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3410 Moss St, Lafayette, LA 70507 United States of America
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I don’t know how that girl is so good at what she does but I’m so picky about my brows. They’re never too skinny or uneven. She’s literally the best in Lafayette!!!
I love the atmosphere here. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Their prices were very transparent and I love that it was given upfront for what we wanted. I will be a permanent customer here!
This salon is super cute! Thay have many selections for nails. They were very friendly and professional. I'll be a repeat customer. The prices were great and competitive. I recommend the mud treatment with your pedicure. It's clean and welcoming. I was very satisfied with my Mani and pedi!
Loved, they politely took me 30 minutes before closing time for a full set. Very quick but still neat, I'll definitely be back!!
My toes came out so pretty and she was feeling very self
I dont know who the man is thats doing nails in this shop but if he continues to work here you guys will lose alot of business...Today was my daughter's first manicure and he was really rude...She is 13 years old and very quiet so she didnt say anything back after he repeatedly said rude things to her...and then after the lady asked him to calm down he asked for God to give him strength..She didnt know she was supposed to use napkins instead of a towel so maybe try putting up a sign and he was also upset that he had to remove the wrong color and start all over again because he didnt use the color she chose...I try to be polite and have respect for others and I teach my kids the same but sir if you dont have enough patience to work with the piblic i suggest you find another job...I hate that her first experience was horrible...definitely a jerk
A lot of practice is needed. Their hands are not steady at all. Had to stay on them the entire time.
Mi Mi's husband was very rude. My daughter asked him to file her nails a little bit more. He caught the nastiest attitude and got into an argument with my her. He asked her if she would like to do her own nails very aggressively. Then rushed her nails purposely to take someone else. What grown man gets into an argument with a minor child. My daughter is well raised and I would never let her disrespect an adult. He does not have good customer service. For that reason I will never go back there or recommend anyone else. Fyi, I've had previous experiences that stopped me from going before. I was desperate that day. NEVER EVER AGAIN!. She is 17 years old.

Quick Facts About #1 Nails

1. Excellent brow services: The first comment highlights the exceptional skill of one of the technicians in shaping and grooming brows. This suggests that #1 Nails place has talented staff who can deliver high-quality results.
2. Welcoming atmosphere: The second comment praises the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the salon. This is a strength as it creates a positive and comfortable environment for customers, making them feel valued and appreciated.
3. Transparent pricing: The second comment also mentions that the prices at #1 Nails place are transparent and provided upfront. This is a strength as it ensures that customers know exactly what they will be paying for their desired services, avoiding any surprises or hidden charges.
4. Variety of nail options: The third comment highlights the wide range of nail options available at the salon. This is a strength as it shows that #1 Nails place offers customers a diverse selection to choose from, catering to different preferences and styles.
5. Clean and welcoming environment: The third comment states that the salon is clean and welcoming. Maintaining cleanliness is crucial in a salon to provide a hygienic and safe experience for customers. A clean and inviting environment can also enhance the overall customer experience.
1. Lack of patience and professionalism: The sixth comment expresses dissatisfaction with the behavior of a particular staff member, which indicates a weakness in terms of customer service. The individual is described as rude, not having enough patience to work with the public, and displaying a lack of professionalism. This negative encounter could potentially drive away customers and harm the salon's reputation.
2. Unsteady hands and lack of precision: The seventh comment implies that some technicians at #1 Nails place may lack steady hands, leading to a less accurate and precise application of services. This weakness can affect the quality of the results and may cause frustration or disappointment for customers.
3. Rudeness and argumentative behavior: The eighth comment narrates an unpleasant interaction with Mi Mi's husband, who is described as rude and argumentative. This behavior is not conducive to good customer service and can leave a lasting negative impression on customers. It may deter potential customers from returning and damage the salon's reputation.
4. Disrespectful treatment of a minor: The eighth comment further highlights the inappropriate behavior of a staff member who engaged in an argument with a minor customer. This displays a lack of professionalism and an inability to handle customer feedback or requests in a respectful manner. Such actions can significantly impact the salon's reputation and discourage customers from returning or recommending the salon to others.
5. Previous negative experiences: The final comment mentions that the customer had previous negative experiences with #1 Nails place, which caused them to consider not returning in the future. This indicates a pattern of dissatisfaction or consistent issues, suggesting that there may be underlying weaknesses in the salon's operations or customer service.
In conclusion, #1 Nails place has strengths in terms of exceptional brow services, a welcoming atmosphere, transparent pricing, a variety of nail options, and a clean environment. However, weaknesses include instances of impatience, lack of professionalism, unsteady hands, rudeness, disrespectful treatment of customers, and previous negative experiences. Addressing these weaknesses and ensuring consistent high-quality service and professionalism will be crucial for improving customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive reputation for #1 Nails place.

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