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Weirton Nails & Spa

+1 304-406-7575
266 Three Springs Dr, Weirton, WV 26062 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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Definitely a good experience. I went in for a filling and walked out with way better nails I came in with. I was seated with Liam at table 10. He took a minute to look at my reference picture, give a pretty accurate price estimate, and took his time shaping my nails and fixing the mistakes that the nail salon made who initially put on my set. They are much thinner, uniformly shaped, and overall more professional looking now. He did this all while being gentle with my hands and not damaging the skin on my fingers (unlike previous experience). He really put in his time to make the design on my nails a good quality, even with the challenge that they are so small. He had to simplify down the design I asked for so it would fit on my nail, but he painted the first finger and asked if that design was okay simplified instead of just giving me whatever. Overall great experience, the caring atmosphere made me feel comfortable and understood, Liam was very kind, and my nails turned out amazing.
First time there and it was a great experience. They got me in on a last min appointment I needed had a broken nail and wanted to change the polish and design , Liam did a excellent job!! He went out of his way to find a product they didn’t have in stock and he ended up getting it and doing a great job!! I will be back to see him for my next set!! Ty Liam!!????
Went with my daughters . First time getting our nails done here. Definitely not our last. They listened to what we wanted done and went above and beyond to give us a great experience.
The experience is always amazing. John has been doing my nails and my family's for years, he's a great professional, he's also thoughtful and kind.
The owners Cici and John are so kind, hardworking and accommodating, making everyone feel at home! I definitely recommend this place. ????
I have my nails dipped and gel over the top. I love they way they do it. Super friendly. They were very attentive to detail. I found my new place! Go here and you will be come back for a refill I promise!
Great service, great environment! Everyone does a great job of attending to every client. My only issue is I don't live in Weirton and cannot come back on a regular basis. Great work!
Customer service was great. Asked for a certain design and style and got what I wanted! She took her time with my nails for them to come out perfect; she was in no rush. Love it here, found my next go to nail salon!
Absolutely love my nails. My tech was very detailed, gave great recommendations and was friendly. I am a happy customer :) I'll definitely be back!!

Quick Facts About Weirton Nails & Spa

Weirton Nails & Spa seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the nail technicians at this salon are praised for their skill and attention to detail. They take the time to assess the client's needs and preferences, ensuring that they deliver high-quality results. Customers appreciate that the technicians are able to fix any mistakes made by previous nail salons and provide a more professional and uniform look to their nails. This demonstrates the salon's expertise and ability to rectify any issues.
Additionally, the staff at Weirton Nails & Spa are commended for their caring and kind attitude towards customers. They create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, making clients feel understood and valued. The owners, Cici and John, are specifically mentioned as being kind, hardworking, and accommodating. This positive customer service experience enhances the overall satisfaction of clients and encourages them to return.
The salon's ability to accommodate last-minute appointments and fulfill special requests is also mentioned. This flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond for customers is a clear strength of Weirton Nails & Spa. Clients appreciate the effort made by the nail technicians, such as Liam, who sourced a product that was not in stock to ensure the customer received the desired service. This level of dedication and customer-oriented approach contributes to a positive experience and builds customer loyalty.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the salon's attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Customers mention that the technicians are gentle with their hands and do not damage the skin on their fingers. This demonstrates a commitment to providing a safe and hygienic environment for customers. In addition, the salon is praised for their attention to detail in the services they offer, such as their nail dipping and gel application techniques. This shows a commitment to providing high-quality services and staying up-to-date with industry trends.
While the comments provided focus mainly on the strengths of Weirton Nails & Spa, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be inferred. One issue mentioned is the distance some clients need to travel to reach the salon. While this is not something within the control of the salon, it may limit the frequency at which customers can visit and, therefore, impact their ability to become regular clients. However, this comment also highlights the quality of work provided by the salon and the desire of the customer to return if they were closer.
In conclusion, Weirton Nails & Spa appears to have several strengths including skilled technicians, a caring and customer-oriented atmosphere, flexibility in meeting customer requests, an emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness, and attention to detail. These strengths contribute to a positive and satisfying experience for customers. However, the salon may face a challenge in attracting and retaining clients who do not live in close proximity to the salon. Overall, the positive feedback and recommendations from the comments indicate that Weirton Nails & Spa is a reputable and high-quality nail salon.

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Monday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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