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Yum Yums

+44 1322 556559
4, Mill Row, Bexley High St, Bexley DA5 1LA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM


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Sehr nette Bedienung. Essen schmeckt. Besonders reichhaltig = tea-time
Very busy, so if your looking for a quite seat with plenty of space to have a chat, this may not be your place. We looked on line and see pictures of the place and food which drew us right in, once there we was put on a small table inbetween 2 groups of customers which felt uncomfortable, the waitress served us straight away and coffees were with us with in 5mins, but from there on the food took over 20 mins to arrive and we could hardly hear each other speak. Once the food arrived, it was well presented and a good quantity, really enjoyed the food and coffee a lot, top marks for the menu and chef. At the end the waitresses gave us the wrong bill amount, which she quickly put in to the card machine a random amount which was half the price that we're had.....
Quality food, but shop runs at a hundred mile a hour, which is not comfortable, hence 4 stars.
Had a lovely breakfast with my son and friend,spacious modern decor,very helpful friendly staff parking just opposite which is handy! My friend had a cheese,tomato and mushroom omelette with a fresh salad,I had the scrambled eggs on toast,both were delicious and we are definitely going back for the lunchtime menu,highly recommend and am looking forward to my next visit.
Yum Yums Cafe is a wonderful cafe in the heart of Bexley Village. Serving delicious food at reasonable prices; with exemplary customer service.
Instagram ready.
Quite a nice place, but prices -wise; probably not where we are Scrooge &Marley would be having our dinner dance
Nice café...food good...portions generous, coffee good.
Staff very pleasant.
Decor a bit dark..
Had a lovely SW breakfast. Would highly recommend it. Ask about the yum yums club for children when you go there.
Food is exceptional
Quality grub with great service how a cafe should be.

Quick Facts About Yum Yums

Yum Yums place, according to the comments above, has several strengths and weaknesses that can be analyzed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant.
One of the strengths of Yum Yums place is the friendly and helpful staff. Several comments mention the "sehr nette Bedienung," which translates to "very friendly service" in English. This is a positive aspect of the cafe as it contributes to a pleasant dining experience for customers. Additionally, the staff is described as "very pleasant" and "helpful," further emphasizing the strong customer service provided by Yum Yums place.
Another strength of the cafe is the quality of the food. Multiple comments mention that the food at Yum Yums place tastes good and is of exceptional quality. One comment states that the food is "delicious" and another describes it as "quality grub with great service." These comments highlight that customers enjoy the flavors and presentation of the food, indicating that Yum Yums place excels in providing a memorable dining experience.
The portion sizes are also mentioned as a positive aspect of the cafe. Commenters mention that the portions are "generous" and that they enjoyed the "good quantity" of food. This is a strength for Yum Yums place as it provides customers with value for their money and ensures that they leave the cafe feeling satisfied and full.
The cafe's location is also a strength. One comment mentions that the cafe is in the heart of Bexley Village, indicating that it is easily accessible to locals and tourists. Additionally, the mention of parking opposite the cafe suggests that it is convenient for customers who are driving to the establishment. This is a positive aspect as it enhances the overall experience for customers and increases the likelihood of them visiting the cafe.
One weakness of Yum Yums place is the noise level and lack of space. One comment mentions that the cafe is "very busy" and that it may not be suitable for those seeking a quiet and spacious environment. Another comment states that it was difficult to hear each other speak due to the noise. This indicates that Yum Yums place may not be the best choice for those looking for a calm and peaceful dining experience.
Another weakness mentioned is the decor of the cafe. One comment describes the decor as "a bit dark." This suggests that the ambiance of the cafe may not be to everyone's liking and could potentially deter some customers from returning.
Additionally, one comment mentions that the prices at Yum Yums place may not be suitable for those looking for more affordable options. This indicates that the cafe may not be the best choice for individuals on a tight budget.
One comment mentions an error with the bill, where the waitress provided the wrong amount and had to input a random amount into the card machine. This suggests that there may be issues with the accuracy of billing at Yum Yums place, which can be seen as a weakness in terms of customer service and efficiency.
In conclusion, Yum Yums place has several strengths, including friendly and helpful staff, delicious food, generous portion sizes, and a convenient location. However, there are also weaknesses such as the noise level, lack of space, potentially unappealing decor, higher prices, and billing errors. It is important to consider these factors when deciding whether or not to dine at Yum Yums place.


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