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Weymouth Center Barber Shop

+1 339-201-7844
79 Pleasant St, Weymouth, MA 02190 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Weymouth Center Barber Shop

The Weymouth Center Barber Shop has received a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, we will evaluate each comment individually and draw conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of the place.
The first comment expresses dissatisfaction with the cleanliness of the equipment and the language barrier. The reviewer claims that the shop does not clean the equipment properly, which is a serious concern for customers who prioritize cleanliness. Additionally, the comment highlights that some barbers at the shop do not speak English, which can result in miscommunication and disappointment with the final haircut. These issues are clear weaknesses for the Weymouth Center Barber Shop as they could negatively impact the overall customer experience.
The second comment further adds to the negative impression, as a customer complains about a specific incident where the barber did not follow their instructions and shaved off more hair than requested. This demonstrates a lack of attention to detail and precision, which is crucial for a barber. This incident suggests that certain barbers at the Weymouth Center Barber Shop may not possess the necessary skills to execute specific requests accurately. This can be seen as a weakness of the place, as customers rely on barbers to provide them with the desired haircut.
On the other hand, the third comment offers a contrasting perspective, praising the quality of service provided at the barber shop. The reviewer mentions that their barber, who operates a booth at the shop, is skilled and friendly. They express satisfaction with their haircuts, and even go on to recommend this barber to others. This positive feedback highlights a strength of the Weymouth Center Barber Shop, as it shows that there are skilled barbers available who can provide great haircuts and build loyal clientele.
The fourth comment reveals a negative experience with a specific barber, stating that they received the worst haircut of their life. The reviewer also mentions that the barber was unable to properly groom the beard or mustache. These shortcomings indicate a lack of expertise and skill on the part of this particular barber. This incident reflects poorly on the Weymouth Center Barber Shop, as it suggests inconsistencies in the quality of service provided by their barbers, which is a weakness for the establishment.
The fifth comment describes positive experiences at the barber shop, praising the barbers for providing great haircuts. The reviewer mentions that they have seen different barbers on separate occasions and were always satisfied with the outcome. This consistency in delivering quality haircuts indicates a strength of the Weymouth Center Barber Shop, as it demonstrates that not all barbers have the same shortcomings mentioned in other comments.
The sixth comment reinforces the positive impression of the barber shop, with the reviewer expressing satisfaction with the barbers and their attention to detail. This reinforces the strength of the Weymouth Center Barber Shop in terms of providing personalized and precise haircuts, fostering customer loyalty.
The seventh comment suggests that the reviewer had a standard experience, without any major issues. However, they mention a language barrier concern and high pricing for a men's cut compared to the norm in the area. These aspects can be seen as weaknesses of the Weymouth Center Barber Shop, as they may deter potential customers who prioritize clear communication and affordable prices.
In summary, the strengths of the Weymouth Center Barber Shop include skilled barbers who deliver great haircuts and maintain a consistent level of service. Additionally, there is positive feedback on the atmosphere and attention to detail. On the other hand, weaknesses include cleanliness concerns, language barriers affecting communication, and inconsistent quality across different barbers. Overall, the Weymouth Center Barber Shop possesses both strengths and weaknesses, and potential customers should consider these factors when deciding whether to visit the establishment.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I strongly recommend Noone go here that cares about there looks and hair. They are a walk in shop that doesn't clean up the equipment properly. They don't speak English at all while cutting your hair, have to have a translator come over and tell then whatvi want. Only going there for some time due to hours at work. Last week I asked for a 5 on the top and they gave me a 3 with no side fade just a straight 5 on top and half on sides. I want my money back, I've giving this company a large amount of business sometime 3 times a month. NEVER AGAIN will I go here and if your reading this nor should you. Terrible business they call a barber shop
1 star
My son specifically asked for only the sides to be faded with nothing off the back. Low and behold, he shaved all his hair off leaving him looking ridiculous! My son came home and buzzed all his hair...So much for paying $25 for a haircut! We won’t ever go back!
Always awesome job on my son.
My barber has a booth here. Dominicans are really good barber and are very friendly. I am used to travel to Dorchester for my fade but I tried this place once and found my new barber. He takes his time and I usually text him before I go and tip good to keep that VIP status! I highly recommend if you want a great haircut of any style.
No se quien fue el que me toco pero fue el peor corte de cabello que me ha tocado en 28 años de vida, no sabe arreglar barba, ni bigote ni absolutamente nada aparte de que se tardo como 50 minutos un desperdicio totalmente de mi dinero ,tiempo, pasar mal rato fue la peor experiencia primera y ultima vez que paso por ahi
Great cut and atmosphere. I have seen 2 different barbers, which I'm usually paranoid about, and both gave me a great cut. Will continue to go back for sure. Both times I waited less than 10 minutes as it is walk in only as far as I know.
Great barber shop. Great guys. Take their time and get it right every time. Won’t go anywhere else!
I got a Standard men's hair cut.
He didn't speak English, the reason a bring this up is I wasn't 100% sure before the cut was complete that I got what I was looking for. If I had a complex cut I may not have been their customer.
Pricing was high for a men's cut $25. My usual guy charges $18 and standard in the area is around $21, so it was high.
Over all a 3 for the above reasons.

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