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World Of Spices - Halal shop

+353 1 558 6267
17 Talbot St, North City, Dublin, D01 A8X0 Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About World Of Spices - Halal shop

World Of Spices - Halal shop place has several strengths that make it a go-to store for Asian food in Dublin City Centre. One major strength is its spaciousness compared to other Asian stores in the city centre. This provides customers with a comfortable and easy shopping experience, allowing them to navigate the store without feeling crowded or cramped.
Additionally, the store has marked prices for all the products, which is convenient for customers who want to know the exact cost of an item before purchasing. This transparency helps customers make informed decisions and avoids any confusion or surprises at the checkout.
Furthermore, World Of Spices - Halal shop place offers a butcher section for meat, ensuring that customers have access to halal meat cuts. This is a significant advantage for those who follow halal dietary restrictions and may struggle to find such options in other stores. Fresh vegetables are also available, adding to the store's appeal as a one-stop-shop for Asian food items.
The store also stands out for stocking Indian utensils, such as cookers, Idli vessels, and Biryani pots. This caters to customers who want to cook authentic Indian cuisine and may not easily find these utensils in other shops. Having these items readily available saves customers time and effort in searching for them elsewhere.
Another strength of World Of Spices - Halal shop place is reasonable pricing. The comments mention that the prices are good for Asian food items, which can often be expensive in other stores. This affordability makes the store an attractive option for customers on a budget or those looking for a good deal.
Despite these strengths, there are a few weaknesses that should be addressed. One common complaint is the difficulty of finding price labels for every item. This can be frustrating for customers who want to know the price of an item without having to ask for assistance. Improving the placement and visibility of price labels would enhance the shopping experience.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of tidiness and presentation. While the store may be spacious, maintaining cleanliness and organization is crucial for customer satisfaction. Ensuring that shelves are well-stocked, products are neatly arranged, and the store is clean and inviting would greatly improve the overall shopping experience.
Furthermore, there are complaints about expired products being sold without proper disclosure. This is a serious concern that needs immediate attention. It is essential for the store to conduct regular checks on the expiration dates of products and ensure that customers are informed about any items nearing their expiry. Proper handling of such incidents, such as offering refunds or replacements, is crucial for maintaining customer trust.
Additionally, there are comments about rude management and a lack of apologies when customers encounter issues. Customer service is a vital aspect of any retail store, and treating customers with respect and resolving issues promptly is essential. Addressing these complaints and improving customer service would help enhance the store's reputation and customer loyalty.
In conclusion, World Of Spices - Halal shop place has several strengths, including its spaciousness, marked prices, butcher section, stocked Indian utensils, and reasonable pricing. However, it also has weaknesses, such as difficulty finding price labels, untidiness, selling expired products, and poor customer service. By addressing these weaknesses and improving in these areas, the store can further establish itself as a top choice for Asian food items in Dublin City Centre.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

One of the go to store for Asian food shops, at Dublin City centre. Store is bit spacious compared to other Asian stores in city centre and have marked prices for all the products. It also has butcher section for the meat and fresh vegetables also available. They also have stocked Indian utensils now i.e. cooker, Idli vessels, Biryani pot etc. Overall good store for Asian food items with reasonable prices.
Good shop for South Asian especially Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi products range including exotic spices, rice, frozen items, and a halal butcher counter. price labels of every item is difficult to find sometimes. But awesome stuff is there to help you out. Can do more with presentation especially tidiness though and a price check on some common items like milk, sugar etc would make me do more shopping here.
What an amazing ???? pace to get good Indian spices good , sweet , snacks and vegetables and they also some gulf items like miso milk powder was impressed. The have a lot of halal meat.
Expired Boost and Bournvita bottles.Guys please check expiry date before you buy from that shop. Buying from this shop since 2020 and for the first time I brought Boost for 8.99 euros but I did not see the expiry date. At home my husband noticed that expiry was within 3 days of purchase , I went to shop to return on my way back from work but the person in the shop asked me to buy other items for the same price and mentioned that he will not be returning money. I asked him to give Boost which is within expiry unfortunately all were expired. I anyways went to buy something and told shopkeeper that it’s not right way to do, he said it was mistake of customer to take expired bottle . I agreed it was my mistake to buy with out checking the date but he said it was within expiry when I brought and it’s customer headache how we use it in 3 days of expiry.He never agreed on selling expired item was a mistake. Have never experienced such in 3 years of my stay in Dublin.
Guys, avoid this shop, or at least make sure you check the "Best Before" of every item before purchasing. I bought 3 items and had to throw them away. Don't expect an apology, very rude management.
This shop is all our Asians . I might say specially for Indian . They have all the items needed to be in Indian kitchen . From rice ,atta,flour, sweets and spicy snacks .
Good store, bad smell at entrance, but expensive but has everything you need.
Their shop is very organiser and the staff is very friendly. They have a lot of north Indian spice options available. They're located very close to the spire and 200m from Marlborough luas stop.

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