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Bentley Place Hair Design

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4470 AZ-95, Fort Mohave, AZ 86426 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Bentley Place Hair Design

1. Skilled and knowledgeable stylists: Multiple comments praise the hairstylists at Bentley Place Hair Design for their expertise and ability to create beautiful results. Customers appreciate the stylists' ability to save damaged hair, create beautiful colors, and provide excellent haircuts.
2. Excellent customer service: The comments consistently mention the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Bentley Place Hair Design. Customers appreciate the staff's kindness, friendliness, and ability to make them feel comfortable. The stylists also seem to have good communication skills, making it easy for customers to convey their desired hairstyle.
3. Flexibility in scheduling: Many customers mention that the stylists at Bentley Place Hair Design are willing to work with their schedules to find a convenient time for an appointment. This flexibility is highly valued, especially for customers who do not live in the area but still visit the salon regularly.
4. Affordable prices: The salon's affordability is mentioned in one of the comments, with the customer feeling that they received more value than what they paid for. Affordable prices can attract more customers and encourage repeat business.
5. Clean and well-maintained salon: One comment mentions that the salon is very clean, which reflects positively on its professionalism and attention to hygiene. A clean and well-maintained salon can contribute to a positive overall experience for customers.
1. Limited availability: While most comments mention the stylists' flexibility in scheduling, it is possible that there are times when the salon may not be able to accommodate all customers due to high demand. This could potentially lead to some customers having to wait longer for an appointment or not being able to get one at all.
2. Lack of information about other services: The comments primarily focus on hair services, with no mention of any other beauty services provided by Bentley Place Hair Design. It is unclear if the salon offers other services such as nail care, skincare, or waxing. This lack of information may deter customers who are looking for a full-service salon experience.
3. Limited stylist availability: Although specific stylists are mentioned in the comments, it is unclear if Bentley Place Hair Design has a large team of stylists or if it relies heavily on a few individuals. If the salon heavily relies on only a few stylists, it may be difficult to accommodate all customers and maintain consistent quality if one of the key stylists is unavailable.
4. Lack of online presence: There is no mention of any online presence for Bentley Place Hair Design in the comments. In today's digital age, having an online presence, such as a website or social media profiles, is crucial for attracting new customers and providing them with information about services, pricing, and contact details.
5. Limited feedback on additional services: While there are positive comments about hair services, there is no mention of other services such as nails or waxing. This lack of feedback may indicate that the salon's focus is primarily on hair, which could limit its appeal to customers seeking a wide range of beauty services in one location.
In conclusion, Bentley Place Hair Design is praised for its skilled stylists, excellent customer service, flexibility in scheduling, affordability, and clean salon environment. However, some potential weaknesses include limited availability, lack of information about additional services, limited stylist availability, lack of online presence, and limited feedback on additional services. Addressing these weaknesses could help the salon attract and retain more customers and provide a more comprehensive beauty experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A huge thanks to Lora at Bentley place hair salon in fort Mohave … after an at home hair disaster, she took me right in as a walk in snd not only saved my extremely damaged hair but made the color beautiful! Love her and this place… would recommend to anyone! What an awesome hairstylist! Thank you so much Lora for saving my hair!
Amanda and the girls at Bentley Place are amazing hairstylists. My family has been seeing Amanda there for years. I don’t even live in Bullhead City, but every time I go to visit my parents I get my hair colored and cut by Amanda. Most of the time, she is able to work with your schedule to find time to fit you in. My hair has never been this healthy while I still am coloring the grays away. I highly recommend asking for Amanda (and the girls) at Bentley Place for an appointment. You won’t regret it!
Carolyn did a wonderful job on my hair and brows last Tuesday, I will definitely be using her from now on! Thank you for giving me a good experience with you and the girls.
Awesome service! Very sweet and friendly staff who know exactly what to do! I found the salon top be very clean. Super easy to communicate with the stylist. And so affordable! Sometimes you do get more than you pay for! 5 stars, and I don't hand out 5 star reviews often. Here's some before and after.
They are the best salon I have ever been to very kind and friendly ???? I absolutely love how my hair turned out.❤️
It is a great place to get your hair done. Brianna does my hair and I'm very happy with her.She does a great job.
Excellent stylists and nail technician. Love it every time.
Joy does such a great job for our family! My kids love chatting with her when they get their regular trims and she is so good with them. Thank you Joy!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended