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1+1 Rougamo

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84 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1DP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About 1+1 Rougamo

One strength of 1+1 Rougamo place is that it offers Westchinese cuisine with handmade noodles. This gives customers a unique and authentic dining experience. The comment mentions that the food is "wirklich lecker" (really delicious), indicating that the taste of the dishes is a strong point.
Another strength is the generous portion size. Multiple comments mention that the portions are sizable and that there is plenty of food to enjoy. This is a positive aspect, as customers feel like they are getting their money's worth and will leave satisfied.
The food itself is highly praised in the comments. The fish and tomato soup is mentioned as being tasty, and adding the chili oil boosts the flavor even more. The hand-pulled noodles are also described as excellent and nicely chewy. The pork rougamo is said to be great, especially when paired with the chili oil. The dumplings, particularly the pork and chive dumplings in hot and sour soup, are also positively reviewed.
The authenticity of the dishes is another strength. One comment mentions that the pork rougamo is authentic and similar to what can be found in Xi'an. The reviewer is surprised to find such high-quality Chinese food in a small place like Cambridge. This authenticity adds to the overall positive dining experience.
The friendliness and welcoming attitude of the staff is also mentioned as a strength. Customers appreciate the good service they receive and feel comfortable dining at the restaurant.
There are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments as well. One comment expresses disappointment in receiving limp romaine lettuce instead of the Pak Choy advertised in the menu and seen in other customers' photos. This shows that there may be inconsistencies or changes in ingredients, which can be disappointing for some customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the filling to skin ratio of the pork and chive dumplings. The reviewer feels that there is too much skin and not enough filling. This indicates a potential area for improvement in the preparation of the dumplings.
Overall, 1+1 Rougamo place has several strengths, including delicious food, generous portions, authentic dishes, and friendly staff. However, there are also a few weaknesses, such as inconsistencies in ingredients and the filling to skin ratio of the dumplings. Despite these weaknesses, the positive reviews and praise for the food and dining experience outweigh the negatives.

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Westchinesische Küche mit handgemachten Nudeln, wirklich lecker. Die Sauerscharf-Suppe hatte ein tolles Aroma, säuerlich und scharf ohne süßlich zu sein. Alle Portionen waren grosszügig bemessen. Mir hat es gefallen.
Food is tasty. I ordered fish & tomato soup and added some of their Chilli oil and that just boosted the taste and the taste by heaps. The quantity is generous - lots of fish & the noodle is delicious! Fried dumplings are great too, do let it cool a little before you consume. It's served hot and the juice might burst out and scald your tongue if you're not careful. I have strong taste buds and I love my food hot, so this works for me.
Really enjoyed this meal. Have never even heard of rougamo before, but it was delicious. The hand pulled noodles were also excellent and nicely chewy. Will certainly be coming back to try out some other dishes.
the pork rougamo was great (especially w/ the chilli oil),
and the pork + chive dumplings in hot and sour soup were alright too, 12 dumplings in a portion! good to share. the soup was fantastic but I felt the filling to skin ratio was off.
One of my favourite places in this country!
I used to comer here all the time before moving away for the best rougamo and authentic hand pull noodles! The pork in classic rougamo is super juicy and tender! They are my absolute favourite!
All the staffs are so welcoming and friendly!
All the hand pull noodles are amazing, my absolute favourite is the chilli oil one, the beef one and the soup ones are also delicious! The portions are big as well, plenty seating available!
The photos in the menu have Pak Choy, and other people's photos on google maps show the dishes with Pak Choy, yet both our dishes came with limp romaine lettuce instead. Very disappointing.
That said, the #001 traditional noodles were super chewy and the dish was very tasty. Also very impressed with the dumplings. Rougamo special was okay, same with tomato soup, but I wouldn't order them again.

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