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Ashburn Town Square

Parking lot, 43930 Farmwell Hunt Plaza, Ashburn, VA 20147 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Went to the CVS around 9 pm. Lightning could be improved a little as I found little dark to my taste. Stores are very nicely lit and are well maintained. The strip mall has entries well posted and parking is ample.
CVS was fairly clean, but they only have 2 types of the Dial bodywork. Really poor selection. This seems to be a theme in all of the Virginia CVS locations. ????
Nice store. Everything we needed was in there. I wish the cashier came to check us out rather then ignoring us and making us self check. Other than that it was good.
I visited Lotte Plaza . This place has whole lot of Indian , Japanese groceries . The Mochi Ice creams are available here too . They have every Indian ingredient. They have Readymade Samosa , Idly , Dosa batter, Fresh Paneer , Haldirams Roti, Paratta. And many more . All varieties of Rice are available .
This place have almost everything but the pharmacy give you very good service and medicine for yours needed
Just s town square just like you you expected. But then let your imagination take you to places beyond the picture.
Small shopping center and small parking lot not too many variety to attract a lot of people

Quick Facts About Ashburn Town Square

Ashburn Town Square, as described through the comments, has a number of strengths and weaknesses that are worth analyzing.
One of the main strengths mentioned is the pleasant dining environment. The comment highlights that the service at the dining establishments is excellent, and specifically mentions a Chinese-speaking lady who was very helpful. This suggests that the staff is friendly and accommodating, which can contribute to a positive dining experience.
Additionally, the comment mentions that the serving sizes of the Chinese dishes are large and reasonably priced. This can be seen as a strength because customers value getting value for their money. However, it is also mentioned that the Chinese food is not very authentic, but rather suited for Western palates. While this may be a strength for those who prefer Westernized Chinese food, it may be a weakness for customers seeking an authentic culinary experience.
The comment also recommends trying the sushi, suggesting that it is delicious. This can be seen as a strength, as positive word-of-mouth regarding the quality of food can attract more customers.
Moving on to the shopping aspects of Ashburn Town Square, the comments mention that the strip mall is well-maintained, nicely lit, and has clearly marked entries. These are all strengths that contribute to a positive shopping experience. The availability of parking is also mentioned, which is another advantage as it ensures convenience for customers.
Regarding the CVS store, one comment mentions that it is fairly clean and well-stocked. This is a strength because cleanliness and well-stocked shelves are important factors in customer satisfaction. However, another comment points out a weakness, stating that the store has a poor selection of products, specifically mentioning the limited variety of the Dial body wash. This indicates that the store may not meet all of its customers' needs and preferences, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction.
The comment regarding the cashier at a different store in Ashburn Town Square highlights a weakness. The customer states that they were ignored and made to self-checkout. This suggests that the customer service in this particular store might not be up to standard, as the cashier did not attend to the customers. Poor customer service can negatively impact the overall shopping experience and discourage customers from returning.
Another positive aspect mentioned is the presence of Lotte Plaza, a store that offers a wide variety of Indian and Japanese groceries. The comment states that they have every Indian ingredient available and also offer ready-made Indian snacks. This can be seen as a strength because it caters to the needs of a diverse customer base, providing a convenient one-stop shop for ethnic groceries.
Lastly, it is mentioned that the shopping center and parking lot are small, and this might limit the variety of stores and consequently attract fewer people. This can be seen as a weakness, as a smaller variety of stores and limited parking can potentially deter potential customers who are looking for a wider range of options and convenience.
In conclusion, Ashburn Town Square has several strengths including a pleasant dining environment, friendly service, reasonably priced and large servings of Chinese food, well-maintained shopping areas, ample parking, and a store that offers a wide variety of Indian and Japanese groceries. However, the weaknesses include a lack of authenticity in certain dining options, limited product selection at CVS, poor customer service at times, and a small shopping center and parking lot that may not attract as many customers.

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