayed here for a soccer tournament and rented out a block of rooms and they couldn’t have treated us worse. The management was god awful! Our children were covered in bites from bugs in the room! We were informed that they DO NOT CLEAN THE ROOMS UNLESS YOU REQUEST IT!! In the midst of a global pandemic why are you not cleaning the rooms?!! I have never heard of such a nasty thing. You cannot be serious! These rooms are way over priced for the service and hospitality! There were cobwebs and spiders everywhere! The pictures on the website are fake and a total scam! Do not say here! This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had at any hotel in my life! A cheap motel would have been better and more clean than the experience that we had! I cannot believe how awful and rude the management was here! I wish I could give less than a zero star rating! They made so much money off of our entire soccer team staying here and continued to try and nickel and dime us off of everything and have security kick our children out! I am so displeased and so unsatisfied!!! I cannot ever explain how angry I am! UNLESS YOU WANT COVID AND BUG BITES DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!

Quick Facts About Bonaventure Resort & Spa

Bonaventure Resort & Spa, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned that the hotel has a pool. This is seen as a positive aspect of the resort, as it offers a recreational area for guests to enjoy during their stay. The beautiful grounds of the resort were also praised, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the property. Additionally, one guest mentioned that their room was terrific and that the food and drinks were enjoyable.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the helpfulness and friendliness of some staff members. Sheena, the manager, was specifically mentioned for going above and beyond to accommodate guests and ensure their comfort. This positive interaction with staff contributes to a pleasant experience for guests.
However, there are several weaknesses mentioned by guests that need to be addressed. One of the most significant issues raised is the poor condition of the rooms. Guests reported mold, broken furniture, unpleasant smells, bugs, and inadequate cleanliness. These factors contributed to an overall unsatisfactory stay for some guests and a need for better maintenance and hygiene standards.
Another weakness mentioned is the decline in the resort's quality after a hurricane. The comment suggests that there has been a significant change in the atmosphere and clientele, including a decrease in families and the presence of "deviant people." This highlights a decline in the family-friendly environment and may deter some potential guests.
There are a few other weaknesses mentioned that should be considered. One guest mentioned the lack of daily cleaning by housekeeping and the limited supply of towels. This suggests a potential issue with cleanliness and service. The pool not being heated was also mentioned, which may be disappointing for those expecting a comfortable swimming experience. Additionally, the limited options and basic quality of the continental breakfast and food to order may not meet some guests' expectations.
One of the most concerning weaknesses identified is the negative experience with management. Guests reported poor customer service, uncleaned rooms during a pandemic, and attempts to charge additional fees. The lack of cleanliness, the presence of bugs, and the unprofessional behavior of staff members contributed to a deeply unsatisfactory experience for these guests.
In conclusion, while the Bonaventure Resort & Spa has some strengths, such as its pool, beautiful grounds, and positive staff interactions, there are several weaknesses that stand out. These include issues with room cleanliness, maintenance, and customer service. Addressing these weaknesses would significantly improve the overall guest experience and reputation of the resort.