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Quick Facts About Vibrations

1. Excellent customer service: The woman working at Vibrations Place is described as extremely helpful, offering opinions and advice. She is friendly and provides a positive shopping experience. Her customer service skills have resulted in a successful sale and a customer who is satisfied with their purchase.
2. Well-equipped store: Vibrations Place has a wide selection of vape products to choose from. The store is well-equipped and has a variety of options for customers to explore.
3. Good selection of glass and e-juice: The store is praised for its great selection of glass and the biggest wall selection of e-juice in town. This gives customers a range of options to choose from and ensures they can find what they are looking for.
4. Willingness to order specific products: The woman at Vibrations Place is mentioned as ordering a specific e-juice flavor for a customer, showing a willingness to go the extra mile to meet customer needs.
5. Knowledge of the owner: The owner is described as actively keeping up with the newest and best items to bring into the store. This suggests a commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and providing customers with high-quality products.
1. Poor customer service from certain employees: Multiple comments mention that the two men working at Vibrations Place have a negative attitude towards customers. They are described as not wanting to be there, hating everyone, and making customers feel like a bother. This results in poor customer service experiences and a negative perception of the store.
2. Lack of assistance and unhelpfulness: Customers mention that the employees, particularly the men, do not help or provide essential information. They are uninterested and unhelpful when customers have questions or need guidance.
3. High prices: Some customers state that the prices at Vibrations Place are extremely high compared to other vape shops in the area. This can discourage potential customers from making purchases and may drive them to shop elsewhere.
4. Poor handling of faulty products: One comment mentions that when a faulty vape was brought back with a receipt, the staff at Vibrations Place was unhelpful and only suggested basic troubleshooting steps. This lack of assistance in handling defective products can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of trust in the store.
5. Inconsistent experience depending on staff: Another comment mentions that the overall experience at Vibrations Place depends on which staff member is working. While the woman is described as providing a nice experience, the male employee is portrayed as unhelpful and uninterested. This inconsistency in customer experience can be frustrating for customers.
Overall, Vibrations Place has strengths in terms of excellent customer service from certain employees, a well-equipped store with a variety of products, good selection of glass and e-juice, and a knowledgeable owner. However, the store faces weaknesses such as poor customer service from certain employees, lack of assistance and unhelpfulness, high prices, poor handling of faulty products, and inconsistent experiences depending on staff. These weaknesses can negatively impact the overall customer experience and may lead to lost sales and a decline in customer loyalty.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This morning I went in and a woman was working, she was extremely helpful, offering her opinions and advice. Very friendly. I've been thinking about buying a new vape for awhile and today I ended up buying one from her. I wouldn't have even thought of buying one here if it wasn't for her customer service and friendliness, and it turns out the one she helped me pick (geekvape 1FC) I absolutely love it so far, just what I was hoping for.
Every single other time I have been here there is two men working, and they absolutely do not want to be there. They hate me, they hate everyone. My advice for the owner would be to spend the extra money to hire people who actually want to be there. They made a sale today that they wouldn't have if it wasn't for that wonderful woman. I think its fair to say that many sales have been lost due to lack of customer service from other employees.
This store is well equipped. Has tons to choose from. Unfortunately, due to the 2 men that work there I am giving 2 stars. The customer service is the worst I've seen in years. They don't help you. They act as if your bothering them by coming into the store. I work to hard for my money. This economy is rough and there are so many vape shops around, why deal with this? I hope the owner or management reads this. By the looks of the reviews it seems to be the top complaint. One of the reasons so many stores close and so many people shop online. I would have gotten rid of these guys a long time ago!
Went in yesterday to buy a vape setup to quit smoking. I haven't bought any vape products in years due to mass banning them. The vibe was heavy and both guys were slumped in thier own corners. Clearly I was bothering them. I came with specific wants with pictures from a friend who told me to go there
If it wasn't for my friend sending a list of what to get, this guy would have let me buy the mode without batteries or a charger. He was No help, I won't be going back. I spent 174 bucks and didn't even get a thanks come again.
In my opinion, go somewhere else
Wanted some help figuring out what i want for a vape to help me quit smoking. Found the guy there to be entirely unhelpful and uninterested in trying to answer my questions. Very unhappy with the service, definitely wont go back.
Bought a vape (geekvape H45) that was 55$ and defaulty and they wouldn’t help me out when I brought it back with the receipt the next day.. they’re only suggestion was to turn it off and charge it.( when it was clearly a very defaulty device) Went over to voltage and bought the same one for 5$ cheaper with a promise that if i brought it back with any issues within a week they would’ve covered it and replaced it. Other then that they have some okay options. Wouldn’t recommend risking buying an expensive device and having them take care of you if they sell a bad product. Vape juice is good to go though..
The owners are completely rude and arrogant and the prices are extremely high compared to smoke and munch down the road. Literally the last place I ever try if I’m in a pinch for juice.
The woman there was nice enough to order a specific e-juice flavor for me, oddly (though brand new to store) it had expired 2 months prior to purchase. Unfortunately I never seem to go when she's working anymore. The man most frequently there (son of owners) seems aggravated people dare step in the store- knowing exactly what you want and having him get it behind the counter is met with sighs and eyerolls, so God bless if you actually need help- better off going to Voltage Vape or Discount 360 Vape if you're in need of the least bit of guidance. Still give it 3 stars, despite the atrocious customer service and expired juice, because of the variety they offer (juice, devices, coils, etc.) If you're lucky enough to go when the woman is working there- it's a nice experience. Good luck otherwise.
Great selection of glass!! The biggest wall selection of
e-juice in town!! Staff is very helpful and the owner is always keeping up on the newest best items to bring into the store. If you want it and he can find it he will do everything he can to get it for you!!

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