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142 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Verve 360

Strengths of Verve 360 Place:
1. Excellent hair, makeup, and nail services: Multiple customers commented on the fantastic job done by the staff at Verve 360 Place. From the hair styling to makeup and nail services, customers were impressed with the skill and expertise of the staff.
2. Attentive and friendly staff: Customers appreciated the attentive and friendly nature of the staff at Verve 360 Place. They felt that their questions and concerns were listened to and that the staff took the time to understand their preferences and needs.
3. Skilled nail technicians: Many comments specifically mentioned the skills of the nail technicians at Verve 360 Place. Customers were pleased with the nail art, the matching of desired designs, and the shape and length of their nails.
4. Beautiful salon and welcoming atmosphere: Customers found the salon to be beautiful and welcoming. The decor and atmosphere added to their overall experience and made them feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit.
5. Loyalty reward program: Verve 360 Place offers a reward program for loyal customers, which was mentioned positively in one of the comments. Customers felt appreciated and valued through this program.
Weaknesses of Verve 360 Place:
1. Inconsistent service quality: Some customers mentioned experiencing inconsistencies in service quality at Verve 360 Place. While some had highly positive experiences, others expressed disappointment with aspects such as rushed services, lack of attention to detail, and subpar results.
2. Mediocre express manicure: One customer mentioned that their express manicure was not up to their expectations. They found the manicure to be mediocre and stated that it lasted only two days. The clumpy application of the nail polish was also mentioned as a drawback.
3. Time differences in service: In one comment, a customer highlighted the noticeable time differences in services among their group. The customer's mother received thorough and proper service, while they and their sister felt rushed and received subpar treatments. This inconsistency in service can be seen as a weakness.
4. Lack of proper treatment for a spa pedicure: Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with their spa pedicure, stating that their feet were left with dead skin, their nails were not properly polished, and the cuticles were not painted smoothly. This lack of attention to detail and proper treatment falls short of customers' expectations for a spa pedicure.
5. Limited availability of preferred technicians: It was mentioned by multiple customers that they would only return to Verve 360 Place to see specific technicians whom they were satisfied with. This suggests that there may be a lack of consistent quality across the staff members, as customers feel the need to specifically request certain technicians for satisfactory results.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Verve 360 did a fantastic job, on my hair, makeup, and nails!! MOB and 3 bridesmaids hair were also Fantastic!! They were wonderful and listened to my questions and concerns while also offering great ideas to make my day even more special. Jacquelyn did my hair and makeup. She was amazing, and took her time to get the look I wanted and added a few things that I never would have thought of! Eve did my nails and was also amazing, she was able to match a picture I found on Pinterest for the nail art and added a few tips to make sure my nails all matched in length. 10/10
This was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I had two fabulous people work on me. Sarah did a phenomenal job on my pedicure and Hannah was exceptional with my dip manicure. I normally never take the time to write a review, but honestly this was such a refreshing change from other places I've been. It's a shame I'm just in town visiting or I'd be back regularly!
Beautiful salon! Eve is absolutely amazing and hooked me up with absolutely stunning nails! The entire staff was super friendly and welcoming!
My sister and I took my mother out for a girls day and among our other adventures chose this Spa for our Mani & Pedi's. I booked 2 weeks in advance. It's a cute, rustic, gem in downtown Pgh. The service was welcoming and the complimentary wine was a bonus. We all began within 10 minutes of each other but my sister was finished first, myself about 20 minutes after her, and we waited about 45 minutes for my mother. The time difference was very noticeable as Eve, who my mother had, took her time and serviced her properly. I had Maddie. She left my feet with dead skin, my polished big toe looks 1 week old already because the base wasn't polished properly, and my nails are lumpy at the cuticle because she didn't paint the layers properly. I love the color and the process was pleasing but I definitely didn't receive proper treatment for a Spa Pedicure. I would return but to only see Eve. My mother enjoyed her service, her feet are soft with no dead skin present, her nails we're buffed, shined, and painted to perfection. My sister and I were highly disappointed.
BEST PLACE EVER!!! They took a walk-in, which was a blessing and I appreciate so much. The people there aren’t snobby, they are super cool, and unique. They will listen to what you want, this is definitely the best experience I have ever had at a salon. Everyone needs to go here, screw any other place. Just an amazing enviroment to be in. UPDATE: forgot to put photos in, these are the two amazing colors I’ve gotten done here! Love this place they will listen to any crazy idea you may have
I'm a regular at Verve. Their service is outstanding. I get my hair and nails done there monthly and also have had facials and taken yoga classes. The employees are friendly and the salon is a clear and fun environment to be in! They also offer a reward program for your loyalty and when purchasing products. My hair stylist explains the products that she uses on my hair and how to get the desired look by myself. I would recommend Verve to anyone!
The salon was clean & the manicurist was nice that said, I got an "express Mani" and am so not impressed. The manicure was mediocre & lasted only 2 days. All she did was trim my cuticles and polish. l expected more for $24. The nail polish was thick & went on kinda clumpy which is why I think it chipped so easily. I can do better at home. Will not be back.
I loved the atmosphere and decor in the salon/spa. The receptionist was very welcoming upon arrival. My sister booked appointments for us and our mother to enjoy a day out for an early mothers day. Everything began great but it didnt end well. My spa pedicure seemed rushed as well as my manicure and I definitely did not get what I paid for. It seemed to be going well at first but as time went on, I noticed how much more attention to detail and care my mother was receivin during the pedicures and manicures. Dakota did my mani/pedi. I expected more on both services for what I paid. My sister and I finished about 45 minutes before my mom and all services were started around the same time. As I was waiting on my mom, I looked at the heels of my feet and they were dry. It didnt look as if I just received a spa pedicure at all. I had to use my own lotion before I left. As I'm watching Eve service my mom during her manicure, I'm noticing how she took the time to buff her nails which adds a nice shine. After she cleaned her cuticles and nails, she changed towels to get rid of all the excess/dead skin before proceeding. Myself or my sister didnt receive any of this. I would have said something directly to Dakota but she was servicing another client, same for Maddie who serviced my sister and I didnt want to cause a scene while other clients were being serviced and waiting. I was not happy at all. I bought a ped egg and had to do my feet over again. My mother was very pleased with her services and plans on returning. We were hoping to find place we all liked to make a reoccurring event but we all agreed that we would have to go separately because we only go back to receive services from Eve.

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