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Unique African Hair Braiding

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3611 Tidewater Dr B, Norfolk, VA 23509 United States of America
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They got me right when I get was on a tight schedule. I was able to walk in and get my hair done in a efficient, timely manner. And for a good price! I will definitely be back and recommend. Because there’s nothing like getting braids ????????‍♀️???????? I also hear they do micros and loc twisting too ????
Amazing service! I love my hair and they didn’t take a long time to finish. Thank you so much
They hooked me up. Got me right and ready for my Jamaica trip. I love the way my haor came out. The ladies in the shop was nice and pleasant. My appointment at 7:00am and the stylist was on time and very professional. I was glad to know that there's a shop that opens early, I was dine by 12:00 and still had the rest of the day to run all my errands. I will be going back!
I would to start by saying… Thank You ladies for doing my hair. The customer service was great. I have locs but I wanted twist. So they made it happen. I was calling around and so many places said they couldn't braid over the locs but these ladies made it happen! I love my twist. Also they didn’t twist it too tight. They called and texted me to make sure I got the right hair and they completed my hair fast and efficiently. I will be going back again!!
The worst place ever. I went there three times to give them the benefit of the doubt (maybe they had a bad day. Everyone have bad days) but they need some professional training. First experience was two braids. It took 4 people and two hours of wait time to get two braids done. Nothing fancy, no design, just two braids with shoulder length hair. Second time, my braids were decent but they didn't add enough braiding hair. So when they "cleaned up the braids " my hair was cut. Cut to the point where my braids looked frayed. It was nothing that could be fixed because big chunks were cut and sticking out. I had to take the braids out because they looked a mess. The last and final time was a week ago. I got my hair done somewhere else a month prior and it was time to take them down. I went to the shop for them to the them out. Before they started I showed them the length of my real hair. The owner tried to convince me they knew what they were doing and can tell the difference. Let's just say 2 to 3 inches of my hair was cut off. It was very obvious even when they tried to brush my hair out.
They have way too many bad days for me. I'm not paying for crapy services. I wouldn't recommend this shop even if they were the cheapest around. No thank you!!!
My new go to spot.. I have been wearing my hair short/ wet and go.. for over 20 years..so I was very nervous about the change.. I was so amazed at my transformation. Everyone was so professional and pleasant.. it was an amazingly awesome experience.. I can’t see myself without braids at this point.. not to mention the many compliments I received.. If your searching for an establishment that gives outstanding services this is the place..
My first time doing my hair with them and I must say I’m happy with my hairstyle I got. Will definitely be going again????
I've finally found a great place to get my hair done in Norfolk.
The hair dresser took down my old braids and thoroughly washed my hair. I had a sewn-in done, and before she began to braid, I requested the stylist to braid softly and ensure the braids were not tight. She was very gentle when she braided my hair and focused while braiding. I could tell she was highly experienced along with the other stylists. The atmosphere was welcoming, and my stylist ensured I was satisfied before leaving the shop. Finally, I can get my hair done without experiencing any pain.

Quick Facts About Unique African Hair Braiding

Unique African Hair Braiding place has several strengths based on the comments provided. One of their strengths is their efficiency and timely service. Multiple customers mentioned that they were able to walk in and get their hair done quickly, even when they were on tight schedules. This shows that the salon is able to handle a high volume of customers and provide fast service.
Another strength is their affordability. Many customers mentioned that they were satisfied with the prices at Unique African Hair Braiding place. This makes the salon accessible to a wide range of customers who may be looking for a more affordable option for their hair styling needs.
The professionalism of the stylists is also highlighted as a strength. Customers mentioned that the stylists were on time and provided a high level of customer service. The fact that the stylist was punctual for a 7:00 am appointment shows that the salon takes their clients' time seriously and makes an effort to provide a positive experience.
Additionally, the salon's ability to cater to different hair types and styles is seen as a strength. Customers mentioned that they were able to get micro braids, loc twists, and even braid over locs at this salon. This shows that the stylists at Unique African Hair Braiding place are experienced and knowledgeable about a variety of hair techniques, making them a versatile choice for customers with different hair needs.
On the other hand, there are also some weaknesses identified in the comments. One customer had a negative experience with the salon, mentioning that they had three bad experiences in a row. This highlights a lack of consistency in the quality of service provided by the stylists. It suggests that there may be a need for more professional training to ensure that all stylists are able to deliver a consistently high level of service.
Another weakness mentioned is regarding the skill of the stylists. One customer mentioned that their braids were not done correctly and that their hair was cut during the braiding process. This suggests that some of the stylists may lack the necessary skill and precision required for intricate braiding techniques. It indicates a need for more training or experience in order to avoid such mistakes.
Furthermore, the negative experiences described in the comments indicate a lack of attention to detail. One customer mentioned that the stylists did not add enough braiding hair, resulting in their hair being cut when they attempted to fix it. Another customer mentioned that their hair was cut too short during the takedown process. These incidents show a lack of attention to the specific requests and needs of each customer.
In conclusion, Unique African Hair Braiding place has strengths in terms of efficient and timely service, affordability, professionalism, and versatility in catering to different hair types and styles. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, including the lack of consistency in quality, the need for more professional training, and a stronger focus on attention to detail. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can improve the overall customer experience and further establish itself as a go-to place for African hair braiding in Norfolk.

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