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Vincenzo's Terrazza

+1 626-332-2969
232 S Citrus St #2144, West Covina, CA 91791 United States of America
Open Today: 11:30 AM - 02:00 AM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Best Italian restaurant I’ve been to. Every dish we’ve had has surpassed our expectations. I love that just about everything here is homemade. Quality is A+, and the service is A++. I have zero complaints and I highly recommend eating here. Everything about Vincenzo’s makes me want to keep on coming back. Thank you to the fantastic mom and son duo, who give us such a great dining experience. See you soon.
Very good, very authentic! Came in for late lunch by chance and we were knocked out! I had the pizza Capriccio, nearly just like you'd get in Italy and every much as good. My wife had the Ensalada di Mar, and it was spectacular!!!! Good service nice place. Give it a try.
The food itself is alright. I guess I'm just not fit for "classy" Italian dining as the price point for food and how much we got and such just didn't match.
The pasta was full of flavor but the margherita pizza was against my expectations. I somewhat expected the pizza to be sauced base and a glob of the cheese on it. Instead, what I got was something that just resembled your standard cheese pizza.
The wine was great. For the price I was expecting more flavor. The pasta was just okay, serving is a little small. The service was great. Think it was the manager that was going around checking with customers and making small talks, I appreciated that.
Taste and cooking style similar to famous Little Italy in New York. Glad we found this place.
My kid loves her Spaghetti Bolognese. Like Calamari and homemade bread.
My favorite Italian restaurant in SGV. I've been here for special occasions over the years and always enjoy their changing menu of daily specials. Their pastas and entrees are always delicious. My favorite are the gnocchi (so soft!) and their fettucine marsala ragu. Their crema catalana is my favorite dessert for being so soft and creamy.
Their bread starter with the garlic garbanzo spread is sooooo good. Crispiest focaccia I've ever had. I'm glad that taste hasn't changed.
It seems like they are understaffed and packed, so I hope they are able to get more help soon, but the service was exemplary when we went for dinner. The staff recite a whole list of changing daily specials which is quite impressive.
Pleasantly surprised! the food was delicious and fresh. We did not realize that the kitchen closed at 2 PM and arrived at 1:45PM We were happily seated, and served fresh food promptly. Even though they were closed we were not rushed out and still given amazing service. This was a wonderful lunch experience and we will definitely be coming back to taste their dinner menue. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Best italian food I've eaten in a while. Anything with marsala sauce will rock your taste buds. Also the specials are amazing...try the sea bass with lemon and capers!! Service is friendly knowledgeable about wine pairings and attentive with the water. We were celebrating a birthday...free tiramsu.. which was the bomb. Definitely will return. Highly recommend.

Quick Facts About Vincenzo's Terrazza

Vincenzo's Terrazza place is highly praised by many customers, with comments highlighting the best Italian food, homemade quality, and fantastic service. These strengths contribute to the overall positive dining experience and the desire to keep coming back. Another strength mentioned is the authentic taste and cooking style similar to famous Little Italy in New York, which is a major draw for customers. The restaurant also offers a changing menu of daily specials and delicious pastas and entrees, with specific mentions of the gnocchi and fettucine marsala ragu being favorites. The bread starter with garlic garbanzo spread is highly praised for its taste and, in particular, the crispy focaccia.
One noticeable weakness highlighted by some customers is the price point of the food not matching their expectations. While the food is of good quality, there is a perception that it may not be worth the price paid. This could potentially deter some customers who are looking for a more affordable dining experience or value for money. Another weakness mentioned is the margherita pizza not meeting expectations, as customers expected a sauced base with a glob of cheese, but instead received a standard cheese pizza. This disconnect between expectation and reality may disappoint customers who were looking for a specific style of pizza.
The serving sizes of pasta are also mentioned as being on the smaller side, which could leave some customers feeling unsatisfied or wanting more. Additionally, one customer mentions that the wine, while good, did not meet their expectations in terms of flavor for the price. This may indicate that the restaurant could benefit from either improving the quality of the wine options or adjusting the price to better reflect the taste.
Another weakness highlighted by a customer is the possibility of the restaurant being understaffed and packed, leading to potential issues with service. This could result in slower service or a lack of attention to details. However, it is worth noting that despite this potential issue, the customer still found the service exemplary during their visit. To address this weakness, the restaurant may need to consider hiring more staff or improving their scheduling to ensure a smoother and more efficient dining experience for all customers.
Overall, Vincenzo's Terrazza place has numerous strengths, including its homemade quality, fantastic service, and authentic Italian taste. However, there are some weaknesses, such as the perceived mismatch between price and value, the disappointment with the margherita pizza, smaller serving sizes of pasta, and potential issues with understaffing. These weaknesses provide areas for improvement for the restaurant to further enhance the dining experience and address customer concerns. With continuous efforts to strengthen its offerings and address customer feedback, Vincenzo's Terrazza place has the potential to maintain its reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants in the area.

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