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4 Seasons Nails

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2500 N Mayfair Rd Wauwatosa, WI 53226
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love my nails everytime I go there. I was going to Tom, he did awesome work but then they have a new girl working there named Quay. I love her work, so now I go to her and only her when I go. She takes her time, she's very clean, she do what you ask, very friendly, makes feel comfortable and make sure you get your money's worth. I don't tip at nail salon but I only tip her because she gets me right every single time. I love her. ! She did my nails 10x and I will only recommend her if want to go here to get any acrylic nails done.

I went to 4 Seasons Nails to get a Gel Pedicure and Full Set of Nails. Let me tell you, this was one of the WORST experiences I’ve had and I’ve had some bad ones. The Gel nail polish on my toes came off of 3 toes in less than 2 days (not an exaggeration because I went back with pictures trying to get them to fix it). The nail tech hurt my hands when trying to cut my cuticles because she filled them with the machine you drill down you nail beds with, made some of my edges bleed and the nails aren’t shaped properly, they are SOOOO messy! Worst of all when I went back to get them fixed, they had staff waiting but made me wait 5 clients to get my toes redone by the same person who MESSED THEM UP THE FIRST TIME!

Always leave smiling. I have a preferred technician there, don't mind waiting on her. Her work is neat, clean and quick. I do gel acrylic and the nails are thin enough almost feels natural and so long lasting. You get your money's work, no hiccups here. Good job

Terrible I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES!!! This took a lot for me to do because I do not like to bad mouth businesses, especially, when they are already struggling. I went the other day and the lady who worked on my nails was very friendly. I thought she did a pretty decent good job so I tipped her $10. Later that day my polish starts to come off so I squeeze time in to go back up there and she tells me they are too busy. I tell her that’s no problem I will come back tomorrow she smiled and agreed. I call the next day to set up a time and they tell me they are too busy again…now I’m confused and annoyed. I return the following day yet once again and same response. It’s ridiculous at the lack of care they have knowing they messed up my nails from the beginning and I had to waste my time and gas coming up their multiple times only for my nails to never get fixed it’s 3 nails with polish that came off the same day!!!

Went in to have gel polish remove. Worst experience ever. Soak for 2 mins and then use the electric gadget to remove. This went on and on. At times she would hit my skin with the gadget that burned or press so hard it would hurt. Will never go there again.

I had got nails done from here they are so high my nails don’t even look like the picture I showed they

The lady kept saying 20 mins and after 45 mins I asked her I'd she needed more time it was fine I'll be back in a hour.. she says it's fine I come back in a hour.. some other lady who works there accused me of jumping in front of other people's turn
I just left at that point. Very poor communication and they don't let up at up a appointment

The lady that did my nails was on a rush she didn’t even file them correctly, not shaped right, all my nails were left uneven. Worst nails ever done ????


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