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Yes! Nails & Spa

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13915 N Dysart Rd, El Mirage, AZ 85335 United States of America
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Went here for the first time today since my regular nail place was too far of a drive and I was on a time crunch. I got in around 10 with my 8 year old daughter and they got us in right away. I just needed a gel manicure and a manicure for my her. They sat us down right away. Service was quick and friendly. For the both of us it was only $30 which I felt was really good. The only thing I wish they would have done was the cuticle oil, mine just get really dry after I get my nails done and feel like they need the extra moisture.
I had a full set with cats eye polish, I love them. Reasonably priced and they got me right in. Worth every penny❤
I normally go to a really great nail place near Anthem by my office for sns, but my schedule didn't allow it. Not a lot of places are open on a Sunday but this one was so I took a chance because it was close to home. Service was fine at the first appointment. They took off my dip, got a manicure with gel. They looked nice and I wasn't there for longer than an hour. One nail chipped on Tuesday so I rushed home to get there before they close to have it fixed. They weren't open. Salon was dark, no one answered the phone, the sign on the door and on Google both clearly say that the salon is open till 7:00 p.m. on tuesdays. I have a business meeting this week which is the whole reason why I went on a Sunday to get my nails done in the first place. I will definitely be getting.my nail fixed, but probably won't return.
I had been going to this place few years. Always had a standing three week appointment. I get there an sat for a few minutes to only be told my nail tech was sick. Ok fine. Then I was asked what I needed done. I explained. Then I was told I didn't have an appointment and I could back later. After the owner took a call and asked that person to come in in 15mins. I am very disappointed. Please don't waste your time as they don't take care of loyal and dedicated customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a waste of money!!! I got a mani and pedi here and spent $32. The girl did a horrible job on my mani she even polished my nails with the same gloves she, was wearing after doing my feet unsanitary. One of the lamest pedi I have ever gotten all she did was rub my feet and legs with oil didn't even massage it in. Did a half ass scrub all for $20. I've had better for less.
Got my nails done 2 weeks ago. Good service, first time and loved it. Went back for my fill today and still a great experience. The guy came in and got right to work. Thank you for the great service.
The girls were very polite about questions I had and willing to suggest colors.
It was late and they were about to close and they still took us. Very friendly and we love our nails! I think we found our new nail salon!!

Quick Facts About Yes! Nails & Spa

Yes! Nails & Spa place has several strengths based on the comments provided. First, the salon is commended for their quick and friendly service. They are able to accommodate customers promptly, even with a busy schedule or when they have their children with them. This demonstrates their efficiency and customer-oriented approach. The reasonable pricing is also highlighted, with one customer expressing that they felt they received good value for their money. This suggests that Yes! Nails & Spa offers competitive prices compared to other nail salons, making it an attractive option for customers.
Another strength of Yes! Nails & Spa appears to be the quality of their nail services. Several customers mention that they were satisfied with the results of their manicures and pedicures. Words like "love," "great," and "thank you" are used to describe their experiences, indicating that the technicians at Yes! Nails & Spa have the knowledge and skills to provide high-quality services. Additionally, customers appreciate the polite and helpful staff who are willing to answer questions and make color suggestions. This creates a welcoming atmosphere and enhances the overall customer experience.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned in the comments that need to be addressed. One recurring issue is the lack of attention to detail. One customer mentions that they did not receive cuticle oil, which they felt was necessary for moisturizing their nails. Another customer complains about a chipped nail only a few days after getting their manicure. These instances highlight the need for better attention to detail by the technicians at Yes! Nails & Spa. They should strive to ensure that all necessary steps are taken during each service to meet customer expectations and avoid any issues such as chipping or drying out of nails.
Another weakness mentioned is a lack of consistency in their appointment management. One customer who had been a loyal customer was told that they didn't have an appointment and had to come back later. Additionally, there is a complaint about the salon being closed despite the posted opening hours. These experiences indicate that Yes! Nails & Spa needs to improve their appointment system and ensure that their operating hours are accurate and consistent. This will help to avoid inconveniences and frustrations for customers who rely on the salon's services.
Lastly, there is a complaint about the hygiene practices of the salon. One customer expresses concerns about the technician using the same gloves for both feet and nails, which they found unsanitary. Another customer mentions that the pedicure they received was subpar and lacked proper massage and scrubbing. These comments highlight a need for better hygiene practices and more thorough services. Yes! Nails & Spa should prioritize the cleanliness of their tools and implements, as well as ensuring that each service, such as pedicures, meets the expected standards.
In conclusion, Yes! Nails & Spa has several strengths, including quick and friendly service, reasonable pricing, and positive customer feedback on the results of their nail services. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, such as the lack of attention to detail, inconsistencies in appointment management, and concerns about hygiene practices. By focusing on these areas for improvement, Yes! Nails & Spa can enhance their overall customer experience and reputation.

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